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England 20 September: Cambridge - Nottingham

The Harmony Run tries to connect to people from different areas in society; sports, music, art, politics, etc, and there are some wonderful exchanges between the harmony runners and the people they meet. We, as runners, often find out we have a common goal with the people we meet; to make a better world, to progress in our own fields first and then to spread our goodwill to a larger scale.

Often we go to schools to give a presentation and to run with the children; officially making them a member of the World Harmony Team.

Today we had 2 meetings with primary schools. The first was with the King’s College School in Cambridge. The mayor of Cambridge, Mr. Robert Dryden, was also there and was kind enough to wish us the best on our journey. At the school we talked to the children and showed a short video of the run. The children in their turn lifted our spirits with the lovely song ‘Jubilate’, which they sang very joyfully, demonstrating their excellent musicianship. In fact the school was founded in 1441 by Henry VI, who decreed that there should be 16 choristers to sing at services in his chapel. Now their choristers are famed throughout the world and each year millions of listeners tune in on Christmas eve to hear the ’Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols’ from King’s College Chapel.

The children also showed us their athletic capacities. After the presentation of the World Harmony Run we went outside to the sports field where the Mayor took the torch and ran (very fast!) around the playing field with all the children.

We were struck by their enthusiasm and when we left they ran with us to the school gates and cheered and waved us goodbye. We hope to come back next year!

Outside the school we met three wonderful people who really liked the Run. One of them was from the Czech Republic, so he and Ondrej enjoyed a nice chat together. We took their picture and promised to put it on our website, so here it is!

From the school we ran to Cambridge’s famous King’s College, which was just around the corner.

There we met one of the porters…

…one of the professors…

…and some of the locals.

We also ran along the beautiful grass fields surrounding the College.

Our spirits were high.

From Cambridge off we went on our way to Petersborough, passing through typical British landscapes with nice cottages, flowers and windy roads.

In Petersborough we had another lovely meeting with schoolchildren from the ‘Bishop Creighton Primary school’.

The school is named after Bishop Creighton (1843-1901) and at the entrance of the school there was a beautiful quote from him which went as follows:

“The only real object of education is

to leave a man in the condition of

continually asking questions.”

Bishop Creighton

So we also hope to have contributed to that goal in our humble way.

And, of course, at the same time it makes us think of ways to continue and perfect our journey along the way through Europe.

The rest of the day we enjoyed nature. Some perfect running weather with autumn in the air.

In Nottingham we finished the day with an excellent Indian meal as a reward for the day with the highest mileage in England this year. The manager of the restaurant, called ‘Bombay’, gave us a generous discount when he heard about our Run and we thank him deeply.

Also we want to offer our gratitude to the manager and staff of The Grantham hotel in Nottingham, who sponsored our entire team with food and accommodation. We are deeply grateful to these kind-hearted people. Without them the World Harmony Run simply could not exist.

Distance: 135km

Team Members:
Amelia Lloyd (England), Balavan Thomas (England), Bhashini Neve (England), Nurari Merry (England), Devashishu Thorpy (England), Erika Pongracz (Hungary), Abhinabha Tangerman (Holland), Annemijn Schuringa (Holland), Mark Collinson (England), Nataliya Lehonkova (Ukraine), Ondrej Vesely (Czech Republic), Bakul Keaney (Ireland), Mark Schrader (Germany), Veronika Kuliskova (Slovakia).

You can send a message to the runners or read the messages.

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