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Latvia 30 June: Ludza - Aglona

Good morning world...

Yesterday's evening program was obvious - the final of the European Soccer Championship. Conny and the Austrians would keep their fingers crossed for the German National team, but it seems it wasn't quite their day. However it was a very enjoyable game...

Our running day started at 9 o'clock, right from the place where we had stayed. The mayor of Ludza came to run the first few steps with us.

It took only 10 km to run in to the first unscheduled meeting, near Crima lake. Representatives of the regional administration were waiting for us with fruit and refreshments. So we came to a hobbit-like second breakfast.

At the regional border of Ludza and Rezekne we said au revoir to the administrative representatives from Ludza. They had been with us for the last few days, since we entered their region. It was really nice to have them with us. We actually got so used to them and their white car that it was kind of a surprise when they said they had to go back. Thank you, and see you next time...

At the city sign to Rezekne a family was waiting for us. We asked the father, his 18-year-old daughter and his 13-year-old son how they learned about the Run. They told us that they had heard about us on the news and spontaneously decided to join us. With them also were a few friends of theirs, so our group grew bigger and bigger...

In Rezekne city an orchestra was playing when we ran in. After the presentation they played the WHR song for us. Right away we asked them to play it again and we sang together with the musicians.

The local TV station was also there. They wanted me (Martin) to give an interview - very exciting...

The friendly reporter is holding the torch.

Local children accompanied us to the ceremony.

The conductor of the orchestra with the torch...

The city invited us to a nearby restaurant for lunch. What a change. Most of the time we have our lunch somewhere on the road. The food was delicious and the best part was the dessert: ice cream - mmmmmnnnnnnnnn!!!

Reflection, reflection on the hood. Who is the fairest Ginds in the wood...?

At the Aglona regional border, the mayor of Aglona was awaiting us with fresh runners. With their help, the last 11 km were no problem...

... who needs running shoes if you can run barefoot :)

At such a good pace, the group made its way to the next meeting place in less than an hour...

Again, we met the mayor there...

... music was being played...

... and these three young ladies showed us their dancing skills...

... cha-cha-cha...

After dinner we were shown the famous Basilica of Aglona. Every year thousands of pilgrims travel here around August 15, the Feast of the Assumption of Mother Mary. Even the Pope came once...

I want to dedicate this picture to Jewgenij, who always very much liked to take pictures of this kind. So please mind those signs before you go inside the church..

Very beautiful altar...

A fisherman in his boat on the lake near the Basilica.

Very idyllic place there. That's it for today, thanks for joining in folks - read you tomorrow...

– Martin Leitner

Distance: 99 km

Team Members:
Martin Leitner (Austria), Franz Hinteregger (Austria), Conny Schimke (Germany), Tamas Huszar (Hungary), Ieva Kurzemniece (Latvia), Davids Kleiners (Latvia ), Anastasia Aleksejeva (Latvia)

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