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Hungary 30 May: Gyula - Biharnagybajom

Hungary was waiting for us with full power!

The whole team, except Natalya :) is very grateful for the flatness of Hungary. At the border, we were met traditionally with salt and bread, and a bus full of Hungarians. The bus, our police escort and five more Hungarian cars made a splendid harmony run caravan.

Our first meeting was in Gyula, where Klára Perjesi, the mayor of the city greeted us with the following words: "World Harmony is one of the noblest goals we can imagine. The history of humanity is, unfortunately, the history of war. Sport is one thing that can do something the opposite of war. In Hungary, we know that even without war there is some kind of inner disharmony. It is the common goal of everybody to establish harmony, since without harmony there can be no happiness."

Around 100 children were watching the following hip-hop performance, and then ...

... in no time the torch was being carried by many hands around the fountain...

... which flowed into a river.

In Békéscsaba, István Köles, the mayor of this city was waiting for us. When we arrived, he immediately grabbed the torch and ran with it. Action, action, preferably immediate action…

At the end, he gifted each one of us with famous local sausage and sent us on our way. A TV crew also came to make a report about our visit to the city.

We lost Rostya for a while, you could see him as a very small figure in yellow and red somewhere very far on the horizon, with great puffs of determination, shortening the distance patiently.

Our next city was Békés, which means Peaceful City in English. The city sign welcomes travelers with peacefulness.

Békés surprised us: maybe the whole school ran with us before and after the ceremony.

"Why did you tell them my country?" - A Hungarian translator and Mariya during a game with the children.

Here their choir was singing the Hungarian version of the World Harmony Run Song …and the mayor gave a nice speech.

You are fried!

Tarhos and Vésztő came up with many many little listeners, who came and sang and ran.

The statue with birds in Szeghalom greeted us in a different way; purple and red majorettes dressed in purple and red and with sticks and silver balls were marching graciously in formation. We heard the famous song "…I want it all and I want it now…" from three promising young singers, and everyone gathered at the foot of the statue for a picture.

We left the town of Füzesgyarmat watched by the wise eye of a local stork. The symbol of the city appeared once more on the flag of the town given to us by the mayor.

A very peaceful performance featuring dancers in blue and white costumes soothed our tired eyes in the last town of the day, Biharnagybajom. As Pierre said, we were tired, but still presentable.

This was a nice meeting, at which all the Hungarians were gathered. Afterwards we played football for a while, and just before the rain came we jumped into the cars to enjoy today's sunset.





Distance: 103km

Team Members:
Rosta Vagner (Czech Republic), Pierre Lantuas Monfouga (France), Valentine Bebik (Ukraine), Janos Derekas (Hungary), Jaromir Horejsi (Czech Republic), Nataliya Lehonkova (Ukraine) Pedja Knezevic (Serbia), Maria Latinova (Bulgaria), Franz Hinterbegger (Austria).

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