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Hungary 2 June: Alsodobsza - Slovakian Border

Eight horses were galloping along beside us in the meadows, which were beautifully green in the rain; Valentin was trying to entice the horses with some apples. This was after the first run of the day with the kids from Megyaszó.

We were presented with a bag full of yellow raincoats at the ceremony in Szerencs - with good reason, as we saw later.

Heves Janos was thrilled that we came to his town in the early morning. Majorettes, cheerleaders and hip-hop dancers were included in the programme.

Slowly, we were proceeding towards the centre of Europe: Tállya.

Here, we were treated to a top-class performance of our song by a professional group, with Hungarian citera, double bass, guitar, and other instruments. Ms Ujjné Muhi Melinda and the physical education teacher enjoyed a nice downhill run with all the children.

Tállya - the geographical centre of Europe

Next, we were handing out the raincoats to those awaiting us in Abaújkér; we had a lot of fun together in the heavy rain.

At least we were looking very authentic when we came to Vizsoly, famous because it is where the first Hungarian Bible was printed. A very nice priest and teacher listened to our dear Rostya's sincere presentation; he not only brought smiling tears to everyone's eyes, but also carried some little runners on his shoulders. Who would know it was his birthday today?

This was one of our most joyful and happy days in Hungary.

We would like to thank all of those who came and ran with us today in the towns of Legyesbénye and Bekecs, and their mayor József Béki and organizer Marianna Volczné Simka. We thank gymnastics teacher Tamás Kunder, a wonderful, friendly guy who organized 40 kids - half of the school - to run with us through the entire village of Rátka; we thank Abaújszántó and its mayor György Madár, Göncruszka and school director Szabolcs Sztankai, and the people of Hidasnémeti. Further, there were unexpected receptions in Onda and Alsódobsza which we very much appreciated.

In Hidasnémeti the children are waiting for...

...the runners.

It was hard to separate from everyone at the border; sincere, sincere and infinite gratitude to all of them.

Slovakia awaited us.

Soon after the border, we received a special welcome as well as delicious salads, straight from the heart of the mayor of Sena.

A famous Slovak singer and star gave us an interview while holding the torch and she said "if everyone can do his part the world will be so different". The mayor and the vice-mayor expressed wishes that we continue spreading our noble message.





Distance: 65km

Team Members:
Pedja Knezevic (Serbia), Rosta Vagner (Czech Republic), Pierre Lantuas Monfouga (France), Valentine Bebik (Ukraine), Janos Derekas (Hungary), Jaromir Horejsi (Czech Republic), Nataliya Lehonkova (Ukraine), Maria Latinova (Bulgaria), Franz Hinteregger (Austria).

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