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Send a message to the runners

Hello from Carla Schmitz. Hope your run is going good looks like you had a nice time in Tyndal. The town I am from is Herrick SD . This weekend is a nice hot one but was nice for this time of year. Good luck on the rest of your trip, I will be checking the site to see how you are doing. God bless and be safe .

Friends Carla

Hi there..I am back home and I enjoyed the talk and time we had by Miles City when i was on the my motorcycle...Thank you for the nice pictures and time we had together...God Bless...

Larry, Coeur d'Alene, ID

Safely arrived back in Germany and guess what ... without my luggage again :-) . It was great with you all and I had lots of fun. Wish you all the best and looking forward seeing you soon.

Jwalanta Foelckner

Thank you for allowing me the honor of holding the torch yesterday in Rapid City, SD at St. Thomas More High School. I hope I conveyed the blessings I received just by being in your company and doing the honor of torch-holding for your picture. You have the complete support of the whole Rapid City Catholic School System. We hold you and your mission in prayer. Safe running and God bless!

Marcia Werner

Hey Team, Love the photos and stories. I could feel a real Joy and Oneness with your discovery of this wonderful country and its nice people in all its beauty and uniqueness. So happy for you, especially those experiencing it for the first time. Although I have been out there so many times, to see your photos and wonderful stories is so inspiring and uplifting and educational. I am also glad that the little work I could do to get some media coverage for you paid off, at least in Billings. That was a nice news clip I saw from the Billings Gazette. Almost all of the people we call for media are excited about you all coming. It's just a matter of them having the time to come out and cover you along with all their other stories. Keep up the great work. I know it's not so easy sometimes, but nothing that valuable is so easy to manifest. Keep smiling. Hope to see you in New England. (P.S.) I still haven't gotten the five toe running shoes yet but I hope to soon. I am sure they create quite a stir.

Your Harmone-mate,

Thank you for your kind words about our area! We sure enjoyed having you all stay with us! Come again soon!

Sandy & Chip Watts, 7TH Ranch RV Camp

It is so inspiring to read all your reports from the road. Girls’ team from Chicago went out yesterday to cover some miles between Wisconsin and Chicago. It was wonderful! And we work very hard to prepare everything for your arrival. We are counting down days. Everyone is so excited!
Happy Birthday Jagadatha!
See you all soon!

Vandya Sretenov

We just wanted to say what a pleasure and inspiration it was for you to stop in our small community. We want to join with others in wishing you success at promoting your vision of peace and community across the U.S. and the world. Your friends in West Yellowstone, Montana

Jan Stoddard

Great shots of beautiful Montana--enjoy the West! Keep going you guys! I remember the awesome days I spent with you all coming up the Pacific Coast.


This is a message for my brother Jwalanta!
Hallo, hallo!! Na, wie geht's? Not seing you so much on pics (what awesome nature!!!) & also your name is not part of the international team USA somehow (at the bottom of the daily report).. Hier ist alles gut. Still taking things rather easy. Heute war ich mit meinen "4 Beinen" im Erdbeerfeld:-D! Freitag geht der Gips weg und die Fäden werden gezogen:-). Take good care!!

Tirtha Voelckner

Go team USA! Great pictures of the Run, great to read the reports. It seems you're having an awesome experience. I'm sorry for Jwalanta for missing out Germany's success in the World Cup, but he's getting a lot of compensation on the road. Best wishes!

Abhinabha Tangerman, The Netherlands

All SMILES & GRINS thinking 'bout the World Harmony Run in our HOOD. Enjoyed the photos and text on the website- great job to everyone! We Followed up your visit with a Torch Bearer Award ceremony here in Seattle tonight. Do I have to wait two years to run up to the Pass again?
Best to you all

Daulot Fountain, USA

Missing you already! Have a great time (I know it will be hard without me :-) and see you in NY in a few weeks.

Abhejali Bernardová, Czech Republic

Dear Friends
And more for Palash
I have not forgotten our brief meeting along the road near Red Lake, Arizona. You with the torch, me on my bicycle. I hope everything is OK for you and your friends. And that you can convince more and more people to live in better harmony.
On my side, I like very much this sentence of A.De Saint Exupery. A French poet (but also a soldier and he died during the 2nd worldwar) "There is only one real luxury, this is the human relationship" (in "Wind, Sand and Stars" National Book Award, 1939). (Il n'est qu'un luxe véritable et c'est celui des relations humaines)
Thank you again for this too short time along the road and good luck for your projects.

Jean-Paul Klein

Hello Runners!
We are vacationing along the Oregon coast...the images of beauty are breathtaking. Yesterday on our way up the coast back to our stopping site (or home away from home) of Yachats, we saw runners carrying torches. We had no idea what it was about since it is not an Olympic year. Then today as we were headed into Newport, we saw another runner and we saw the van waiting for him several miles up the road. AH AH, now we know World Harmony Run...may you all run safely and swiftly. God's speed!

