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Eastern Ontario

Ottawa – First Nations Pow Wow, May 28

Local Ottawa team members were honoured to share World Harmony Torches with participants at the Odawa Spring Pow Wow . Organized by Gary LaFontaine and staff at the Odawa Native Friendship Centre, this annual gathering celebrates the spirit of the First Nations people. Ontario Co-coordinator Gabriel Pelletier was invited to join the flag procession with the World Harmony Run flag during the Grand Entry—a powerful and colourful dance-entrance that includes and honours all participants.

Ottawa – ING Race Weekend Marathon, May 29

The first thrill of the day came when race champions women’s marathon winner Lidia Vasilevskaia of Russia (2:32:18), mens marathon winner David Cheruiyot of Kenya (2:14:20) and 10 km overall race winner George Kirwa Misoi of Kenya (28:55) honoured all by graciously holding the torch.

David Cheruiyot, George Kirwa Misoi and Gautumi Sykorova

The second thrill came in seeing World Harmony team members Karnayati Morison and Gautumi Sykorova carry the torch through the Marathon finish line. It was a fantastic race day, with crowds of runners - over 27,000; many runners and spectators along the route held the torch. The World Harmony runners were also invited onto the stage after the prize-giving, to announce the arrival of the global event to Ottawa on Thursday, June 2 on Parliament Hill at 12:30 pm. Special thanks to ING Race Weekend President Susan Longbottom for bringing this spectacular weekend of racing to the Nation's Capital and for her warm reception and inclusion of the WHR at the award ceremony

The World Harmony Run returned to Ottawa for spectacular ceremonies and events June 2 and June 3 (please see below).

Oshawa – Monday, May 30

St Gregory’s School welcomed the torch by forming a giant circle outside, then 10 students ran with the torch passing by all the other students. Principal Forgioni Father Remi full of enthusiasm ran with the torch and offered a prayer for the Harmony Run expressing how he would like the run to return to his school. Fresh fruit was offered to all and the students had an opportunity to hold the torch. Ms Hanlan , teacher, said how the whole idea of Harmony inspired here with teaching and has brought the theme into English, math, science classes.

At John XXIII School an inspiring presentation was offered in the gym, following this the outdoor ceremonial torch relay happened with nearly 350 students.

Ajax – Tuesday, May 31

Mayor Steve Parish offered the city proclamation declaring today World Harmony Day in Ajax Ontario .

Enjoyed a beautiful run and warm sun.

Mayor Steve Parish thanked the team for what they were doing with the WHR.

Whitby – Tuesday, May 31

Mayor Marcel Bruelle offered the team some extremely inspiring words on how Canada is so unique in the world, how it is a place where people are friendly and care about each other. He was very please to receive the WHR in Whitby and shared stories of how the spirit of helpfulness inspired Whitby to send relief supplies to its sister city in the province of Quebec, Longeuil, during the ice storm.

Bowmanville-Clarington – Tuesday, May 31

Bowmanville-Clarington City Council Members Adrian Foster and Don MacArthur came out to meet the torch runners. They expressed their appreciation for being a part of the global event.

Kingston – Wednesday, June 1

Kingston student relay runners (3 schools represented) relayed the World Harmony Run torch to Kingston City Hall.

En route to City Hall, runners stopped to pass the torch to about 30 young children from a neighbouring school.

Employees of A&P came out and cheered as the run passed their store. Mayor Harvey Rosen and City Councillors George Beavis, Beth Pater, George Stoparczyk received the torch at City Hall and spoke briefly on the message of harmony. The students received certificates and then 3 students read aloud poems on harmony.

Skye Faubert sang “Gloria” and John Lennon’s “Imagine”, and then led the entire group in the World Harmony Run song.

