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Hi All,

Cindy Fadel from Battle Creek Michigan here. Hope all is well so far and I look forward to seeing you this year.

Good luck and be safe.

Greetings from Three Rivers Michigan. I saw you last year on the highway, and though that you might be back this yaer. Maybe next year. God Luck , Be Safe Carl

Thank you so so much. What a wonderful time we had. I was so happy to play harp for the children at the John Stanford internationalschool and also at the east lake plaza. I love the World Harmony Runners.

Cheers, Mia

You guys doing a great job!

Last summer it was a great pleasure to run with you all way from Seattle to NY.

Keep on and Godspeed!

Vladimir, Moldova.

Dearest World Harmony Runners!

It is thrilling that this year the American World Harmony Run has been able to visit so many cities that are not normally on the route: Miami; Orlando; Tampa; Anchorage; San Diego; Tijuana, Mexico; San Francisco... Wow!

I've always pictured the World Harmony Run as a series of comets; streaks of light simultaneously streaming around the world's continents, leaving an ever-widening brilliant spray of harmony and goodwill in their wakes. This year, my imagination has added bursts of light, like fireworks, in each of the "off-route" cities you have visited.

What a joy you were able to spend a few days here in Seattle while schools are still in session. This was a particular treat as typically, the schedule doesn't allow for the Run to arrive until after schools have let out for the summer. You brought the World Harmony Run to eight Seattle schools, many ceremonies, and met with a number of our prominent leaders and representatives. Thank you for your untiring commitment to bringing the spirit of World Harmony to all the corners of the planet. We are blessed and we are all gratitude. Come back soon!

Sarah, Jake, Pranlobha, & Antara-Prabhat Kalagian, Seattle


I hope you're having lots of fun.

I'd love to join you.

Where are you in Seattle?

I'm in Seattle too.

Hope to see you soon. with love & light,

Mia Margaret, Seattle

To the guys that attended Glide Memorial yesterday May 27th. It was great to meet and talk with you after the service. As runners ourselves we really can appreciate all that you endure in the to promote Peace and Harmony We will be praying for you.

Robert & Mary Miller

Un gran "aloha!" a mis amicci!

It is a great test of patience waiting for news of your adventure. Like waiting for letters from a dear one in a far away place doing battle. Only I know you are all doing well!

A big shaka bra to the SF teammates.

Hoping to see you all in San Diego in a few weeks,


Ciao "Harmony Huskies"!

I've seen the wonderful photo of the run! Wow!

Caro Franci, dalle foto che ho visto non ti chiedo neanche come ti sta andando...perchè immagino benissimo!

Qui a Firenze tutto bene, tranquillo, forse troppo.

Mi è arrivato il programma scuole WHR, grazie mille.

Oggi è giovedì 24 maggio.

C'è stata l'inaugurazione del ristorante di Genova dei ragazzi,10 gg fa. è veramente bello.

Spero che ti arrivi questa e-mail, poi ti riscriverò.

Un fortissimo abbraccio

e se puoi salutami tanto Arpan.


Edoardo, Italia

Awesome job in Texas !!!!!


Keep on running and thanks for putting my essay on your website.


I had a great time running while you guys were here. Where are you guys now?

Jack The Morrisons

All of you are really great people. All of you help people around the world to get together with other people. When I grow up I want to do what you do. If all of you went to every school the students would be so happy. I bet when people see you they want to be you when they grow up. You are doing a great thing. I will run 100 miles so people can get together.

Christian, Age 9, The Learning Gate Community School

I can't thank you enough for making our small deaf Montessori School (only 27 students) part of such a global effort. The kids had a wonderful time meeting all of you. You left such an impression on our students! They now know that they indeed are part of the world's need for peace. Deafness is not a barrier when the message is so clear. Peace is the message, the children are the messengers - isn't it a blessing that the message can be sent and shared in so many languages!

We ALL truly are the oneness and fullness of tomorrow's sun!

Our Deepest Gratitude,

The staff and students of

Blossom Montessori School for the Deaf

To me, World Harmony is not just peace among nations, but all nations becoming one. It should not be one nation under God, but all nations under God. We shouldn’t look at ourselves as separated by national borders or huge bodies of water. No. We should look at ourselves on just a single planet. A planet that keeps us all together. To make World Harmony possible, everybody has to do their part. Think of the world like a community. If everyone does their part to make it better, it will be a nice place to live. That is why World Harmony Run travels around the world. It unites people and makes good times. World Harmony Run is helping the world, one place at a time.

David Morrison, 12 yrs old,

Markham Woods Middle School, Heathrow, Florida

It was wonderful to join you at the World Harmony Run event at the Boys and Girls Club in Stamford. I am thinking about you on the road, and just read about your special events in Florida. Just know that what you are doing is so important to the creation of a harmonious world.

Henry Hoffman

Messages from students at St. Rita's School:

Dear World Harmony Run,

We, thank you for coming to our school.

We hope you have a good time running.

We hope you enjoyed coming to our school.

We enjoyed holding the torch.

We love you.

We hope you always feel good.

We liked holding the torch and making a prayer.

You’re a lovely team.

We will pray for you.