Pete and Jean Kirk

Jim and i enjoyed our afternoon with your team at Bill and Judy Pearls, June 20,2010. You were very inspiring! I believe the spark of love and peace that you kindle during your travels will not be in vain. My prayers go with you all as you continue this huge effort. It was truly a pleasure to meet and get to know each of you. Aloha.

Jan Mess

Miss you guys! Beautiful website and commentary. Was so great to be a little part of your grand experience for world peace and harmony.

Bill Spencely

Hey Team, It looks awfully nice out there. Cool weather by the looks of the beautiful SF photos. Missing you all on the road. Lots to do here in NY though, as usual. Aalways something happening here, including the 3100 mile race. Check the website. I am posting photos daily. I have been talking up the WHR and your great efforts. Many can't wait to see some of Salil's videos when he gets here soon, and maybe a nice slideshow too.

Greetings and love to Mahasamrat and Bhavattarini for me. Wish I could go to beautiful Oregon. You will love the rough and gorgeous coastline there as well. Hope all are healthy, including the vehicles. I am sure Drsalu is taking care of them.... More later.... Stay safe..........


Wonderful to see you running today along Route 1 at the edge of the Pacific Ocean! Thank you for talking the time to tell me about World Harmony Run as my toddler, Portia and Don, napped in the back of my car. I'll be thinking of all of you on your journey. Be well!

Megan Carlock

It was so special to get to meet all of you, run to the schools, do presentations, sing, hold the torch, enjoy delicious vegetarian food and meditate at Pilgrimage of the Heart. Thank you so much for carrying the prayers and inspiration of humanity for 10,000 miles. My smile, heart and soul are with you : ) I hope to join to someday.....Namaste.

Summer Mencher

Hey Team!! May you keep the Torch, and vehicles, moving as you spread joy and harmony to all who are fortunate enough to see you. As Vajra and I drive back East our thoughts and prayers are with you and your vehicles. We are now in Denver heading east. We hope the cars and RV hold up as well as your legs do. I am sure the Pacific Coast will energize everyone as you discover more and more the immense beauty of this vast country and its wonderful people. Be safe always and run with harmony in your hearts and peace in your minds.

Arpan and Vajra

I vote for: determination

USA (Chicago)

I vote for Photo 4 - Determination


I vote for the photo of Vajra! Determination and heroic self-giving, all the runners embody those qualities so fully!

Thanks for the photos and reports--it really inspires all of us as you make your way across the U.S.! I made some calls in Oregon today and the boys and girls clubs remember your visits from two years ago and can't wait to see you again!


I vote for picture 2 in the photo contest. But I like them all!

USA, San Diego

WOW! Yes, this was one of the most scenic sections the Harmony Run will cover. Many, many car ads for TV and magazines have been filmed in the areas you all ran through in Monument Valley. On a less commercial note, I, like the Harmony runners (I think), have always found a special "air," perhaps a spirituality or otherworldliness, out in the Utah and Arizona high desert vastness.

Vajra looked like he was FLYING in all the photos (I hope his Pearl-Izumi shoes are not too tight or causing blisters-- I did not realize he had NBA-size feet!) I expect him to run a few fast laps around the 3100 loop with me in 10 days ...

It is SO great that you all stopped and chatted with so many Navajo children. I remind myself that 200 years ago (heck, more recently than that too), nearly all the best distance runners in North America came from the Indian lands of the southwest.

Keep up the great work

Mark D (and Helen, Amalia, Toby)

51 second vehicle change, wow... great video, great pictures, great Run! Thanks for the inspiration!

Prapti Jensen

hey guys worldharmonyrun is awesome some of you were at the pinellas central. The Principal was holding the torch leading us around the back of the school where we have P.E. We learned how not to be a bully. I thought it was awesome! Love,
(Pinellas Central, Kindergarten student)

Hi to the Harmony Run Team!

Great to run, eat and chat with you all Sunday in Durango. Wish we could have had a bit longer.

What has happened to the "road updates" the past 5 days?! I hope the Team writers were not abducted by aliens (after all, people HAVE seen aliens and UFOs in Mounment Valley and other nearby high desert areas).

I shall hope to see Arpan and Vajra in New York c. June 11 or 12. Amalia and Toby (my kids) keep talking about the Torch, and also about playing so many fun games with Arpan.

Best wishes,
Mark, Helen, Amalia, Toby Dorion

Hi! I am so glad that we had the opportunity of meeting you guys! Becky, Atulya, Kshetragna, Kokila, Surya, Vladimir, and Drsalu; Thank you for coming to our campsite and sharing your time with us. Rio is going to add this experience to our collection. I'm glad our paths happened to cross. I'll be following you guys as you make your way across the US.

