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Canada 21 May: Toronto

Here they come!

FJRCH School picture 1 

FJRCH School picture 2

The Father John Redmund Catholic High School and Lakeshore Collegiate students with the World Harmony Run team. 

FJRCH School picture 3

Approaching the school.

FJRCH School Picture 4

Taking turns with the torch.


FJRCH School Picture 5

Welcoming the World Harmony Run torch.

The Father John Redmond Catholic High School musicians and singers lead the gym in the WHR song while the WHR Team and running teams from Lakeshore Collegiate and FJRCHS enter the gymnasium with the Torch and line up along the stage wall.

FJRCH School picture 6


FJRCH School Anvita

Anvita and the WHR team did a short event with the students in the gym.


The FJRHS Vice-Principal welcomed the visitors and we had a minute of silence.

FJRCH School - Narmada
Narmada - speaking from the heart to the heart.

FJRCH School - Karnayati 

Karnayati - more inspiration

FJRCH School - Karen

Karen speaking about her experience as a member of the very first Cross Canada World Harmony Run team - she learned to draw from her inner strength. 

FJRCH School - Janet

Janet's sincere thoughts on harmony.

FJRCH School - student rep

Each running team introduced themselves.  A representative from each school read out what harmony means to them.  You will find a beautiful poem "Oneness" written by Dante Mottillo at the end of this page.

FJRCH School - certificates

They were later presented with a certificate of appreciation for their school.

FJRCH School - Father Terry

Father Terry came up and led the students in an "AUM" chant.  He spoke about Sri Chinmoy and multi-faith projects like this.

FJRCH School - Pratyaya

Pratyaya intoduced The Honorable Jean Augustine, inviting her to come up to receive the Torch Bearer Award.

FJRCH School - presentation of Award

Heartfelt smiles.

FJRCH School - Jean Augustine pic 1

After receiving the award, Jean Augustine spoke and offered precious thoughts of Sri Chinmoy, the founder of the World Harmony Run. 

FJRCH School - Jean Augustine pic 2

Receiving the torch.

FJRCH School - Jean Augustine pic 3 

And holding it high with Janet.

All visitors, faculty and runners passed the torch one more time, and then the students were invited to touch or hold the torch on their way out of the gym while the FJRCHS did an arrangement of the World Harmony Run song.

Some of the participants of the events of 21 May also joined the continuation of the World Harmony Run on 23 May http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/canada/news/2010/0523 that had special relevence this year because the UN and UNESCO are celebrating 2010 as the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/unesco_year

During past years Interfaith runs have been a a regular feature of the World Harmony Run in Toronto.

A poem by Dante Mottillo

(Student at Father John Redmond Catholic High School) 


Two paths connect and converge
And two voices sing out,
Steps and songs and sounds
Blend, mix, and marry

Into One

One united front,
One voice,
One direction,
One dream,
One hope,
One love.

The I and You,
the They and Them,
are transformed:

We and Us,
Are One.

Walking in step,
Running in step,


In beat and time

Linking our arms and our pasts
Towards the inevitable truth that
We are powerful,
And able to accomplish the impossible.

One direction,
One dream,
One world.

In unison and harmony
We shout and sing,
"We are one!
We are different,
We are together
And we are one!"

We steady our pace,
And cross the finish line.
Our destiny, our triumph,
Our victory, our glory,
Reached only because

We are one.

We are here,
We are united,
We are one.
We are one.



– Report author: Narmada Trusz

You can send a message to the runners or read the messages.

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