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Special Day: Budapest, Hungary

Below is a sample of a Full Day special event I Budapest during UN / UNESCO 2010 Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures

It involved the World Harmony Run as well as other culture, artistic, sporting, entertaining, sensational and educational activities in a public space where many participated....with a theme of peace, harmony and nature.

 "We can have harmony if we have a deep reverence for Mother Nature."

The children made drawings on the theme of harmony and the importance of love and the protection of our environment.

  • 7000+ Children were expected to participate.
  • The paper that they drew on was arranged in shape of a huge tree representing a live tree and the tree of life.

Ashrita Furman, who holds the World Record for the most Guinness World Records, was also in Budapest for this event. With his friend, Bipin Larkin, they also set a new record.


See also 26 Jul 2010 - full Harmony Day in Chicago


In Celebration of World Harmony and the United Nations, UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organizations) declared: "2010 International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures (IYRC)". The day's activities included:


  • Early morning running; events at Landmarks and Parks;
  • Music with amazing Marching Drum and Bugle Corps and Singing;
  • Participation by Olympians, other dignitaries and 500 Children;
  • Games, sharing and holding the torch by all;
  • A beautiful World Harmony painting exhibit; and,
  • "Torch Bearer" awardees and special guests at a local Gallery.
For more:


Budapest, Hungary 14 May 2010

Report on World Harmony Run Events

Love, harmony and protection of the environment

This was an amazing day for the World Harmony Run in Hungary.

Many schools were planning to come together to join in carrying the torch

and also to participate in a wonderful cultural event . Various schools would join in a public space to create Art for Harmony, Love, Protection of the Environment and Peace. In addition there were many related cultural and other performances, including a sensational and entertaining Guinness Book record attempt.

For a brief summary of the day (in Hungarian Language) with some initial beautiful photos and a links to seven public media reports with their photos see

: http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/hungary/budapest_guinness 

Rain before the event

Some of the international runners joining the event were surprised to learn that the setup was still going on the night before. There had been very heavy rain Thursday 14 May which had threatened to make it impossible for children to gather for the drawing and painting scheduled for a huge open public square on Friday the 15th.

But as the weather changed the

volunteers come out to dry up rain water

Volunteers come out at night to mop up the rain water


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to help dry up the plaza and then sweep up the surface to prepare for  event.

But it meant many had to plan well and then work intensely through the night, in order to finish on time. They did not want to disappoint the children when the first schools were to arrive early the next morning.

Preparing the children's "artist canvas" writing surface

Preparing the surface that was to receive the children's artistic expression was a great staging production. What would have been a challenge in daylight was to be performed under street lamps and vehicle head lights.

  • First strips of paper (length) were cut from big rolls and then rolled up again in smaller pieces that could be more easily managed.

  • They were transported to the specific place on the plaza where they were needed.

Focused teamwork displayed through Night

Then a second team began to roll out the sheets according to a design predetermined to allow the children maximum access to the painting surfaces.

  • The artists required room to draw-paint without having to step on other artists work.

  • Finally paper strips were minutely measured and adjusted before being fastened to the surface.

The securing in place was so the sheets would not blow away before, during or after the painting was completed.

By eight o'clock school buses with Children artists were beginning to arrive.

  • And the big design of the "blank canvas"
  • Fully emerges in the morning light.
The Tree base began near the stage and the top branches were almost out of sight  (where busses let off some children and parked at the farthest end of plaza).  
  • The transformed square greeted the children. The tree was just waiting for their creative expression to add beautiful color.

  • Firefighters also arrived to add to the educational and fun atmosphere of the day

  • Many tables were set up round the plaza, staffed by volunteers to register the different schools and classes.
  • While a few more assisted the "all night" crew to put the finishing touches on some final tree "branches".

This is where the teachers and other coordinators

  • Confirmed the location

  • where the specific class would be drawing-painting

  •   And obtained drawing-painting "sticks" (crayons)
  • For just the right combination...

Some were picture poised to begin

  • Others joined stamped

  • hands

As other classes and young artists arrived,

  • They found their assigned spots.

