• World Harmony Run

    World's Largest Torch Relay
    World Harmony Run

  • 1,000,000 Participants

    Across 6 Continents
    1,000,000 Participants

  • Dreaming of a more harmonious world

    100 countries
    Dreaming of Harmony

  • Schools And Kids

    Make a Wish for Peace
    Schools And Kids

  • Sri Chinmoy: World Harmony Run Founder

    World Harmony Run Founder
    Sri Chinmoy

  • Carl Lewis: World Harmony Run Spokesman

    World Harmony Run Spokesman
    Carl Lewis

  • New York, USA

    New York

  • London, Great Britain

    Great Britain

  • Shakhovskaya, Russia


  • Around Australia

    15,000 kms, 100 days
    Around Australia

  • Around Ireland

    14 Days, 1500km
    Around Ireland

  • Wanaka, New Zealand

    New Zealand

  • Arjang, Norway


  • Rekjavik, Iceland


  • Beijing, China


  • Prague, Czech Republic

    Czech Republic

  • Belgrade, Serbia


  • Lake Biwa, Japan

    Lake Biwa

  • Kapsait, Ethiopia


  • Pangkor Island, Malaysia

    Pangkor Island

  • Bali, Indonesia


  • The All Blacks, New Zealand

    The All Blacks
    New Zealand


Send a message to the runners

I have just return from an event in Hialeah, Florida, USA, where the children in the aftercare program for which I work participated in the Harmony run, It was a wonderful experience, all the children enjoyed it, we did research about countries from the different continents and presented the work in poster boards. I was glad to see how the children learned about other cultures and how they enjoyed the event, but most of all I loved seeing their faces light up with smiles as they held the torch. I thank all the runners and members who make this possible, One smile is worth all the effort.!
Maria Figueredo, Hialeah, Florida, USA

Saw some runners carrying the torch through Palmyra, NY this morning, and caught the website address from the side of the van carrying the next runner! What a great idea to do something just to promote goodwill, and for no other reason. The world in general needs to learn that giving, just for the sake of giving itself, is far better than giving only to receive in return. Kudos!
Joe Chatfield

You let us hold the torch in Cooperstown, NY yesterday & what a thrill that was! What an incredible thing you are all doing. Best of luck !!
Tom, Janis, Chris & J.T. LaPointe

Hi everybody! Sorry you got a day of rain yesterday - or maybe you didn't? I was glad that it didn't rain while you were here. It would have made things far less pleasant. It was great having you. I used my guest book to get straight who was who! Of course those who left early weren't in it. Too bad. Good luck!
Mimi Schmitt

Hi everybody,
Thanks for staying with us this year. We hope next time will be longer. We miss you already! Daulot give us a call with an
update from the road.

Especially for your dutch runner Annemarie:
Annemarie, we denken aan je, heel veel plezier en tot gauw!
Wishing all of you a very inspiring run, what a great job! If you have a tough day running, may I suggest to think of the 3100-runners. The race has just ended and Suprabha completed her race in 56 days for the 12th time!
With love and light,


Enjoyed meeting everyone on your stopover in Ellicottville. Good luck on the rest of your run and look forward to seeing you on your next one.
Have a great day

Hello to you all!
I am so happy to report the amazing response to your visit! People have been calling me to tell me that they can not express the joy they have felt being involved with your cause. The dinner last night made Jennie and Marilynn both stop and think thoughtful things all day. I thank you all for sharing your time and energy for this effort. Love to you all!

I love my book and shirts.
Annie Widger

Your van was parked out front of my house to switch runners and filled the torch 2:15pm 4475 route 219 Great Valley, NY
Good Luck Tim

Hi to everyone on US run from Australian WHR team . It is nice see you are having great time there. Special hi to Jirka from Czech.

What an inspiring 3 days it was spending with you. You are the such uplifting spirits!
Pam Summons

hello !
here's a message for my sister Annemarie from Den Haag Holland running in the Harmonyrun. At the moment she'll be running from Pittsburg so i hope that through this mail i will reach her: Have lot's of fun, enjoy being in America and meeting a lot of nice people. Take care of your self and drink a lot :-) !

Also for the team your running with the same wishes of course!

Margreet Beumer (Groningen, The Netherlands)