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Greetings Arpan, Banshidar, Vlad, Briju, Julian, Jeromy, Edi, Francesco,Runau, Ulugbek, and whoever else may have joined you since you left Ellicottville, NY! I have been checking the website periodically since we returned home and have really enjoyed reading about your travels. Y'all are a great inspiration and the kids and I sure enjoyed meeting and spending time with you! It would sure be neat if we could be somewhere you are for the next Harmony Run. I just wanted to drop you a line with a few words of encouragement. You are extraordinary people and I am priviledged to have met you. Keep picking those feet up - you are almost done! Have safe trips home and if your route through Alabama goes further north next time (or if any of you just happen to find yourselves in the Birmingham area) be sure to let us know so we can offer some southern hospitality.

God Bless you all!


Katie Heath

Great to see your progress and the people you've touched along the way with your message! I can't wait to see you in Cambridge, Massachusetts. any projected date for your arrival there?--Love & Peace,

Fred DeAngelo

Hi, you are all spreading such a wonderful message. Thank you for making this part of your mission in life. My daughters and I saw you in Clarion, PA. The message is so necessary! Thank you!!

Emily Brent

We've seen our photos and the kind things you've written on the website(Live from the Road: July 24th). Everyone is so excited here at the Boys & Girls Club. What wonderful pictures! Thank you, again, for spending the day in our city. You've honored us with your visit. Be safe on your journey and may peace go with you.

Maria Suszynski

Hi everybody (Ciao Tutti!) It was great to have you all here in Chicago, everybody here was in Harmony Heaven. You know good things follow you wherever you go, so we had our busiest Saturday and Sunday in our 7 year history at Victory's Banner Restaurant the weekend you were here, (not even including the meals we served you all). Thanks for that. Hey Ulugbek I liked the photo of you running with the Gary police, you didn't happen to tell them that you were "plum tuckered out" did you? Anyways it looked like you were pumping pretty hard. Arpan, how was the mud bog. Aren't there any photos of you guys chuggin' through the mud? It would be funny. Keep on Truckin' (somebody can explain to Ulugbek) Take care y'all


P.S. I miss running with you all and being on the team, but I'll see you very soon!Ciao

It was good to meet you today on the highway, outside of Three Rivers Mi. Hope your trip is safe Good luck to all of you

Carl. Three Rivers, MI


Well, here it is again...July 23rd. Hope you get some time off so you can just lie back and cool your heels and the rest of those tired feet parts. Ha Ha.....

Things have been beating in faster than three quarter time here. Most of my days are devoted to working for the upcoming Nashville, Tennessee concert. In fact, Dhanu is down there for the final week now pulling all together. Another one of my daughters lives here. Her name is Jocelyn.

Which makes me think that you will be celebrating your birthday the same day as Elise does hers. And she and her husband Jam are looking forward to seeing y'all early next month. That y'all is a little something I've picked up from talking to so many southerners this past month since returning from my Russian escapade.

Have a truly happy day, Arpan! And I certainly hope this message gets posted.

Birthday Joy to you!


hope you are surviving all the heat the last 2 days we really enjoyed your stop at the worthington pizza ranch... hope you all are doing well

robert ries the manager of pizza ranch

thanks for stopping in at our resturant tonight

robert ries pizza ranch worthington

Dear World Harmony Runners,

Believe it or not but here I am again for I forgot to mention a most important fact in my 2 previous emails, so now with your patience I shall continue. You make me aware that I too, can think and speak of others just like you do, that I can constantly see and compliment the goodnesses of others just like you do. You are continually reminding and teaching me through your own thoughts, words and deeds of what I aspire to be, of how I truely want to be. I want to see the goodness in others constantly just like you do! I guess for me you are so extradordinary because here you are doing this incredible feat of running across America, (I can't even run a mile) and while doing this: meeting with all kinds of people, running in all kinds of weather, on all kinds of pavements, through busy cities, across deserts, up and down mountains, cooking your meals, pitching your tents, talking to us via the web, and on... and on... and yet, you still exemplify the best of what we as humans can be, you still manifest the highest and noblest qualities of the spirit, you still remind us constantly to aspire and see the best in others while applauding their achievements and goodnesses. So, for me You are a most wonderful TEACHER!!!!!!!!!!!!

I admire you constantly and offer you unendingly my love and gratitude,


Dear World Harmony Runners,

Yesterday I sent you a message and then had the opportunity to speak with your team captain, Arpan. As I spoke with Arpan I realized I hadn't expressed all I had wanted to say to the team in my email, so now I shall try again. When I read your accounts of what has happened to you on the road I become acutely aware of all the beautiful qualities that Americans possess. When you speak of our American brothers and sisters you tell us of their sweetness, gentleness, kindness, selflessness, humility, caring. You remind us of our goodness and our conscious efforts to make this world a better place, you remind us that we as individuals do make a difference, you remind us that we do care about this world of ours, you remind us that in our own small way we can make a difference. You remind us of our GOODNESS! This is also true for the WORLD HARMONY RUN websites around the world, so many countries are participating in the WORLD HARMONY RUN and all the accounts of the runners echo this same message of the greatness and goodness of this world and all her inhabitants. And so my dear runners and my dear Sri Chinmoy, who is founder of the World Harmony Run, I Thank You and Thank You for what you are giving and doing for us.

