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Latvia 12 September: Sigulda - Jelgava

Yesterday at the meeting, the World Harmony Run flag was raised and this morning we came back to the same place to take the flag down again. And from here we started our running for today.

Careful where you are running!

One local runner came to run with us, he led us out of the city.

In Vangaži there was a big group of children waiting for us at the bus stop, they ran with us to the ceremony.

We were recieved by the representative of the town.

And the brassband was playing when we came running in.

Everybody joined, to run out of the town.

Keep smiling!

We kept on running and arrived in Adaži, where we met the children from the Waldorf School.

All students and teachers were wearing a t-shirt with a bird. It represents flying out into the world after graduating the school. And there was a text that said: I look into the world.

This way...

They provided us with very nice refreshments.

All join for the group picture, before....

...we run off to the next place!

In Riga we had many local runners joining us, with a 17km run through the whole city.

Velta Vitola has been participating for many years, every time when we ran in Riga.Also this time she came to run with us. Thank you so much! you are a great inspiration for us.

Are there more runners from Latvia?

We put flowers at the Monument for Freedom.

After putting the flowers, we continued our run. We enjoyed seeing around in the city.

Is it christmas already?

We gathered together in the garden of Ojars Vasietis Museum. There are the National Poetry Days, and here in the garden there was one of the poetry reading events.

For refreshments we got very nice fresh apples, and there was also tea and apple pie.

The director of the Ojars Vasietis Museum ran with us when we continued our route.

In Olaine the local media followed us into the city.

And local sporters came to represent the different sportclubs.

We all got a medal; a very nice gift to remember the great welcome in this place.

Also in Ozolnieki many kids from the local sportclubs came to meet us, and of course to run with us!


When we sang our World Harmonuy Run song, we had a lady on accordeon playing with us. It sounded great!

It is a great honour for us to recieve this very special medal. Only one other person recieved it, that was the President.

The students from the music school performed a small concert.

In Jelgava, our final destination of today, we were welcomed at the cultural center.

Two dance groups entertained us with their great performances.

We made a group picture and passed the torch around. Tomorrow we'll be back here!

– Rose

Distance: 87 km

Team Members:
Apaguha Vesely (Czech Republic), Roos de Waart (Netherlands), Zoltan Theobald (Hungary), Vladimir Salnicov (Moldova), Chanakhya Jakovic (England), Pedja Knezevic (Serbia), Predrag Trkulja (Croatia), Sumahat Strohn (Germany), Florian Mesaritsch (Austria), Ieva Kurzemniece (Latvia), Martins Kronbergs (Latvia), Latvian runners

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