We hope you come again.

Grade 1, St. Rita School, Hamden, Ct.

Dear Italy, Hungary, USA, Australia, and Hawaii,

Before you came to our school, we only had an idea what harmony was. But when you did, “harmony” went from being a definition to being something we were all touched by in a very special way. The World Harmony Run really got me thinking about how one group can truly make a difference in a world like today. It was a good opportunity to see how you, the runners, gave up your time to run for something you believe in. Serenity formed in my mind when I saw everyone there. And even though they all spoke different languages, the message was clear, harmony does truly start in the heart. One of my thoughts was that all the people in the different countries came together to say that they all believed together, we can achieve peace throughout the world. The message that you sent to our school was one that gave hope that someday world harmony will prevail. You brought our school together just like you will eventually bring the world together in harmony. You taught ! us to be in harmony with people no matter their color, race or religion. You taught us that we can all be one. Every student that attended the World Harmony Run ceremony learned that harmony could start with me. Before the ceremony that you gave to St. Rita School, I did not fully know what world harmony was. But then you taught us. You inspired me to go out and try to create peace between all people. We should live, laugh and love, and it inspired me to have those three things that we don’t have a lot of in the world.

You ran to our school

And taught us new things

Now we just wanted to say

Thanks for bringing harmony to our world.

I was not here the day you came and visited our school, but I heard many inspirational stories to help people go out and do good in the world. The World Harmony Run helped me learn a lot about peace and harmony, thank you. World Harmony would be great in today’s world. Harmony starts with me and you. I hope that harmony can show people that the color, race and nationality doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that everyone has a heart and soul that is the same in God’s eyes. It was a pleasure to see you and we learned a lot from you.

We will listen for your footsteps;

Run run run run run run!!!

Thank thank thank thank thank thank you,

World Harmony Run!

You truly are the oneness and fullness

Of tomorrow’s sun!

Saint Rita School, Gr. 7 (Room 16), Hamden CT

GOOD LUCK in your run for World Harmony!

Thanks for showing us how much you cared!

Thank you World Harmony Run for coming and sharing your light with us at St. Rita School. You really brightened our day. Thanks for letting us hold the torch. Thanks for explaining your own thoughts of World Harmony to us, we enjoyed the experience and appreciate you coming to enlighten us. Thanks. It was wonderful to learn about the countries you all came from. Thanks for showing us how to be peaceful no matter the differences. Thanks for showing us what you do everyday and why you do it. Thanks World Harmony Run for inspiring us that anyone can run no matter where we are from. You showed more people are interested in World Harmony than evil. Thank you for making the day special. Thank you for coming to our school and taking time out of your day to give harmony to us. Thank you for coming to our school. It was really fun to learn about the World Harmony Run. When we held the torch it was something we will never forget. All we can say is WOW!! Thanks for teaching us what the World Harmony Run is all about. Thank you for the love and hope you brought to us. We thank you and hope you come again soon. Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who is running and people getting ready to run. Keep spreading the harmony in the world because this world needs people like you.


Saint Rita School Gr. 7 (Room 19), Hamden Connecticut

P.S. Run your hearts out!

Dear World Harmony Run,

We’re very glad that you came to our school. We really liked the Guess Who I Am Game to learn where you are from. The country flags were great and the torch glowed. You made great speeches about your selves, thanks for talking with us. More 3rd Graders want to say;

I had fun and seeing the team made me feel good, we hope you come again, thank you for letting us hold the torch, thank you for running for harmony, peace, joy and fun, we liked learning about other countries, thank you for the WHR stickers, you inspired me to spread harmony and I will join the WHR Team when I am older, when I held the torch I felt the spirit in my heart, when I held the torch I felt like a new person, when I held the torch it made me happy and joyful, when I sang the World Harmony Run Song I felt that I had always been part of the World Harmony Run.

Thank you for visiting our school,

St. Rita School, 3rd Grade, Hamden, CT

Dear World Harmony Runners,

Thanks so much for comming to our school to teach us how to promote harmony. It was nice for us to be able to take part in this assembly before we graduate. The pressure of eighth grade makes it one of the hardest ages to achieve harmony among peers. We appreciate the opportunity that you provided for our class to come together. Thank you again for comming to our school.

Dear World Harmony Runners,

When you came into our school I really got a peaceful vibe. I think its great what you are doing and I think you should keep it up. I believe we need more harmony in our world and you guys are helping our world to become complete.

Dear World Harmony Runners,

Thank you for showing us what harmony really is. We enjoyed it very much. We will continue in our lives with harmony, compassion, and love we will never forget the world harmony run.

It was fun to come together for a good cause.

The team is very inspiring! Keep running and spreading the Harmony!

Thank you From

St Rita's Eighth Grade Graduating Class, Hamden CT

Dear World Harmony Team,

we liked the clothes you wore,

holding the torch, the WHR van,

Father Charlie holding the torch,

your speeches, singing the WHR Run Song

faster and faster, seeing the country flags, guessing who the jumping boy was,

the stickers and finally for teaching us

about world harmony.

Thank you for coming to our school!

Kindergarten Class, St. Rita School, Hamden, CT