  •  Some near where their busses dropped them off with the stage way in the background; and

  • Some others were closer to the stage.
Luckily the sound system was quite good and performers and announcements could be heard almost everywhere.

  • Where ever assigned, it quickly seemed of little concern, once they focused on their paper and began to work.

  • With some younger artists stopping to observe the older students working intensely together close by (beyond a usual classroom experience)
  • Some of those arriving later took the opportunity to see what others had created

  •   Before starting their own work.

Some were so eager to begin and went to check others creations only

  • After they had completed their own.

It was observed that

  • some groups and individuals seemed to have more elaborate plans of what they would be expressing and how. 

  • and it was also obvious that some loved just being together in this space
  • Other teams seemed to be following the inspiration of their moment of kneeling to draw-paint.
  • Much laughter and light hearted
  • Offering of advice

  • Or supportive, gentle encouragement
  • To each other was in evidence.

Animals seem happy to be together

In the children's creative world. Displaying the theme of

"reverence for mother nature"

Some had so much focus on the task at hand (and the horses they were helping appear)

  • It captured other observers who gathered around.

  • Or reached out

Others seemed to be dreamily gazing into some inner space of their own

  • Or paused in the middle of their act of creation.

As the plaza began to fill up...

  • With working artists and observers,

 The life tree canvas which looked barren a few hours ago, at sun up...,

  • Now was alive with activity

  • with color

  • And relaxed artistic concentration..
  • Starting with an inspiration...
  • which encouraged others to join
  • Using different approaches to fill in details

Professional and amateur Photographers,

  •  Students, teachers, runners and organizers

  • Were busy photographing this amazing spectacle.
  • Or interviewing the participants for their thoughts and feelings

Some schools had special:

  • Color t-shirts
  • Or caps
  • and even special formal or ceremonial hats (with an enthusiastic smile)
  • And jackets which made them stand out as a work of art themselves
  • And greatly added to the festive occasion.

The World Harmony Run Banner was present in different languages and sizes


  • some with the UN/UNESCO 2010 logo celebrating the

"International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures" and diversity.

The stage provided an ongoing focus at one end of the park for the day

  •   And the banners provided a back drop for the upcoming day's events.

In this  great performing space for the bands and other


  • Who entertained  with skits

  • And educated with stories in keeping with the days theme
  • which was greatly appreciated
  • and heartedly enjoyed ....,



In joyful anticipation of the World Harmony Run start

  •   Many groups began to gather a few blocks away.

  • There was a sense of excitement as the groups walked

  • Or ran together in special shirts to the start and afterwards
  • While others posed with the banner in preparation, as the crowd grew

Everyone was invited to participate

  • And try to stay behind the banner and torch- yet
  • Noticing the beautiful reflection at their feet created by the recent rain--

At the actual start of the run,

  • There was so much enthusiasm and energy

  • It was a bit difficult to stay together behind the torch

Especially for some faster and younger runners


Even Bart was spotted doing what he wanted to do, when he wanted.....until later..

  • During the run, many went at their own speed.

  • In different sizes and ages 

  • Enjoying the experience of all being a part of the World Harmony Run

  • Some stayed together with identifying balloons

  • Sharing the torch on the run

  • At times there was more guidance given by an experience team member on the route and pace  
  • To allow some of the other  runners to catch up

  • And all be closer together -while Bart decided to take a ride on someone's shirt...

  • As we approached the plaza

  • There were many happy smiles
  • Where more held the torch together

There was a ceremony when the runners reached those waiting

  • Near the art and the stage in the Plaza
  • Some of the international runners introduced the countries were they were from

There was then singing.

The banner carried for the World Harmony Run this day, had the music to theme song on the back

Banner  with Theme song

- So it was displayed to the audience to help their participation.

Words to the theme song

Run, run, run, run, run, run!


We are the oneness and

fullness of Tomorrow’s Sun.

- Sri Chinmoy


  • Lead by main singer from group "Tarisznyások", who sang as well as played instruments during the rendition
This singer had integrated the words form English and Hungarian
  • And added some additional lines about peace and harmony. 
  • Many joined in singing.