Unending Love and Gratitude,


Arpan, Charlie, Georgie and Francesco: It was so wonderful to meet with you in Burke, SD. Thanks Arpan for your persistence in tracking me down-next year I will have a "hoopla" planned for you in the Burke area-I am grateful that our paths have crossed. May the sun shine on you today(pretty much guaranteed!), and may your showers be warm tonight. My heart is with you on your run....Your friend,


Dearest World Harmony Team,

In my meditation this morning I was drawn to ponder, reflect and admire, admire, admire your Herculean Run and your selfless, selfless service to the Heart and Soul of America and be it the World. O beautiful for spacious skies... and crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea. Is this not what you have repeatedly manifested? How great and good you are World Harmony Runners! Your web pictures and your accounts in words posted on the World Harmony Website show with no exception the victory of your many beautiful qualities, those of which you embody to mention a few: selflessness, sweetness, humility, gentleness, fortitude, strength, courage, peace, joy, the uncanny ability to appreciate others and offer gratitude and more gratitude to all those you meet, dynamism, ENERGY UNENDING can spring only at least I think from your selfless acts of brotherhood and your unfathomable journey and mission to ignite the inner spark of divinity and conscience of all peoples on this hallowed ground of Mother Earth, to remember its true self and to set in motion the World of Harmony. This World of Harmony does exist and is well and good, the light-joy-wisdom-love in your actions and faces tell me this is so.

I offer You my love unendingly

I bow to all Your Runners who remind me and the world of who we truly are,



I have tryed to let my simple heart speak,

Thank You,


It is truely a World Harmony Run.

I was one of the lucky ones to join the European Harmony Run as it came through Germany and passing by very close to Hamburg. Even if it was only for a day, it added one more beautiful experience to the many that all the runners have, while running out there in the world. Holding the torch and running through the countryside here in Germany let me realise, that there is truely no difference. The same everlasting joy, happiness and hope. Brought to the people by runners carrying the torch from one hand to the next. Especially running through my own country made gratitude sprinkling like a most joyful fountain from my heart.


Dearest World Harmony Runners!

It seems that two of our previous Harmonemails may have fallen into World Harmony Ether, so please forgive any redundancies of they eventually show up. Some of it seems too “ancient history” to recreate.

You often write about how it is hard or a little sad to leave special friends and places after spending a couple of hours with them. It was also like that for us being left behind, as we watched the World Harmony Run light streak into Seattle, pausing all too briefly, and then streak away again. But we are still basking in the glow as we watch it spread eastward. It has been great fun to read of your travels since you left, especially where you are running the section where we had the joy to join you last year. As soon as I saw the Little Bear Ice Cream & Yogurt sign on July 1, I knew you had to be in Thompson Falls, MT!

Ethan said he had a great time joining you as far as Leavenworth. I asked him, “What was your favorite part?” and he said, “Everything.” (I believe he later added, “Except the running.”)

I am smiling everyday as I enjoy my new key chain, and dreaming of joining part of the Run next year. I am all gratitude for all the joy and inspiration you give me as I travel my own personal journey.

Your family in World Harmony,

Sarah, Jake, Pranlobha, and Ethan

I just wanted to thank you all for what you are doing...being good instruments of the Supreme!

Hope to see you soon!


Hey Team!

Looks like you are all getting some more of that American Beauty up there in Montana. The Big Sky State is one of the places where we can hear America singing "Oh Beautiful for spacious skies..." (I couldn't keep that song off my lips as I ran through the South with you guys) The photos of your journey through their are remarkable, and you have met some deeply rooted Americans. Good stuff, huh Vladimir! I smiled so big when I first saw Vladimir and Dima on the Run. Kind and gentle hearts of self-offering like yours are what the world needs, whether in the Americas or any other continent. Want to come to Africa?

Keep smiling everybody, I can see the glow from Texas!


Being the observer this time!!

Now I know what people mean with saying that they get so much inspiration watching the runners and following the message of harmony being carried around the united states.

Maybe one has to step in and out to realise the greatness of this event. When I see you guyes on the web, you just radiate with light and joy although I know that there are so many hard times out there, too. Especially to see the change in the runners themselves. Not only the physical fitness but the expression of your faces. Overflowing light and joy is what one can easyly see while watching you. You are like the wind, flying over the country. Carrying a beautifully fragrent breeze of hope and happiness from one heart to the next.

Good luck and lots and lots of inspiration out there for the rest of your journey. I will most gladly follow you on the web as you make your way back home.


Hi Atulya,

Once again the Harmony Run passed through our region and lives and left great and good life, light and heart. Stota & I did get out, along with a few other Seattle folks, (somehow even Russ and Julie got out for the day and had a day of all smiles) we danced and chowed with the Retaskets and slept on spontaneuously planned makeshift bed by the tumbling, icy Icicle River. Up at 4:30 full of dawn river and cool mountain breeze prana.

Thank you for helping make this America, and our earth and infinitly happier place!

The Grass Dances and the hand made "regalia" get much better every year...

Best Wishes,

Daulot & Stota

Dear Runners,

I am so thrilled that you have reached the West Coast. It really seems like yesterday and like a year ago at the same time that I was with you in the South. Time does funny things when you are in the sweeping current of the Run and can also fool the mind quite handily when watching the Run from here. I find it amazing, even more amazing than last year for some reason, that you all keep going day after day after day. I have watched you run through so many different places and regions in this home of mine that it seems mythical that you are still going. I am not yet capable of the gratitude that is due to you all. I hope you are checking the progress of the Run on our neighbor-continents. When I see your journey next to the journeys of the other teams I feel so proud of humanity, so hopeful.

