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Poetry and Prose New Zealand 2008

We were so happy that we received so  many poems on Harmony from schools that we visited. Here are some of them...



Harmony is our school motto because we are kind to each other, we help each other in games, work, in sports and when we are sad harmony makes us happy again. 


Harmony is peace no fighting and no wars. Harmony is music where we can listen to it all. We come together to be caring, sharing, loving and showing kindness. Just like our school.

Harmony Poem

Happiness all around the world.

After a lot of co-operation you should be fine.

Respect yourself and others.

Maybe you should be who you want to be.

Only you can control your feelings and emotions.

Never treat people unfairly.

You should try and create peace all around the world.

People need to help people or

everyone will be fighting.

Harmony is when you are nice to other people and you are together.

Harmony brings love and peace to the world and you don't have mean thoughts to other people.


Harmony is a substance of kindness, caring, sharing, music, love and happiness.


Harmony is when you agree to be friends.


My school has great harmony.



Peace smells like freshly cut roses.

Peace sounds like some trees swaying in the breeze.


Peace tastes like fresh cotten candy huge and pink.


Peace looks like a big, happy family.


Peace feels like the breeeze on my face.


Let there be no wars please.

Let the peace come gently floating on a blossom in a calm floating river.

Oh please oh please oh please let the peace come in.

Just let the peace come to you, it's like love please try it. It's a lovely thing to do I love peace please try it. It is lovely.


Harmony is good and people live the good life.

Always keep together when in danger.


Respect other people when they act bad.

Make people happy when they are sad.

Open up the gates to your house and let people inside to get to know them.

Non-violence is good and violence is bad.

Yell out and protest peace peace peace.

Our school is like in tune music. We help care and are in peace together.


Harmony is with us just about all the time. If someone is hurt, we look after them. If someone is sad, we try to cheer them up. If someone is stuck, we help them out. Harmony is peace.

Harmony is LOVE!

World Harmony Poem

World Harmony smells like fresh flowers from the garden.

World Harmony feels like soft wool off a sheep.

World Harmony looks like a white fluffy cloud.

World Harmony tastes like hot chocolate.

World Harmony sounds like the sea crashing on the beach.


Harmony brings peace to all the world and there are special people who tell us about it.

Harmony can be when you're sharing, caring, having friendships and finally when you're all together.

With harmony you don't have to have any mean thoughts about any one.

That's why I like harmony.


Oh I wish there was no wars!

Oh if the universe had harmony all through it

Earth would be just like heaven.

If no one lied to each other and no one got hurt.

Oh Lord let harmony come down from heaven.




Harmony is a happy environment

a happy world, reasoning with friends,

moving with all different people,

on the road to peace,

nothing could be better than harmony,

yes nothing is better than harmony!


Harmony is life.

Keep it that way for us.


Peace and happiness.