Listen to the World-Harmony-Run song: 2 min version // 6 min version

Link to Hungarian WHR song:

While various cultural performers were on stage

  •   The children artists would watch some events throughout the day
  • Some focused on their teams creations
  • Or watched the one beside it taking shape

  •   Many continued to have the opportunity

  • To hold the torch

  • With their friends

  • Or team members in front of the banner.

Ashrita Furman with Bipin Larkin break Guinness Record

One of the main items on the schedule of events was the record breaking attempt by holder of the most Guinness records, Ashrita Furman. (http://www.ashrita.com/)

  • Today Ashrita was catching eggs thrown to him by his friend
  • Bipin Larkin who himself has had 11 Guinness records.

The crowd was thrilled and sweetly charmed by the joy and enthusiasm when Ashrita and Bipin broke the record

  •   With 71 completed after 2 unsuccessful earlier attempts that day.

Inspired by the day and all the children present, Ashrita decided to try again,

  • And on this attempt he tied the record of 71.

Finally Ashrita and Bipin summoned all their concentration

  • and were able to significantly break the previous record of 71

  •   76? eggs caught and officially counted with cameras recording

  • There was much interest by media in the day's events

  •   with questions for Ashrita about this
  •   and his other records

  • As well as longer interviews with Ashrita

Release links about the drawing record and Ashrita:

Radio program consists of 3 parts: - start at the  10th minutes of the
first part:

TV programs:




Throughout the day

The band played to the receptive crowd which extended to distant artists at work

There were also .......

  • Many young singers (with movements to match),

  •   Coordinated dancers,

  • Some with incredible bright blue and white outfits and spirit

  • Acrobatic

  • Gymnastics

  •  With great jumping that inspired the younger ones to see what they could eventually do

  • Singers

  •   Role playing

  • And other elegant performers

  • The littler ones, so cute in green and red with matching hats
  • Impressive double rope skipping
  • By high flying
  • Ad quick moving young ladies.

The Clown Magician Magnificently entertains

There was also a gifted clown - magician named TULASI from Austria

  • Who charmed

  • And surprised many with his magic tricks.

After the magician finished some of the children eagerly climbed on stage

  • To have their picture with the Tulasi the magician and the banner with the 2010 logo

Yet some just towered above, while silently observing if someone needed a haircut? (or was it a judge in disguise)

Then Bipin Larken answered questions for the children


bipin larkin

and others about his own experiences

with Guinness records and traveling with Ashrita to various locations.

Banner and Year 2010

At one point in the programme the banner and the 2010

Which had been observed all day at different events was discussed more in answer to questions from the moderator.

  • The 6 official UN languages translations which appear on the banner were identified (English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Arabic)
  • In some schools where the run has gone at least one of the teachers or students could read a word from many of the languages.
  • It was noted that for local presentations, there was always room at the bottom for other languages (like Hungarian) of the world family.
  • How many languages are there in the world? International Mother Language Day proclaimed by UN and UNESCO  celebrates language diversity on Feb 21.

The symbolism for the logo's graphic

in many different colors strands was also appreciated.

  • Although the strands join together at one end to make a distinct shape they keep their unique colors.

The programme in Hungary reminded some of the runners and participants

of the International Launch of the World Harmony run 12 April near the UN headquarters in NY   For Link See:


Adhiratha Keefe, former United Nations and UNICEF staff member for over 30 years answered some questions and;

The message from Davidson Hepburn, President of the General Conference of UNESCO, to all the participants of the World Harmony Run in 2010 was mentioned at the Budapest ceremony (http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/unesco_year/davidson_hepburn_unesco_message)

  • President Hepburn was a friend of the founder of the World Harmony Run, Sri Chinmoy, for over 30 years and they participated in many inspiring initiatives together, like today's peace and harmony events.
  • He  has said he feels that events like this in Hungary, are what will help inspire people to work to bring the high goals of the UN and UNESCO for Peace and Harmony closer to reality

Download  a one page PDF file for printing 

Message Image: 

Davidson Hepburn Message one pageOther messages were also mentioned that further described the significance of 2010 and the run (link http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/unesco_year/iyrc_messages)

  • All the participants by running with the torch and banner, by coming out to draw-paint, by performing for all of us and supporting today's events were "reaching out" that is so important for the coming together or Rapprochement of cultures.
  • The message from the UNESCO representative speaking at the 12 April event was highlighted. Today Budapest has provided a platform for us to learn about one another. It is especially significant that we have so many children here who represent our future.
  •  "Anyone who is doing the run and passing the torch is acting as an ambassador of peace."