Thank you, thank you,

Jeromy, Texas

Dear Harmony Runners,

following your trails on the net, the spectacular nature in particular, is wonderful. Beautiful service you put all this online.

I still found it most gratifying that you have visited Mahasamrat.

How inspiring for him and his wife, and how inspiring for you! It must have been real special, to get a workout in his gym.

Arpan, the house in NY is doing great, you have done a wonderful job there. Medhur is doing great in following up.



Dear Pujari, Arpan, Bansidhar, Ajna and Everyone,

I am so envious at seeing the pictures of all of you as you arrive at the west coast, as you journey from California into Oregon!!

God, how incredibly beautiful you all are, how stunning the scenery that surrounds you, the grandeur! I am feeling your strength, your aspiration-fire! In tears I am feeling my heart's oneness with all of you. Tears, tears, tears of joy, joy, joy!

I have just returned from a trip to Philadelphia, where I worked for five days on the concert. What a dramatic change this was for me! Every day I got up at 5 or 5:30am, and went out into the city with the boys to give out flyers to promote the event (usually I never get up that early!). Some days we worked until 7 or 8 at night. Some of the boys, such as Julian, have been doing this for WEEKS. I regard it as a challenging and difficult discipline, and I greatly admire the non-stop dedication that Julian and others have put into this project.

I am quite happy at seeing the photos of all of you, my only sadness is that, unlike the run in 1976, this time I was not able to musically welcome you to this side of the world. In tearful gratitude I welcome you to the west coast, I salute your God-obedience-power.

Dharmaja, San Diego

Hi, Divija:) We are happy for you. We are with you, sending our support and love and wish many experiences on your journey.

Olga, Dasha, Xenia

Dear Harmony Team! We just said goodbye to a European team who for 4 days carried the friendship and harmony torch through Latvia. It was really, really great time and experience! Along the itinerary we met so many nice and truly understanding people who shared the ideas of world oneness. Special regards to Kaspar - it was great to know that a latvian is running on the other part of the world together with us! Keep running & smiling! Harmony Team of local WHR coordinators in Latvia.


Hi guys and girls!

Just saw the video clip of your first month on the road and got a lot of inspiration. You are reaching a lot of people and leave a trace of good will and harmony with your team of real international runners.

Keep on running and millions of greetings from the country of the soccer world cup.

Spezielle Grüße gehen an Anja von Cosmos Heart und Perfection-Glory-Press und dem Augsburg Centre. Wir hoffen, dich bald wieder in Augsburg zu sehen.


who saw the first soccer game of the Brazil team in Berlin and is in high soccer fever.

we met three of the fellows of the running team this afternoon as we sat by the side of the road selling our junk! this was 27 miles east of Klamath Falls, OR and it was quite a treat! we got to hold the torch! very very nice people ALL of our love and HARMONY to all!

Fred Nettelbeck

Hello Team- Anja, Arpan , Team Harmony!

Welcome to Sevati!

I am not getting my driving license for now, still I am a danger only as a pedestrian..

May be you will have an eye on this mail between your laundry and swim in the hotel pool and then continue with this silver miles on the road. I am still getting in shape from the last year./just A joke/ I became first in the absolute category in our marathon in Plovdiv city on 7th of May.../out of 1 female runner/

Our WHR in Bulgaria was the best one since the last seven, we had big media coverage

/tv, radio, internet/, Hilton support, many school presentations, letter from the president, world champion in figure ice skating and more people than ever. And here is the place to place one from the children poems from the Harmony contest.

Harmony is everything on Earth.

It unites us in support, peace and love.

It is something very beautiful and it is found in the heart

Of each and every playful child.

For everyone it is a secret dream to touch the torch in the night.

-12 years old Girl

Love to all


Dear Anja, I saw you many times. I am really happy for you.But as you know I am an internetmuffel. How are you? please send me a short sms if you got this message. we wanted to call you. Do you have your mobil with you? greetings and love, we really miss you here in good old germany.


Dear Team Harmony!

No words can tell how much I miss you and your spirit. I missed you even more when I couldn't read your reports a few days ago. I want you to know how important it is for other people to follow you virtually and get inspired by your beautiful experiences along the way. Thank you for all your efforts to share the precious moments with us!

By the way! Now I'm home in a Hungarian village in my parents' house with a little naughty white cat on my lap. I started to get lessons for a driver's license. I go running with a friend here, she lives nearby and participated on the European WHR. I'm dreaming about joining the team in late July. I hope you would let me try Greeny from the driver's seat as well.

So dear team, stay safe and happy! Thank you for the miles, the commitment and the inspiration!

In oneness,

Linda and her white cat

Hello Dear Harmony Runners!

Please pick up a care package from Seattle at your accomodations Monday, June 5!!! :-)

I check the Harmony Run web site every day. You all give me so much joy!

And we love sharing our family's recent joy.


Sarah, Mother of Pranlobha

Hey friends out there in the States!

I very much enjoy to look at your pictures on the web. It seems you

have a great time. So far we reached Moldova and in a few days time

Team 1 goes to Poland and Team 2 to Ukraine. When I read through all

the Harmonemails you get, it appears as if you have already a fan club

that supports you. It's very inspiring to see the children's messages

telling about their ideas & hopes.

