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Canada 25 May: Ottawa

We had a beautiful World Harmony Run ceremony in West Block, Parliament Hill today. Among the guests were longtime supporters of the Run the Hon. Peter Milliken, Speaker of the House, Senator Mac Harb and former Senator Laurier Lapierre. Also in attendance was the Hon. Minister Stockwell Day, an avid runner, and over 20 representatives from the Diplomatic community.

The Hon. Peter Milliken, Speaker of the House, Hon. Stockwell Day, Minister of the Asia-Pacific Gateway, President of the Treasure Board, Senator Mac Harb and Hon. Laurier Lapierre, former member of the Senate of Canada receive the Torch from World Harmony runner Caitlin Michael.

We were honoured by the presence of many from the Diplomatic Community. They are pictured below after participating in the traditional World Harmony Run "Parade of Nations". (Countries in alphabetical order: Albania, Australia, Barbados, Brazil, Cameroon, Croatia, Eastern Carribbean, Estonia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Romania, Senegal, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Trinidad & Tobago, and the Ukraine.) Please see our "Friends of the Run" page for the complete photo gallery of all participating Diplimatic Representatives.  

Dignitaries are joined, in the photograph above, by Boyd McBride, National Director, S.O.S. Children’s Villages Canada; Jana Miller, Project Officer, CHF (Canadian Hunger Foundation); Phil Marsh, Area Manager, The Running Room; Moira Lassen, Board Member, Canadian Assoc. for the Advancement of Women and Sport (CAAWS); Jean Blain, manager, Sports 4; Paulette Roberge, Communications Specialist, World Wildlife Fund-Canada; Jasmine Northcott, Athletes Canada, and Velma McColl, Board Chair, Ryan's Well Foundation.

Torch-Bearer recipients and good friends (from left) Geoff Green and Ray Zahab.

The ceremony program included presentations of the Torch-Bearer Award to two outstanding individuals, Geoff Green and Ray Zahab, who are not only remarkable role models for self-transcendence but who also use their life passions to serve, educate and inspire humanity, especially today’s youth. Geoff is the founder of Students on Ice polar expeditions and Ray is the founder of impossible2Possible.

Roberto Lopez, Dario Canegallo, Nestor Manzanares of M&C Travel Business (Antarctic Travel Specialists) together with Geoff Green.

Ray Zahab with Velma McColl, Board Chair, Ryan's Well Foundation

(from left) Hon. Peter Milliken, Speaker of the House with Geoff Green, Ray Zahab and Phil Marsh, Area Manager, The Running Room.

Mr. Adhiratha Keefe, former United Nations and UNICEF staff member for over 30 years: "The 2010 International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures as designated by the United Nations and UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) is supported by the World Harmony Run. This years celebration of cultural diversity and exchanges between cultures fits very well with the ongoing multi-year efforts of the World Harmony Run."

The logo for year 2010 contains many different color strands. It was noted that although the strands join together at one end to make a distinct shape they keep their unique color.

The message from Davidson Hepburn, President of the General Conference of UNESCO, to all the participants of the World Harmony Run in 2010 was mentioned at the Ottawa ceremony.

President Hepburn was a friend of the Founder of the World Harmony Run, Sri Chinmoy, for over 30 years and they participated in many inspiring initiatives together, like today's programme. He feels that events like this are what will help inspire people to work to bring the high goals of the UN and UNESCO for Peace and Harmony closer to reality.

Other messages were also mentioned that further described the significance of 2010 and the Run.

Everyone at the ceremony was entertained and moved by the Hon. Laurier Lapierre when he spoke about the World Harmony Run and the need for all of us to just accept and love each other without criticism. His simple yet heartfelt words were a fitting finale to a wonderful World Harmony Run event.

Salil Ottawa May 25

Executive Director of the World Harmony Run, Salil Wilson, made sure everyone felt welcome in his role as emcee for the day.

Full of inspiration from the ceremony on Parliament Hill, it was now our turn to run with the Torch. We set out for the Rideau Canal, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, nestled below the embankment of Parliament Hill.

The blue sky and the blazing sun made for a 34 degree near record setting temperature run, the kids did not seem to notice the heat.

Our first break at the Rideau Canal, UNESCO World Heritage Site.

World Harmony Run team members greeted by Francesco Corsaro of the historic Bytown Museum which is situated along the Rideau Canal.

Off to our next destination along the beautiful Confederation Boulevard loop which circles between Quebec and Ontario.

The Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau, Quebec was our next stop; it is a beautiful building overlooking the Ottawa River and Parliament Buildings.

The Canadian Museum of Civilization's Chief of Special Events, Patricia Lynch along with Special Events Coordinator, Eliane Laberge ventured out from the air conditioned comforts of their office to brave the scortching heat and receive the World Harmony Run Torch on behalf of the Canadian Museum of Civilization. Thank you both for your warm hearted welcome and enthusiastic support.


We are off to the Interprovincial Bridge and back to Ottawa in search of fresh squeezed lemonade and dry clothes.

It was a great day for our team of runners, we would like to offer our heart-felt gratitude to everyone who took the time to welcome the Torch and share in spirit of the World Harmony Run.



– Prapti Jensen

Distance: 7 km

Team Members:
Adhiratha Keefe (USA), Deepmala Thomas (Canada), Espoir Manirambona (Canada), Gautami Sykorova (Slovakia), Jotish Langlois (Canada), Karnayati Morison (England), Rodica Zmeu (Maldova), Salil Wilson (Australia), Mandeep Leba, video (Canada), Michel Gill, photographer (Canada), Prapti Jensen, driver (Canada)

You can send a message to the runners or read the messages.

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