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Prologue 1976 - 1986 Activites for Peace, Harmony and the International Community's Highest Goals

History Continuity - early national and regional runs:
Since the mid 1970's Sri Chinmoy encouraged national and regional runs in support of the highest ideals of the international community. It was at the UN that the first big Global Relay Run and related events for Peace and Harmony was planned. Since then it has taken place in over 140 countries.

See also: History of development and expansion of Sri Chinmoy Oneness Home Peace and World Harmony Runs. www.worldharmonyrun.org/about/history/history_2011 From the Preface "It began in May 1986 when Sri Chinmoy asked, while we were walking through the hallowed halls of the United Nations, if I could organize a global Peace Run. The United Nations had proclaimed 1986 the International Year of Peace, and Sri Chinmoy wanted to offer a heartfelt and sincere expression of peace on a global scale."

Some earlier Regional and National events:


1976: U.N. DAY RUN FOR UNICEF - Sixteen young men ran a 450-mile relay from Edinburgh to London to raise money for UNICEF and promote the ideals of the United Nations in conjunction with U.N. Day on 24 October.

  • The runners carne from all walks of life: student, printer, teacher, civil servant and university Writer in Residence.

  • To symbolise the rekindling of the spiritual values and ideals upon which the United Nations was founded, the runner passed from hand to hand a flaming torch, which was kept burning throughout the three-day, non-stop run


1977- Sri Chinmoy's students in Puerto Rico pose under the U.N. Day banner, after completing their 32kilometre U.N. Day relay marathon

1977 Canadian U.N. Day marathons were held in Toronto, Montreal, Quebec City and Victoria


1978 In Australia, Canada, Europe and the United States, dignitaries and U.N. community leaders took time out of their busy schedules to join U.N. Day runners and cyclists in a special worldwide celebration of the United Nations 33rd birthday, 24 October, 1978.

Enthusiastic U.N. supporters and students of Sri Chinmoy, helped bring U.N. Day into the public eye by holding the local athletic events. For example:

  •  In Melbourne, Australia, runners from Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney completed a 24-hour relay run, ending at the Town Hall, where the athletes were greeted by the Lord Mayor of Melbourne, and the President of UNICEF Australia .

  • In Zurich, Switzerland, nine runners completed a 47-mile relay around the lake of Zurich, starting at 7:30 p.m. and running past midnight to finish in 5 hours and 50 minutes


1979 - IYC. - The U.N. General Assembly Proclaimed 1979 as the International year of the Child (IYC).A number of activities were undertaken to support the year by

  • the Meditation Group at the UN under the leadership of Sri Chinmoy; and
  • members of the Sri Chinmoy Centers NGO around the world
  • in cooperation with local governments and other organizations to show support for the IYC.

(UN Delegates at Gallery in Manhattan for IYC)

(At USA National Visitor Centre, Washington DC,  Programme  for IYC

Seated: James A . Joseph, Under-Secretary of the Interior; Congresswoman Geraldine Ferraro;  Sri Chinmoy)

Above: The Honourable Geraldine Ferraro, Congresswoman from New York:

Participants in the USA, Canada, Europe and Australia called attention to the importance of IYC and the hope it expressed for the future.

  • Perth Australia Un Run for Peace - on 21 October drew over fifty Perth runners for a 10.5 kilometre run (6 miles). The run was started by the famous Australian miler, Herb Elliott.

  • IPSWICH. SUFFOLK; United Kingdom   U.N. Day in Ipswich was marked with a children's 34-mile bicycle relay for IYC as well as a 34-mile relay run. as described in the Evening Star article below. In addition, about twenty children sang "This Is My Year" on the local radio station.

. For more information on In a worldwide celebration of IYC  more details, See UN Day, Proclamations, Athletic and other events around the world at http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/un_initiatives/year_of_child/world_support_iyc

Initial Inspirtaion Grows into somethin more.

These activities the 1970's were wonderful initial experiences for a number of individuals who later became involved in supporting other special events such as:

  • the 40th anniversary of the UN in 1985;
  • the International Year of Peace in 1986 and subsequent initiatives such as
  •  the Oneness-Home Peace Run in beginning 1987 and the
  •  World Harmony Run.