Keep up your excellent work,

Martin & the European Team

Hello dear runners, how are you there on the track? We have seen beautiful pictures, and read your inspiring comments. We wish you a lot of joy and energy.Special greetings to Kanala :)!!! Live your dream and dream your life. We are there with our hearts and souls.. happy run. Tanya, Muniya, Lenka, Janka... and the rest of slovak girls..

Hi Runners,

Hope all is well so far, it looks like you are traveling throug some beautiful country.

Don't forget us in Battle Creek, hope to have you for dinner again this year if it fits your schedule. Keep in touch and



Dearest World Harmony Run,

This morning,

You gave me a most significant experience.

You spoke to my heart,

You opened my heart

With your Oneness-Promise-Reality-Truth.

You are Oneness, Oneness, and Oneness.

For all I see

In the faces of of all You meet

Is Oneness-Heart-Song.

You are Oneness.

You have Claimed and Become this

Ever-Transcending-Reality of Oneness.

Where ever You go, Who ever You greet

They too become the Oneness-Reality-Dream.

I am all gratitude to You.

All Joy,


Dear Banshi and fellow runners...you are an inspiration to all. Thank you all for doing this remarkable feat. Bansh--we miss you--Ukumehame had 3 ft faces yesterday...



hey everybody,

greetings from philadelphia! i miss everyone already but i am already swimming deeply in the concert effort. its a nice time of the year to be here. i'll be following you'll on the website until i return. keep up the good work.

:) julian

Dear Harmony Runners,

I recently came across this poem, which immediately made me think of not only the USA team, but all the World Harmony Run teams, all over the world:

From country to country we roam,

Carrying the flame of Love Divine,

Smiling and smiling.

The secret thought of each country

and the yearning of each life

Here become one.

On the road of infinity,

In the embrace of the covenant

of the Light Supreme,

O Boatman of our Heart-Boat,

By loving You, we do all this.

Sri Chinmoy

The Garden of Love-Light, Part II

# 22

[unofficial version]

Keep smiling and smiling. You are carrying, for all of us, the flame of harmony and love. We are basking in the glow.

In oneness & gratitude,

Sarah, Seattle

Dear Harmony Runners, It was great to hear about your Texas adventures. I can't believe you are already nearing the Southwest. Hope to see you all soon! I am working now for a week in an outdoor school for the 5th graders at my school, and and harmony is essential when you have 24 eleven year olds sleeping in one cabin. Yes, living together in harmony is the ultimate challenge, and if we can teach children to do this, we have really given them the best education. You Harmony runners rock!!


Hi Team!

I was so touched to see your visit to Texas. I know you are a long way from Texas now (and may not remember being there), so you are in a nother of my favorite places on earth. You have a long road through the Wild West ahead of you. I hope, no I am sure you will find it smiling on you. The heat is certainly not over, but maybe the humidity will wait until you get to Minnestoa ;)

I dream of being out there with you.

Run happy!


Hi Harmony runners!

Good job out there! Last Wednesday night Salil showed us the video from the first part of the Run. It was so good to see the places, the nice people that we met and the smiling faces of children again! And even myself! (I felt like a star for a fleeting moment.) By the way, Linda has been winning all the 2-mile races on Saturdays since she got back from the Run. I ment to write this for a long time, but I always forgot. I feel very proud of her! She sends her greetings to all. Stay happy and healthy!


Hello Arpan, Salil and all!

Staying home in my far Siberia and reading the 'Live from the road' section, I remember the fun we had on the run last year.

Needless to say, you are doing something really significant and important for the world.

This year I wasn't able to join the US team, but I hope I will be able to run in America again some day.

Have a safe run (as always :-), and meet more and more good people on your way!

Sunabin, from just the other side of the globe :)

Big hello from the Caribbean Island Team. Great to follow you on the web. Stay tuned to our adventures coming up.

Homagni, Jitavrata, Ketan and Salil

To the World Harmony Run Team-

This is Britt, the Air Force guy. I met you in Florida. I've been moving around quite a bit lately but finally found a computer. I enjoy following your progress on line.

I wish you good health and weather as you continue through Texas.

I look forward to the opportunity to run with you next year!



To let you know thwe visited a Gregorius Orthodox Church group belonging to Kerala Christians tracing their ancestory to St. Thomas! and then to Kalibari(temple) where we also sang songs - the torch was held in front of Mother Kali and everyone came toucjed, held and siad a prayer- also visiting were to Swamis of the Sri-Ramakrishna-Vivekananda Center who held the torch - and and and we had a sumptuous Bengali Prasad meal. About 20 of us were present.


Hey Arpan, hey Guys! Hope all is well. Hope to join the race at some point.

Take care and GOOD LUCK!


Hi Harmony runners,

I am reading your stories from the road and I feel as if I was there running my miles with you! It gives me so much joy and inspiration! Special greetings to the girls' team. I hope Anja is better now. I wish you all strong legs and smiling faces!


Dear World Harmony Runners,

It seems fitting that you have recently featured some kindly bovines in your daily logs, and I just learned of a great website:


This site lists vegetarian restaurants all over the world with many, many in the USA! I see your favorite Seattle vegetarian restaurant is listed, Silence-Heart-Nest. Perhaps you will find more favorites near your upcoming overnight accomodations.

In culinary harmony,

Sarah, Seattle

Dear World Harmony Runners,

I just read an update that as of May 12th, the American World Harmony Run team has offered presentations at more than 30 schools, as well as other locations, and that an estimated 10,000 children participated in the ceremonies.