Ottawa – Parliament Hill, June 2

To paint a simple picture, the day was colourful, joyful and VIP-filled! The World Harmony welcome celebration inspired nearly 400 guests on the steps of Parliament Hill in the Nation's Capital today. The nearly 200 children singers and local relay team athletes were joined by 18 government leaders, 23 foreign diplomats and representatives, olympians, local business leaders and NGO directors. The festive activities included a torch relay, reading of Mayor Bob Chiarelli World Harmony Day proclamation by the Town Crier, cultural group presentations, children’s singing performance and inspiring words from guests. The list of special guests begins with:2-time

Olympic medalist Sue Holloway and renowned adventure-explorer Geoff Green, honorary torch bearers.

Geoff Green and Sue Holloway

From the diplomatic community Ambassadors from: Angola, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Chile, Ethiopia, Iceland, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, Thailand and the High Commissioner for South Africa. Diplomatic Representatives from Australia, Barbados, Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Egypt, Indonesia, Jordan, Kuwait, Macedonia, Mexico, Serbia & Montenegro, Trinidad & Tobago and Uruguay.

On behalf of the Parliament of Canada : Peter Milliken ~ Speaker of the House of Commons, Stephen Owen ~ Minister of State (Sport), Jean Augustine ~ Assistant Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons, Paul Devillers ~ Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister and Laurier Lapierre ~ Former Senator of Canada and recipient of the Order of Canada.

Peter Milliken ~ Speaker of the House of Commons

Paul Devillers - Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister

Laurier Lapierre - former Senator and recipient of the Order of Canada

Stephen Owen - Minister of State (Sport)

Jean Augustime - Assistant Deputy Speaker of the House of Commons

Members of Parliament: Walt Lastewka, Karen Redman, Colin Carrie, Dr. Gary Goodyear, Peter Julian, Susan Kadis, Guy Lauzon, Larry Miller, Lynne Yelich.

VIP’s included: Lynn Graham ~ Chair for the Ottawa-Carleton School Board, Boyd McBride ~ Executive Director, S.O.S. Children’s Villages, Scott Hannant ~ CJOH News Director, Sarah Kambites ~ representing the United Nations Association in Canada, Aaron Dean - Director, International House, University of Ottawa, Neil Rosenthal ~ manager of Sports 4 and Dwayne Botchar ~ manager Running Room, Slater St.

Local Athletes included: Scott Hamilton, Colleen Hagan, Anna Di Medio, Dan Birch, Vladimir Radovic, Rob Smith, Miles Howe, Karina Smith and Chantal Ouellette.

Ottawa - Friday, June 3:

Viscount Alexander School welcomed the World Harmony Run early Friday morning. Children performed the theme song, signed the WHR banner which has been traveling across Ontario. Presentations on the harmony theme were given and then students took the torch into the school yard for a mini relay event. Special thanks to Principal Sandra Richardson for the warm welcome at Viscount Alexander School.

Queen Mary School’s relay team carried the torch in about 1km from the school. On the grounds all the students had chance to hold the torch in a mini relay event. An inspiring presentation on the harmony theme was given; the children had lots of sweet questions. Many children had prepared decorative headbands with peace doves attached. The kind assistance of grade 5 teacher Ms. Sadler and Principal Margaret Pimm has helped the students of Queen Mary’s make the harmony torch burn a little brighter.

At Hawthorne Public School Principal Francesse Kopczewski and Vice Principal Pino Buffone were an inspiration to everyone, arranging the entire school's participation for the two sessions of harmony activities; presentations, singing, mini relay runs - all with lots of enthusiasm and smiles. Pretty much everyone got to hold the torch and make a wish for harmony in the world. The day prior, about 25 students from the school choir attended the World Harmony Run celebration on Parliament Hill – by the time the team arrived the next afternoon, they had already posted their beautiful pictures along the hallway bulletin boards.

Alexander Montessori School was a striking contrast in size but carried all the sweetness and enthusiasm imaginable. Principal Ms. Alvarenga and staff were so welcoming. Here the young children asked questions on harmony, shared their ideas and participated in a mini relay in the school field with their teachers and the World Harmony Team.

You can send a message to the runners or read the messages.

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