Siah Lakota Trudell

Good Morning Everyone,

It was lovely to meet all of you yesterday in Santa Fe. My SilverSneaker members were thrilled and enjoyed learning more about you and your World Harmony Run. You made our trip a sucessful one and I hope you enjoyed our little craziness. As we left Santa Fe we were all waving and saw that you were waving back while you were in the van.

I hope you were able to sleep in your accomodations and you have a pleasent run today the 29 th of June Saturday. (Just in case you don't get this message right a way.) I believe you were heading to Pagosa Springs and then Durango Colorado. Beautiful Country. How are you all handleing the high altitude?

It was great meeting you and I hope that you will try to keep us up dated! Would love to hear from you personally as well if you might be able to do that.

DeeAnne Peay

Hey,,,we enjoyed meeting all of you when our Silver Sneakers exercise group was up in Santa Fe, NM. We hope you will be back through New Mexico some time, and will come to Albuquerque. We'll try to get all of Albuquerque's Silver Sneakers members to come meet and greet you and share in your World Harmony Run Theme song. We waved at you as our train pulled out of the station and saw you wave back. Best of luck to an outstanding international group. Let's bring this world together!!!

Bunny and Joe Williams

Ciao AMICI Arpan Atulya Vladimir Jeromy

i follow you every day on the web site, you give a lot of Harmony, thank you take care and have fun!


I want to take this opportunity to say thank you for giving our clubs members the opportunity to experience the "World of Harmony" event at our center. They really enjoyed it! Thank you to all the runners that came. May all the runners have a safe and venturous run across the world! Thank you again for the opportunity.

Eutisha McClain

Hi everybody, It looks like you're having a great time out there and meeting some nice people. I get a lot of joy seeing all the smiles. Welcome to the team Jeromy! Good work all, and Vajra, it's real inspiring to see you out there! Peace.


Great to see all the photos of our Great USA Team running through the heartland of America. Looking forward to seeing you pretty soon!

Pujari Scheaffer

You all are almost to New Mexico! !Bienvenidos a New Mexico!

I will try to catch you somewhere over the weekend. Great to chat with Arpan today (Monday) while I was out running. My legs are still not back to normal since the chilly, wet 10 day race in Flushing Meadows (I've forwarded one of the articles I wrote on the race).

Hey Vajra, pick up the pace!! (you look like you need some better shoes) Thanks for all the massages in NY.

Best wishes,
Mark, Helen, Amalia, Toby Dorion
El Paso, TX

Yeah Vajra!!!!!!!!!! It was great seeing you running with the torch. When I first looked at the photo, I thought WOW that looks like Vajra and it was YOU!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for all you do.

Archee Moffitt

I was driving down Hwy 152, Sunday, May 23, 2010, inbetween Binger and Minco, OK and I happened to pass a lady, running along the highway, carrying a torch. I was curious so I turned the car around, passed her going west, and stopped the car. She crossed the road and approach me. I asked her name. She told me and said she was running for her organization World Harmony, and they were running through 48 states to promote world harmony. I was very impressed. It made me think of our own trivial turmoil in our school and city, Minco. I took her picture, then she took mine with the torch. If you can get a message to her, I'm sorry, I don't remember her name except she was from England, please let her know how humbled I am to have met such a giving, unselfish, inspiring woman, whom I admire even though I don't know her personally. Your organization had become a blessing for me that day and made me look at my own life, situation, and I am going to try to keep harmony.

Cheryl Williams

Thanks for letting me run w/ you guys today in Edmond Oklahoma. I just wondered if you could send me a list of who I ran with and/or met today. My wife took some pictures and I wanted to make sure we got the captions right.

Thank you for doing this run. We need more people involved in this kind of thing reaching across political and social borders.

Tim Taft

You guys are awesome! I've been following your progress, and wish I could be there with you – especially at mealtimes and swims. Keep it up, we are all so proud of you. – lol,


P.S. I hope I get the math question right this time.

dear runners whr usa
great job don
all the best next days
hallo to Arpan and Vajra


Dearest World Harmony Runners, The World Harmony Run is so very dear to my heart and to the hearts of billions of harmony-lovers all over the world. All my best wishes to you, our international American team, who are running for 4 months through all 50 states, covering a distance of 10,000 miles! It is awe-inspiring. The light of the torch will be permeating the countryside long after your footsteps have faded.

With love and gratitude,
P.S. We are most anxiously awaiting you in Seattle!

Hello To The Harmony Team!

