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Ireland 31 March: Cork - Waterford

This morning we awoke bright and early – and got into the day by visiting Sundays Well Girls School in Cork. The girls performed an Irish Haka for us, just the thing to start the day!



The principal, Norie O'Sullivan, gave an enlightening speech about the benefits of good health and sportsmanship – and how – when combined – can create a harmonious lifestyle.


We then made our way to Midleton Convent National School where all 600 students were waiting for us outside.

The infants sang us songs along with actions, while thhe school, band played us a great selection of old tunes.

The Principal was delighted to receive the torch.

The children were incredibly enthusiastic – and cheered and smiled when we sang them our own World Harmony theme song.

We then kept running, to arrive at Bunscoil Mhuire in Youghal, where we gave one presentation for the younger kids and then another for the older ones.

Some of the team played out skits for the first presentation , illustrating different examples of harmony and disharmony, and letting the kids decide which was which.

The main message of the World Harmony Run is that harmony begins in the heart of each individual - for a minute we all tried to feel that harmony in our hearts.

Two youngfriends with the torch.

The older children guessed where the international runners in the team were from – and they guessed them all right!

Out in the playground we were surrounded by students wanting high-fives and autographs.

Boijayanti found a friend at the school and met all the students.

We were a little late ariving at Garranbane National School near Dungarvan, but we were so happy we made it as the students had done a lot of preparation!

They performed music and presented us with beautiful works of art.


They composed and performed a very clever round to the melody of 'Row row row your boat' - you can read the words below. It is now firmly stuck in our heads, and we have been singing it ever since...

The deputy principal of the school receives our certificate of appreciation.

The music teacher responsible for much of the fabulous performances.

It was quite misty as we ran, meaning we had to be quite careful regarding oncoming traffic. The weather did clear up – revealing patches of blue up above – and a cool breeze blowing alongside the runners on their way through the beautiful Irish countryside.

We got into Waterford safely – and made a quick stop off at Waterford Superquinn – Just like in Dublin and Limerick, they were extremely helpful, supplying the team with groceries.

Adhiratha, the team's senior member at 62 years of age,  performed a spontaneous Irish jig on the road after his run. This photo is not of the jig, we'll make sure to have camera in hand if he des it again.


– Rupashri Brown

Distance: 110 km

Team Members:
Adhiratha Keefe (USA), Boijayanti Gomez-Badillo (Puerto Rico), Kallola Brown (New Zealand), Rupashri Brown (New Zealand), Salil Wilson (Australia), Purnendu Knezevic (Serbia), Colm Magee (Ireland), Sundar Dalton (Ireland), Katka Purusova (Czech Republic), Svetlana Gorschkova (Russia), Baridhi Yonchev (Bulgaria), Aivaras Zydelis (Lithuania), Standa Zubaty (Czech Republic), Matthias Eckerle (Germany)

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