This is so amazing and inspiring! Heart-felt congratulations, and keep up the good work!

In Harmony,


Mr. Wilson,

Just a note to tell you how much our students and staff enjoyed your visit last Tuesday, May 9th. It was very interesting to see and hear your runners from different countries speak. Please have a safe time and thank you for what you do.

Debbie Ursery, Secretary, Hillcrest Elementary, Troy, TN

On my way to a wedding on Saturday, May 13, in Tipton, Missouri, we drove passed a man running with a torch. Not knowing what he was doing, all we did know was that he was associated with the World Harmony Run. I scribbled down the phrase and wondered what the run was for. My first thought of people running with a torch was the Olympics...an even that promotes friendly competition amongst the countries of the world...but why does there have to be competition.

This run is amazing and I pray that more information is shared with the world about such a wonderful event.

Aimee R

Hello Dear Torch Bearers,

I just wanted to share that Anna is turning 18 on Friday! At the last minute she has gone out of town for 2-1/2 weeks. I got her a cell phone for her birthday, if anybody wants to call her. She is in Philadelphia.

I read and enjoy every post of your daily journal. It was especially fun to see a photo of Ashley at the Super 8 in MO, (town began with an "s") since she is the one I had talked to about your package! (Hope you got it ok; I was a little worried the CDs might break but I can try again if they do.)

You are on your way to Seattle now! There are a lot of people here anxiously awaiting your arrival. We Kalagians hope to meet up with you before then.

Joy and Harmony,

Tha Kalagians

Dear Friends,

We are looking forward to seeing you on Thursday at our school. Have a safe run.

Ms. Frankenfield's Children, Spencer Elementary

Dear World Harmony Runners,

I love watching your daily adventures via the website! You are doing something very significant and having fun at the same time. Hope to see you out there on the road sometime. Take good care--and thank you for carrying the torch through America. It means alot to many, many people.

Vasudha, San Diego

Dear Teekhnata and Atulya,

Wow! I just checked out the World Harmony site. Your posted descriptions and thoughts on the run, as well as those of the other runners, are inspirational.

It was also great to see your parents- albeit via the website pictures.

I can't tell you what it meant to me and my family to see you while you were in Florida. We are proud of you and love you so very much. Just after you left, my father said with a smile and a sigh, "That was my favorite hat." We're still smiling.

Keep up the great work!



To Jeromy and the Runners,

I follow your run every day and really enjoy seeing where you go and what you do. You must be having TOO MUCH FUN! Wow! Meeting all the wonderful people and realizing again and again that people really are great must be a great rush. Keep pushing forward and stay safe.


(someone takes great pictures!)

thanks for all the great updates - so much sun and light of various kinds in the photos. Have come a long way since Pathik was first out on the run. Appreciate the miles and smiles and feel privilaged to share even vicariously - your journey.

I know it takes a lot to pull everything together - thank you for connecting and keeping harmony for all of us.

Jody Bol

Hey worldHarmoney runners I really hope that yall have a great run and I really was glad that you all came to New Augusta school and I had a great time running with yall (Hey the lady that came from BERLIN I HAD A GREAT time running with you this is from the girl u ran by to the court house and after that day I wished I COULD RUN WITH YALL TO California and touch the Pacific Ocean)well a have agreat run

p.s.I want to live in Berlin when I grow up

Aleesa Smith

Hello Arpan DeAngelo and the World Harmony Team.

I enjoyed your visit on Friday, May 5, 2006. I look forward to the run each year to meet the friends I have over the years. Thank for visiting Tallulah and I wish you much success on the road. I will email you over your time on the road. I understand the discipline and commitment to your goals. I will be thinking of you as I train this summer. Thanks for the shirt. It was very pretty. I also like the picture online I took with you and the team. God bless you all.


Hello Dear Runners!

I feel nothing less than unalloyed Joy, Harmony, and pure Cheer while visiting the World Harmony Run website! Fantastic work, all of you. I hope to meet you in St. Louis so save me a slice of the Harmony Road.

Smiles and Love,

Erik, Chicago

Hello Dear Runners!

I am getting ready to mail you an envelope. Does anybody have any requests? Anything you would like me to try to get for you? Let me know if you think of anything. I won't tell you the ideas I already have so it can be a surprise.

I did put on my World Harmony Run T-shirt and run 14 miles yesterday! Well, I should say "trot," as I am slow. When I wear that shirt I am inspired to give everyone I pass my best beaming smile, so they will have the best possible association with the World Harmony Run. I imagine that I am a billboard for the World Harmony Run when I wear a World Harmony Run shirt, and like to think I am helping to spread harmony, or maybe help pave the way for it, in my own little way. Even if nobody consciously reads the shirt, they may notice it unconsciously.

I am thinking of you many times a day, every day, running and going about my life with you in my heart. I am continually astounded by the numbers of lives you touch each day, and it seems I just blink and you've covered another few states. Keep up the joy and enthusiasm!

Love & Harmony,

Sarah, Seattle

Brave souls:

Unlike previous runs, this year I personally know most of the team, which makes the daily blog extremely interesting, especially the photos! I am particularly inspired by Jeromy and Julian, two friends who have made so much progress since I first met them. While I am unable to run myself, I feel very much connected to the activities of this project and I wish you best of luck and success in this historic and important effort. Jai runners!


hey thanks for comin to my school i go to new augusta hello to every one who is readin this i had a lot of fun

Jacob Todd Massey

Thank you so much for stopping by our school on your Harmony Run Journey. We all felt "special" because of your kindness.

Thanks again from all of us at New Augusta School.

Mrs. Debbie and 3rd grade students

[The following 17 messages are from 3rd grade students at New Augusta School in New Augusta, Mississippi. - Moderator]

Thank you for running for peace and harmony.


Thank you for visiting our school. We enjoyed your visit. You are like a diplomat to us.


I enjoy hearing about your country and your language.


Keep it up!


Ya'll come back soon.


Stay safe.


Advice from Alex -Don't run in the middle of the road. HA! HA!

Thank you for running from New York to New Augusta.


Stay cool.


Keep up the good work.

Adrianna and Fayth

Enjoy your time off from your jobs.


Stay organized.

John (our room organizer)

We appreciate you coming to New Augusta.

Jessi, Lauren, Jessica and Sondrika

I apprieciate that you came to New Augusta School. Please come back next year.


My name is Ashley Graham . I had fun and I hope you can come back.







Y-ip-pee for making the effort to promote world peace.

Thanks for choosing our school. I enjoyed you all for stopping by and sharing what you are doing. Wish you luck.

Annette (3rd grade tuitor)

Hello Harmony Run Team!

What a great joy to log into the internet again and see all your smiling faces and alllll these wonderful children smiling at me out of the computer! I just had time for May 1 and what joy it was to see everybody smiling, holding the torch, running and splashing in the water. What a life!!

I know, I know, it's hard work as well, but luckily that part is pretty easily forgotten. Stimmts, Anja??

How I wish I could be running with you all -- but I guess it's just my heart that is running with you and not my legs.

I wish you lots and lots of wonderfully energetic and harmonious moments, may the joy, love and harmony that you spread all over the world come back to you thousandfold.

All gratitude and joy


Girl Scout Troop 22305 was SO excited to meet you all at Habitat on 4/29. We were thrilled to meet President Carter later that day, too. Now that we are back we have amazing stories to tell about our weekend!! We are wondering if you can send digital files of our girls' 2 photos on 4/29 - thank you!! We'll keep tracking you online!

Elizabeth Roberts

Hey, dear Gang!

Queens blossoms are at their peak and when I look at the flowering trees, shrubs and plants, I am wishing all of you many, many miles without any effort.

My Japanese tree peonies are in their full glory now and I send you all these flowers on that wonderful mysterious inner place deep inside of each of you -- To help lighten your step, of course!

Great going!


Some inspiration (you probably get a lot of it on the road but aphorisms by Sri Chinmoy are always welcomed):


Should be taken

As a world-prayer

On a daily basis.

Sri Chinmoy, Seventy Seven Thousand Service-Trees, 44,814

Meriem Ait Ouyahia, Canada

Hi Harmony Team,

I rust read the latest days and it feels just great to get the Harmony Run Feeling. I hope you have a good time.

Loooking forward seeing you here in Hamburg, Anja.

Good Luck

Purna-Samarpan Germany

Hi Harmony Runners!

I am out here in Flushing Meadows park thinking about you a lot. It is great out here, but part of my being is definitely with you somewhere in Florida. We have a very nice weather so far (sunny and warm), except for very cold nights and mornings. All the runners look good and are very inspiring. I am trying to keep up with my sister. She says "Hello" to all of you and wishes you the most beautiful experiences along the road. I hope you are all well and happy! Thank you all again for being such a fantastic Harmony-team!


This is really great guys,

thank you for your daily reports and for the photos. I wish I could be with you!!

Keep smiling,

Meriem Ait Ouyahia, Canada

Dear team,

Hello from the office of the Caribbean Harmony Run! I hope you are all running well and inspiring each other and those ou meet along your journey

I just wanted to let you know that I was so inspired by your stories and the 6 & 10 day Race in NY that I started running after 3 months of recouperating. I hope I am ready to do some miles in the Caribbean. We are leaving on the 17th May.


Hello Dear Runners!

I really enjoyed reading about your visit to Habitat for Humanity. We (the family) have a friend that has worked with them on and off for many years. In June, he is helping to build a house in Port Angeles, WA. Every summer he goes to Mexico to help build houses there. He is a contractor with a lot of experience and puts many feelings of good harmony into his quality work. I look forward to sharing the April 29th World Harmony Run link with him!

I also enjoyed hearing from our girls team, Anja and Teekhnata, and I am so happy to learn Anja's team of 1 will soon be a team of 4. I look forward to "meeting" the new arrivals.

Arpan does such a fine job of recounting the highlights of the day, and it is always extra fun when others add their comments (thank you Teekhnata and Anja, most recently!) Teekhnata, knowing both you and Atuyla, it was touching to read of your connection to Tallahassee (now I know the story!) and to see a photo of your parents. (This must be the year of "the parents," as a number of our parents, including my mother, were recently honored in NY.) Anja, Jeromy is bringing you a little something from me when he joins the team in Pensacola :-)

Lastly, many, many thanks to all the photographers! I know a lot of you are taking photos, but never know who took which ones that are posted. So thank you to *all* the photographers, who help us feel that "we are there." A picture really is worth a thousand words.

Love & gratitude,

Sarah, Seattle

Hi from Ethan In Seattle!

Ethan In Seattle

Hey team, I'm following you from NYC and remembering all the places and faces from last year. It seems so strange seeing you guys on line and not being out there! Enjoy the journey, it truly is an amazing experience. Stay well and run strong!


Hello Dear Runners!

I am so enjoying reading the daily journal of your experiences and seeing all the beautiful photos. Some of them are so breath-taking. And you all look so fresh and vibrant. I can't get over the number of people you have been coming in contact with every day. I was getting chills reading about a ceremony with 100 children, followed by the impromptu cafeteria ceremony with 400 more... the school administrators, the mayor, local business people. All the hotels that donate rooms, the restaurants that donate meals...It is thrilling that so many people are excited about the world harmony run. It makes me so happy! We are all living it through you. And as long as you are running, we are running with you. Each of you has had to make big sacrifices, being all volunteers and leaving your homes and jobs--- putting your lives on hold. But you are the people who have their priorities straight! The friendship, harmony, and goodwill of the World Harmony Run will resonate long after you pass through.

With love and gratitude,


P.S. Love the photo of Arpan attempting to repair Greenie with the hammer! You haven't lost your sense of humor I see!

Hi Arpan and GANG!

Sorry it's taken me so long to get online and send you all a big HELLO... things are in an upside-down state right now in my life. Will try to post more frequently now that I've found you again.

Loved seeing the pictures and reading the tales. Just gives me so much joy! Keep up all your amazing efforts because you are truly doing something that's giving the world reason to smile........

Best right back at all of you!


I'm always amazed by the vast distances covered daily by the runners. Only a few weeks after departing NY they are already in Atlanta. Remarkable. And as they cover 100 miles a day, they are generating abundant goodwill among people who join in and hear about the run through the press. The ceremonies look terrific. The Web site rocks. And inspiration is high. Keep it going! Woo hoo!!


Hi Steve (Arpan), Hope all is well with you. I see you managed to get into most of the pictures. Take care and keep in touch.

Lori Orser

Dear Team,

Just checked the latest reports, wow, you are doing such a nice job out there on the other side of the Atlantic! Ulugbek, I hope you enjoy the big adventure. regards from Saarbrücken also, wir waren da laetzten Sonntag vor dem Fahrt nach Heidelberg... Buna, Edi, sper ca iti merge bine, alergi mult si nu te obosesti :-) Best wishes to all of you.

Kamalika, Luxembourg

Julian: run more, eat less.

Arpan: please do continue to post.

Anja: please use plenty of sun block.

Teekhnata: please ask Atulya to stop smirking, and make sure that he is eating properly. Same goes for you (only the eating part).



I would like to personally thank your team for stopping by the YMCA in Elizabeth, NJ on Easter Sunday. Your presence that day gave true meaning to the holiday...Without hesitation, we welcome you back next year!

Good Luck,

Angelo Otero

hi yall stop at my school april,25,2006 chester park school of art and i was wordering if yall could ever come back in seven years but to the chester high school so i could join or e-mail me telling me how i would be able to join. do u know when our pitures will be up?


karlisa michlle hawkins

Hi! i am a student at the oneness family school and every year for a long time i remember you coming to our school and how long i waiting for the day you came. I just wanted to say that i had a great time playing ultimate frisbee with the runners this year and i just wanted to say thank you for coming! I read your clip on our school and it was really nice hearing your coments!

Nadia Hewchuck

Hi Team,

So nice to see you all running again! It brings so many nice memories and feelings from last year's Run.

I have read all the daily stories from USA and look forward to reading more inspiring stories as the Run makes its way through the country.

It's somewhat sad when people are leaving the Run(even if planned in advance), but think of the many more who will join. This will ensure that new energy, enthusiasm and inspiration will never be in short supply!

Thank you all for your dedication. It's just beyond words what you are doing. The genuinely happy faces of those you meet along the route are the true reward!

With love and gratitude,

Slava D., Switzerland

Dear World Hamony Run,

I love your website..I am so looking forward 2 see yall when yall come 2 our school.Everybody at New Augusta Elementary are glad yall are coming.I love your pictures on this website it gives you so much information..My friends and I will love 2 run with yall when yall leave our school.It is so exiting I just want 2 scream but I can't because Im in science class..Well i got 2 go write yall some more e-mail.



I go to New Augusta School in Mississippi. I heard you were coming to our school. We are all looking forward to it. Our fifth grade are supposed to be singing. I am in the seventh grade. I hope all you runners have a safe and exciting run. Thanks for deciding to come to our school!!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sesalie Cheyenne Cooley

dear worldhrmanyrun,

hey yall are comin to my school may 5 i live in new augusta mississippi. i cant wait i think we get to run wit yall im in the seventh grade. yours truly,


Dear World Harmony Runners!

This website is *great*!!! Is this a new feature, to have "previous" and "next" at the bottom? It is very nice!

I am really enjoying the photos and reading your daily posts of life on the road--- ups and downs, hills and vales. Poor "Torch Van" breaking down, but how lucky it broke down near friends. I really enjoyed the descriptions of your visit to Monticello. The life and philosophies of Thomas Jefferson so resonate with the World Harmony Run and other projects of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team.

(By the way, last April, my parents took Anna & Ethan on a trip to Monticello after April celebrations. Anna & Ethan just loved it.)

Back to the Run, I also feel very sad Linda (from Hungary) had to leave. I was hoping she would come all the way to Seattle!

Teekhnata wrote so nicely about her personal experiences on the Run, and harmony among the team members.

