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Scotland 27 September: Glasgow - Troon

The day started off with more promising weather as we ran into Croftfoot Primary School, to several hundred children heralding our arrival.

We were a little daunted as we faced the largest group since our arrival in the British Isles. Among the group of school children there were student-reporters, who interviewed us.

In this school we met four teachers - two from Croftfoot Primary School and two from St. Mirin Primary School, that we were about to run to. They joined us for the run between these schools to show cooperation between Catholic and Protestant communities. Mary Grant, Croftfoot Primary School’s headteacher, organised the school so well that we managed to run with all the children and give them each a chance to hold the torch.

Pauline and Mary, the two teachers from St. Mirin, held the torch for the children to make a wish and even got hugs from some for their good efforts. The teachers led the way to the next school, St. Mirin Primary School. I was really surprised how enthusiastic the children were, especially when guessing the countries.

The run around the school yard was equally exuberant but not too chaotic!

Grant and Wendy from Croftfoot school held the torch for the children to touch in a reciprocal show of good faith between the schools.

Next we ran on to Celtic Football Club with the four teachers who braved another six miles with us through the centre of Glasgow.

On arrival at the stadium, we met up with six young athletes from Bellahouston Academy of Sport headed by coach Frank Rafferty. After a brief wait, we were ushered in to meet Tommy Burns, the youth team trainer and Celtic legend who took some photos with the teachers, young athletes and our team to show his appreciation of what we were doing.

In light of ongoing problems between fans of Celtic and Glasgow Rangers, Tommy and others were more than happy to welcome us and promote the message of harmony.

Next we ran on to the Ranger’s stadium, seven miles away. After having said goodbye to the teachers whose participation we greatly enjoyed, we set off at a blistering pace behind the young runners from Bellahouston.

They ran so fast that we were early for the meeting at Ibrox stadium. There we were greeted by the hall of fame member for Rangers, Mark Hately.

He was very happy to be involved and agreed with the significance of this run to help promote more goodwill between supporters. Thank you for that, Mark Hately.

A tour of the packed trophy room of the club followed a couple of photos with Mark and the safety manager.

At the end of all this, we left and parted ways with the athletes from Bellahouston before starting our running for the day at about three’o’clock to Troon to catch the ferry to Northern Ireland. We also had a quick stop for late lunch at Pizza Hut, where they gave us a discount on our pizzas.

Then we ran to the ferry accompanied by some rain. Well... another long day well worth every ounce of effort put in! Thanks Harashita, Uranta, Janaka, Adarsha, Stotts and others who organized the run in Scotland. We had a great time here and we would love to come back!

Distance: 74km

Team Members:
Uranta Kane (Scotland), Shyamala Stott (Scotland), Dhavala Stott (Scotland), Tarit Stott (Scotland), Andrea Fidrmuc (Austria), Erika Pongracz (Hungary), Miroslav Pospisek (Czech Republic), Nataliya Lehonkova (Ukraine), Ondrej Vesely (Czech Republic), Robert Senovsky (Czech Republic), Bakul Keaney (Ireland), Marc Schrader (Germany).

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