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Spain 6-12 March, 2005

We crossed the border in Vilar Formoso, where we had spent the night before, and entered into the plains of Spain. We ran straight on for 125 kilometres, most of it on a highway under construction! The Spanish police gave us a safe passage all the way to Salamanca, where a group of runners accompanied us to the main square.

Monday 7 March: 125 km Salamanca - Valladolid

100 kids cheered us and passed the torch

On a chilly sunny day we left Salamanca and reached Villares de la Reina after a few kilometres, where we went to a school for a meeting.

Approx. 100 kids cheered us and passed the torch. Finally the older kids set up a relay all the way out of the village.

We spent the whole day running on straight roads towards Valladolid, some kilometres even on the highway.

Tuesday 8 March: 110km Valladolid - Castrojeriz

Many children participate in the ceremonies of the World Harmony Run

We started in Valladolid and shortly afterwards visited two great schools: one in Santovenia de Pisuerga and one in Cabezon de Pisuerga. The kids ran enthusiastically with us and organised relays.

After leaving the schools, our German runner Frank got lost and was found 20 km later on a highway, so we had to modify the running route a little bit.

In the afternoon we arrived in Astudillo, where the local soccer team and many more kids ran with us. The mayor gave us a very nice welcome and presents. As we arrived in Castrojeriz, the final destination for the day, even the mayor in her high heeled shoes and fur coat guided our run through the city.

Wednesday 9 March: 135km

Castrojeriz – Burgos

Our accommodation was in one of the countless hostels along the pilgrim path to Santiago de Compostela. Starting right outside our door, a school class of kids guided us out of the city. We continued our run over the plains of Spain: endless roads under a blue sky, with white mountains in reach! At noon we reached Burgos, another historical city in Spain. A nice meeting in the city with a city representative and some lunch bags helped us to finish the remaining 80 km. In the evening we returned to Burgos for accommodation and dinner.

Thursday 10 March: 105km Burgos – Vitoria Gasteiz – Bilbao

We started running again outside of Burgos and headed for Vitoria Gasteiz, where we had a meeting with a city representative and the TV in the historical City Hall. After a long, lonely run through mountainous regions we reached finally Bilbao, the world famous city in the north of Spain.

Friday 11 March: 105km Bilbao – Gernika - Deba

We started with a run through the city of Bilbao. Great architectural buildings like the world famous Guggenheim Museum and the City Hall were just some highlights on our way. We had a hearty reception at the City Hall, as well as a guided tour. Later on we passed Gernika, famous for its role in Spanish history and Pablo Picasso’s painting. We spent most of the day running through the picturesque countryside of the Bask region, which felt like running somewhere in the Alps.

Finally we reached the Atlantic, and ended the day in Deba.

Saturday 12 March: 75km Deba – San Sebastian – Renteria - Irun

Our last day in Spain. After spending the night in a nature resort hostel, we started running under a sunny blue sky along the coast, through some beautiful natural scenes. Before San Sebastian a few runners joined in and ran with us through the city. After a reception at the City Hall, we passed Renteria. There two runners surprised us by joining in. Finally we reached Irun, where we ended the day, as well as ending the run in Spain. We had a really good time in Spain: we were spoiled by nice people, perfect weather conditions, and gorgeous countryside.

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