And I really loved Maheesi's story that the flaming torch is carrying *her* rather than the other way around. That is a metapahor that can serve us well in many areas of our lives.

So many wonderful places--- loved the Natural History Museum in Raleigh, the beautiful nature settings, and so many wonderful and inspiring people along the way.

I know the schedule of the World Harmony Run is very challenging and I am so grateful to all of you who are taking photographs and writing posts for this site so that we at home can share in the joy of the USA World Harmony Run!

With love & gratitude,

Sarah, Seattle

hello harmony runners,

I think it is very cosmic how you crossed with the Day Laborers Run.


My dear Friends!

I miss you guys soooo much. Thank you for the nice note about me, but don't exaggarate. I think you are a great team, and I really had a nice time ot there. I haven't really got chance to say good bye to everybody. So let me do it now!

Anja, my gratitude to you for having been the best (and many times my only) audience, who would appriciate my humor - maybe you just ,wanted to be polite, but you made me feel less stupid and even almost funny sometimes. Also, it must be hard for a precise German girl to be with such a messy person like me. Thank you for the honest conversations.

Maheeshi, thanx for the story and all the enthusiasm, wilingness and gentleness that you gave us all. You gotta come and visit me in NY, you'll get a nice massage for some new stories from the run.

Teekhnata, it was nice to get to know you, your poise really fed us all. I loved your soulful thoughts on the ceremonies. Keep up your beautiful spirit!

My Captain, Arpan, this time I've realized that the second time being on the run means something totally different than the first one. It becomes much more like a service than adventure or sightseeing. Thanx for constantly trying to make everybody happy. (You seem to be succesful so far.)

Salil, I hope you and Torch Van will get better soon. Good luck with getting some girls, who can drive better tan me.

Edi, I hope you will represent not only Romania but also Hungary in the US, because we(Hungarians) would like to claim you too.

Ulugbek, I really liked your cute hat! Keep up your childlike cheerfulness, and get better soon!

Francesco, we all enjoyed your humor and you cracked us up, when you played Atulya's 2nd wife. Have a great 4 months!

Bangshidar, I had to miss the Hawaiian night, but I hope to see some of your photos about it later. Nice to meet you.



Hi Everyone!

I always steal a few minutes to read your daily stories. Thanks! They are so inspiring!! I can't wait to join you all on the run out west. Keep up the good work :)


Hello Ulug,

i guess now i can or must write in english. but this should not trouble u seriously. i have seen some photos of u on the net. looks like u are having an intensive programme (concidering the kneepad). but knowing u, this is just a little "schönheitsfehler", nothing more and will surely not stop u from goin on. It shouldn' t !!!!!!


your german fan from TR ;o)

Martin Leibrock

My family would like to learn the World Harmony Run Song. Where can we go to hear it or read the words. Love to Atulya and Teekhnata. See you in Ohio.

Unlce Dave and Family

Your first week has been so flooded with activities, it is very inspiring to see your pictures and tales from the road. The website virtual run is a delight. I hope the van's new engine is a strong one, like your hearts(and legs). May the (Harmonious) Force be with you!


Hello to all of you, but especially Lee and Wendy!! It's your youngest cousin and I'm in Chicago now! You all are doing a wonderful thing and I really admire you all for it. Let me know when you'll be in Chicago, I would love to come see you all and cheer you on!!!


Dear Arpan and all who are running with him: please know that I am thinking of you each day and hoping your journey is safe, fruitful, rewarding, and fun. Just know how important it is at this moment in the U.S. to instill the idea of harmony in every heart that can be touched. Each day as I jog my own few miles near home, I try to visualize you and your efforts, and to visualize world peace among all humans. Stay strong. I am sending my own positive energy in your direction, and I am sure that many others are, too.

Henry Hoffmann

The Elizabeth NJ run was great and well recieved! Our facility collaborates with Elizabeth very often. If possible, can an event be planned next year as well and we can collaborate? Angelo can still be the contact if he wishes,but if not I can substitute. We are interested. Please let me know if this is possible. Thank you for your consideration.


Michael Johnson

Senior Program Director

Eastern Union County YMCA

Rahway Branch, NJ

Hi All big harmony Team,

my throaght was chocked looking at this new adventure, literally I felt the road surface under my feet and the air around there in Delaware. Anja and Linda!!! I can't belive seeing you there, shall I pop along for little fight:) Arpan and Salil, Atulya and Teekhnata I am dying reading the accounts. Good new team!Good new Journey! Joy to all!


Dear Team,

It is hard to realise that you are on the road again, but here I am writing to you with Thunderous-Clap-Applause.To you whose feet upon pavement toil, swift hearts smile awhile longer as soul eyes reach to greet a world of friends who sing the message of "HARMONY" again.


Love, Archee

Dear US Team,

My heart's with you all - dont forget the waterpistols.

Love - Sahayak

Dear World Harmony Runners,

I am so thrilled to find your first posting of news and photos for the 2006 USA team! What a tender send-off by the season of spring on Easter Day. The earth is bursting with renewal, inspiring our USA team as they offer their efforts for world harmony. I can't wait to check this site daily, and follow you in your travels. In my heart (and in my neighborhood!) I will be running with you.

With love and gratitude,



Wow, Another World harmony Run. Good luck to Arpan, Banshidar and all my Brothers and Sisters as you cross this land with your hearts and your feet. May the wind always be at your back, and may each day bring fulfillment to everyone you meet. Keep in Touch;call collect!