Wow! What a treat to see you and meet you today. As soon as we saw you we needed to turn around and meet you all. We hope you are having a good run and we may try to come by the SUPER 8 and tell you hello again. We hope you like the rose and the flag, it's not much for all that you are doing, but our hugs mean a lot more! Thank you so much for letting me hold the torch that you carry with such pride. Vince and I will never forget the chance meeting we had with you. You are a very special group of people and we wish you all the best!

Christina Braxton, Vincent Huntley
La Monte, MO

I want to thank World Harmony Run team in United States for giving me the oportunity yesterday to run along with them. Your vision and determination is touching so many lives. I've been touched by every single one of you. I hope I can see you again,and I will be following you all the way to the end. My best regards to all of you and don't forget you are changing lives and with it the world.

Shadia Marian Habeych

Hello everyone, looking great out on the road, i have been following the daily reports and enjoying the pictures alot. Congrats to everyone!


I am a journalist for a regional newspaper in southern Illinois. I was assigned to cover the run as it passed through Chester, Illinois. I had never heard of the run before, but after talking with some of the runners I was truly impressed. It is great to know that there are those who do care about others and about everyone living in harmony without war. Keep up the work. You are truly reaching others with your message and hopefully one day, the dream will be fully realized.

Jeff Blair

Thank you so much for spreading unity and world harmony. You brightened our day and brought joy to our lives. This was a radiant experience and a wonderful influence for our students, staff and community. You changthe world for the better! Flourish and prosper!

Sandi Russell

Dear Runners,

very inspiring to see you on the road.
Vajra, i am very happy that you have joined the runners side finally.
Harald, André and me, we will go for the "Salzburg Marathon" on sunday.
Drsalu, ich hoffe Du machst auch genügend kilometer!?


My boyfriend is a truck driver and he just passed your team in Mississippi. He called me to look ya'll up on the internet and see what World Harmony Run was about. This is the first that we have heard about you and what ya'll are doing is wonderful.

Suzette Temple

It was a pleasure running with you all this morning. Best of luck on the rest of your trip and God bless.

Frank Eudy
Marion, AR

I am so, so, so thrilled that you are all seeing America outside of NYC. There is so much beauty in the land and people, and it really gives me a deep joy (with tears even) to see that you are all being embraced by my country.

Arpan, your writing has taken a huge leap forward. Nicely done my friend!


I wanted to thank you for all you are doing. Thank you also for posting our picture together. Although I'm not an officer (I'm a Master Sergeant) I'm surprised and appreciative that you remembered my name. When I saw the photo of us on Hwy 98 in Navarre, a big smile came over my face. I hope to be a part of journey in the future. Take care and stay safe.

Jennfier Diaz

Great fotos of the South...looks like you experienced real southern hospitality. You are quickly inching your way to the Golden State...see y'all soon!


Hello Arpan and all runners, congratulations on all the hard and wonderful work you've done for the world harmony run. I love all the pictures that you've taken, they all contain an inspiring feeling. I hope to join the world harmony run one day and spread the message of peace, love, unity and harmony. I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart. Safety and Peace my friends.

Daniel Arango

Congratulations team! Tonight we showed the promo video of the Run in New York. For some, it was surely a first contact; I am sure it inspired many, and it surely did inspire me. I felt really blessed to have been given the opportunity to be part of it. You are doing a great job out there, it's fantastic! Keep it up!


We drove by one of your runners with his torch today outside of Carrboro, NC. This lead us to your website... very inspiring.

Heather Moncrief-Mullane

hi kokila and everyone! good to see the brits keeping the flags flying!!!! sorry about that! really enjoying reading the posts everyday and looking at the fabby pics. keep smiling, keep running and just keep keeping on! bit stressed here with work as we really busy but its getting a little warmer and the sun keeps threatening to come out! i know you won;t have that problem! happy running(: bye for now

Arpita Stott

Hi Harmony team. Good running out there. I like the picture of Vladimir driving the mini car, that's hilarious!
Keep up the good work.


Hi to all the great runners! I've enjoyed the fotos. Looking forward to seeing you all here in California in June! Keep up the smiles!

Pujari Schaeffer

Hi team! Greatings from Russia:) And spesial Hi for Kshetragna! Cool shining faces! Keep on running! Best regards:

Ksenia Soboleva

Best wishes to all the runners and I especially hope Mark is able to recover quickly so as to enjoy the best of America. Tally ho!

Ed Silverton

Looking good so far, Team! Looking forward to joining you in a few days. It's raining here in Florida right now...

Kokila Chamberlain,

Great to see you guys on the road finally!  This thing is gonna gain momentum and force!  Can't wait to join you.


Hi Runners!
We so enjoyed your visit today and feel very fortunate to be part of the oneness.  I hope the rest of your day went well, even though so much of it was rainy.  Enjoy DC tomorrow, and the rest of your run.
Thank you so much for all that you do.

Lorraine Bell
Rising Sun Elementary School