The judges of the children's drawings-paintings

  •   made presentations

  • to the 3 artists awarded trophies on behalf of their
    schools for the highest number of participants

  •   They also answered questions from the audience  and excellent moderators

Honorary Adjudicator 15 May 2010

The painter, vészabó_noémi, who served as honorary adjudicator pointed out that it was a record for Hungary to have so many children participates in painting together for such a good cause.

She also sent a beautiful letter, translated and partially excerpted here:

  • "The spectacle was amazing and unforgettable - and it still exists in our hearts. As the first children's group arrived their dreams broke loose and more and more flowers, trees, tigers and birds inhabiting the square...and others were coming and coming - bringing their wishes, dreams and flower fields...
  • "The children know the secret, they dare to believe - and here on this square the many thousands of children have created a dream-dimension, and the imprint of their souls, all the dwellers of their inmost rooms have remained there in their drawings. Plenty of flowers and birds got out of their hideaway and set off in the wind - and took the message of Love to make the world a better place.
  • "What kind of world do we live in?    In a wonderful world! Because we have faith in the goodwill and willingness.
  • "The selfless work of the organizers also contributed to the miracle, the endeavors of all those who participated in awaiting the miracle - They believe that it is worth the effort to do something for humanity. The world is progressing through their efforts.."

There was time for other performers

  •   Aand even rides

  • On some firefighting equipment present to the delight of the children

  • Some physical activities like jumping

  •   and more sharing of the torch
  • and banner by international and national local team runner friends


  • and watching the huge balloon

  • others continued to draw-paint


  • And watch even as clouds began to threaten

and then it did rain

but the children would not be deterred

  • Some held umbrellas
  •  For their friends who continued to add color

  • Some huddled together still smiling and watching the performers
  • While others were self amused about also catching raindrops in their mouths - giving much joy to everyone observing..

And even after the rain paused a bit..

  • some were still enjoying holding the torch in front of the banner together

  • Or drawing  messages of how the day felt  - "we are the W...ld"

The sun shines on..


  • In our hearts, helped by  magic inner suns reflected earlier  on paper.

  • And still shining to keep alive the expressions and intentions of the day..

Next to the plaza is Heroes Square,

at the end of Andrássy Avenue which is part of World Heritage related to Budapest

(link: http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/400

So it was very appropriate that toward the end of a very full day

  • Some children joined for pictures holding the torch and banner with the very impressive warriors on horses watching in the background.
  • Another group of children had other significant Historical figures in the square watching them.

 At the conclusion of the Programme on the stage,

the final musician concluded with a song of peace and inspiration.

While some others held the banner, including one who had ably supported the performers behind the scenes throughout the day 

And the two wonderful coordinators of all the ceremonies thanked all for making the day so successful and joyful 

Finally that evening some of the local participants and international runners took the banner to two other sites in Budapest mentioned in

World Heritage Preservation list

  • Including the Banks of the Danube


  • The Buda Castle Quarter

How fast a day goes:

This was less than 24 hours since the set up was observed during the night in the square by international runners coming for the event

  • and now the support crew continues to serve by  participating in the clean up

  • after a busy and inspiring day with many new friends. 

Follow up Gratitude

One of the days after the event, as a symbol of gratitude to all the local organizations and individuals who had made the event possible and so inspiring,

  • The Harmony Run Banner was photographed at a local establishment with some who had participated.

  • and here is Ashrita with some of the days organizers and support team

Many are now looking forward to when the European World Harmony Run which this year goes through 49 countries passes into Hungary (at end of May) follow progress here: