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Canada 10 June: Halifax

Nova Scotia

This was  the second day of events in Nova Scotia. The previous week the World Harmony Run had a most impressive series of events in Dartmouth. This included a wonderful experience with the Auburn Drive High School's Diversity Club which carried the torch and a message to the run participants which the HS students read out at two local junior high schools. The message was from the President of the Governing Council of UNESCO about  2010, the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures as a "wonderful opportunity to creatively celebrate cultural diversity and its role in forging ties between cultures and people."


The run banner carried on 10 June shows support for the Year 2010 goals.

The logo for year contains many different color strands. Although the strands join together at one end to make a distinct shape they still keep their unique color. This was especially appreciated at the different schools today. 

 Enfield Elementary School

ENFIELD DISTRICT ELEMENTARY SCHOOL started their day and ours with enthusiasm. Vice-Principal Sonya Aikens had invited the World Harmony Run “with open arms” and open hearts and that they did.

We all sang O Canada, our national anthem, as the customary start of the school day.
  • Then the choir with 12 African drums performed the World Harmony Run song with many subtle variations ...

  • Under the loving direction of their music teacher Gillian Connolly, whose song score was surrounded with hand-drawn colourful hearts. 

Virtues - Gifts of Character

We each were given cards with Virtues:

52 virtues.  Since in 2010 the UN and UNESCO are celebrating and appreciating cultural diversity, many of the values expressed have special relevance this year.. (For example: friendliness, respect, understanding. This theme was further explored at the following schools below.)


  • The children shared the torch after a lovely ceremony. 

With the passing of the torch, did you notice the different Virtue Gift illustration signs on the wall?

  • The choir had a chance to see the torch up close. 

  • As sweet Enthusiasm looks on from behind!

  • Some came for a photo with the banner and art work that had been prepared for display just behind. 

 Elmsdale Elementary School

We relayed the torch to Elmsdale District Elementary School.


Where the children enthusiastically received it with much joy.

And some surprise with the eagerness - it really is a bright flame!


Then we all went to meet the other children in the gym who were very quietly and respectfully waiting for our arrival.

We played a few harmony games and the children yelled harmony so loud the children in Africa and China could hear them.

They pointed out the 6 languages on the symbol for the year 2010. While noting it would take quite a bit more space to list all the other languages used in the world.

Thank you to all the teachers and to Vice-Principal McInnis for inviting the World Harmony Run.

 Maple Ridge Elementary School

At Maple Ridge Elementary School, Principal Heather MacKeil greeted the runners. 

Noteworthy are the virtue banners lining the walls. Mr. Adhiratha Keefe, former United Nations and UNICEF staff member for over 30 years, led the games and talked about how 2010 is the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures as designated by the United Nations and UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization).

This effort, as the banner shows, is supported by the World Harmony Run as the theme of cultural diversity and exchanges between cultures fits very well with the ongoing multi-year efforts of the World Harmony Run. The  logo for year 2010 very much added to the presentations today.

Teachers receive the World Harmony Run torch and Certificate with the principal.

Riverside Education Centre

Runners from the next school, Riverside Education Center (REC) with their physical education teacher and coach, Drew Moore arrived during the ceremony at the third school. They were able to join in expressions of oneness and receive the torch from the students and teachers.

And then to run with the torch 8.5 km to REC.

They gave it their all.

The support vehicle with water and encouragement was driven by Susan Zurawski, special education teacher from REC.

  • Other creatures, curious about the event, were considering joining...

The route was hilly and hot and the kids were really amazing.

They were enthusiastic and each one was very determined.

All their training paid off as they turned off the main road toward REC . 

Well done!!

Appreciative Reception awaits



  • Susan’s class came down to the main road 


  • with banners they had made


  • To cheer along with others their runners as they turned up the last hill to the school.

The students formed a circle in the field, and linked arms in a sign of harmony.

  • Some people came to hold the torch together after we spoke of the 6 languages on the banner.

  • This followed a part in programme where some from the group had volunteered to come up.

  • To represent  one of the less familiar languages on the 2010 logo such as when Spanish, Russian, Chinese or Arabic were mentioned.

We also discussed others languages that might be added.

  • So we were delighted to have some students at REC who knew the regional Mi’kmaq language come forward to hold the torch together. Especially since the next school was to be in Indian Brook. (see next school below)

  •  Some others then had a chance.

  • To also have a picture with the torch. 


With much appreciation for Drew and Susan the two main organizers of today's great events with REC..



LSK (L’nu Sipuk Kina’muoKuom)

Grade 10 student Colin Peter-Paul took the torch and ran it strongly up the hill to Leon Knockwood,

  • They ran together to meet phys education teacher and organizer Robyn Greene.

Then to Councilor Rufus Copage representing Chief Jerry Sack.

That is quite the hill and they were fast and strong!!!

Andrew Marr and Joanna Paul received the torch at the entrance to the school.

  • And carried it quickly to the school for the planned ceremony.

Thank you to the team! Many other students, parents and teachers were waiting to join and show their support.

 Musical Welcome

The World Harmony Run was greeted with the Mi’kmaq gathering song beautifully and enthusiastically. The Musical Welcome was sung by the elementary students and the music director and drummer, Mr. Curtis Michael.

What wonderful community energy and spontaneous spirit. Awesome!



  • Many were able to hold the torch.

We played some harmony games which introduced the runners and where they were from. There was also a chance to explain the meaning of the run and UN and UNESCO’s celebration of  2010 as year for the Rapprochement of Cultures.


The message from Davidson Hepburn, President of the General Conference of UNESCO, to all the participants of the World Harmony Run in 2010 was mentioned at many schools today.

President Hepburn was a friend of the Founder of the World Harmony Run, Sri Chinmoy, for over 30 years and they participated in many inspiring initiatives together, like today's programme.

There was a moment to feel peace

and harmony together.

Other messages were also mentioned that further described the significance of 2010 and the Run and the importance of local events that provide a platform for people to come together. It was also pointed out that in February of each year a day is celebrated as Mother Language Day.

The printed words for some of the beautiful Mi’kmaq language expressed today were also shared with the runners.

Cick for three pages in pdf format:

  • This further link is to a song in language sang today for us


The runners sang the World Harmony Run Theme song and were richly rewareded.


  • When the school children also offered to perform again. The last song was O Kanata sang very powerfully by the choir.

LSK (L’nu Sipuk Kina’muoKuom)

  • It was a beautiful and sweet finish to a great day.

A big thanks to Eleanor for the preliminary tour of the whole school, to Robyn Greene who carried the organizational torch as well as the WHR torch.

Thank you Angele Caron, reporter from the Weekly Press and Shirley Robb, provincial government photographer and all the others who joined to make this event so heartfelt.

An inspiring day for all who were able to visit the area 

The World Harmony Run wishes to offer a very special thank you to Susan for inviting and inspiring the World Harmony Run to come to the schools in the Enfield – Shubenacadie area. What an enriching experience! 

The culture and artistic variety was well appreciated by all participants of the run events. The lively big murals on the values themes and  handmade banners on the theme of peace and harmony that the students made to welcome the runners into the school were impressive. The musical welcome with drums in the morning to the afternoon of inspiring music and haunting rhythm will echo in our hearts and memories of this day .

Even the landscape today in Nova Scotia offered us a special Serenity message.


Some Harmony Run international team members were also able to enjoy for the first time the refreshing atmosphere and food of Satisfaction Feast restaurant in Halifax. Satisfaction Feast has helped support the World Harmony Run in Nova Scotia for a number of years ..

Peggy's Cove and Lighthouse

A team member remembered that the Harmony run in 2008 had gone by the scenic Peggy's Cove. So the next day some local and international runners visited with the new banner.

  • There were stunning views from the rocks with the sound of  crashing surf.

  • The beautiful lighthouse with the sun beginning to set.

  • Invited us for closer look with the banner.

  • From there we took in the beautiful oneness and uniqueness of the sky, sun and sea.


– Sarita Earp and others

Distance: 13 km

Team Members:
Daniel Labrie (Quebec), Adhiratha Keefe (New York), Murugan Shanmugam (India), Richard Hiscocks (England), Sarita Earp (Halifax, Canada), Paula Fleming (Newfoundland,Canada), Rodica Zmeu (Moldova)

You can send a message to the runners or read the messages.

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