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USA 17 March: Orlando, FL

Today is St. Patrick’s Day which traditionally celebrates the life of the Patron Saint of Ireland. We were quickly reminded of this when we arrived at the Page Private School in Sanford and saw most of the children and some teachers wearing green clothing, a traditional color on St. Patrick’s Day.

As we entered the small auditorium with the Torch we were welcomed by over 100 children and teachers who were in a celebratory mood because of this holiday combined with our coming to visit them.

About five of the children and the Principal, Mrs. Laura Porter, had come to our World Harmony Run event yesterday morning at the Fountain Park where we had a short run and ceremony. We were excited to see them again along with many other enthusiastic children today.

We introduced ourselves with a short presentation and video of the Run going through many countries. Our team consisted of runners from various parts of Florida such as Lake Mary, Tampa, Hialeah and Miami as well as some of us from New York and Australia.

The children sang enthusiastically as we led them in our theme song written by Sri Chinmoy, the founder of the World Harmony Run. The younger children especially liked the harmonica that I played to accompany the singers. Harmonica embodies the word ‘Harmony’, and music is usually harmonious, so it seems fitting to offer the Harmony Run song with a harmonica as well as singing it.

As the children were dismissed from the program and headed back to their classrooms after touching the Torch, I greeted some of the younger ones with the harmonica once more. Many of their faces lit up with the sound of this harmonious music. One of the girls said that she sometimes performs music with her brother and even records for fun as she plays harmonica.

We are ever grateful to Mrs. Porter and all the teachers who helped to organize the children for this event. We could have stayed longer but the children had a special celebration for this special day planned and we had another school to attend.

We then made our way to the New Life Christian Academy, also in Sanford.

Shirley Williams, the Executive Director, along with her assistant and some of the other staff members and teachers, greeted us warmly as we came with the Torch.

They gathered the students in the church hall and we ran in with the lit Torch to their surprise. At first the young children seemed a bit reserved and shy. But once we started asking them about Harmony and what it means, where it comes from and other related questions, their responses were remarkably insightful and perceptive.

After enthusiastically joining us in our song we shared with them one of our videos about the Run all over the world. They were quite attentive and focused as they saw many children from various countries and backgrounds running with the Torch. We felt the need to give them the opportunity to also run with the Torch so we all went out to the parking lot and held a mini-run.

Mike, the Physical Education Teacher who had been a professional baseball player a few years back, led the ‘Harmony Train’ of children as he carried the Torch in a circuitous fashion around the grounds. The kids were quite excited as they all followed, some of them getting a chance to carry the Torch as well.

We are very grateful to the children and all the adults who participated in this event and made this day a very exciting and harmonious one for all of us involved. We also would like to thank Cynthia Morrison, one of our team members who organized the events today, bringing together peace and harmony lovers from her surrounding towns in Florida.

Here are some extra shots from the day...

Lunthitha joined us for the day.

Nancy told us all about her Italian and French ancestors.

Drishthi taught us how to breathe in harmony.

Thank you

– Arpan Deangelo

Team Members:
Arpan Deangelo (USA), Cynthia Morrison (Mexico), Luthitha Duthely (Haiti), Nancy Amianno (USA), Dhristhi Pliske (USA), Durjaya Pliske (USA), Salil Wilson (USA)

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