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USA 19 April: Lawrenceville, New Jersey - Philadelphia, PA.

After a comfortable night in our accommodations near Princeton, New Jersey, we were out on the road early. The women’s team had a good rest at the Hampton Inn in Princeton where they were offered two complimentary rooms and very friendly service. 

We are also very grateful to our wonderful friends, Tom and Ginny, for once again supplying us with dinner, breakfast and lunch, as well as a great home to rest after our first day.They even came to join us in today’s events around Philadelphia.

One can easily understand why Philadelphia means ‘The City of Brotherly Love’ after today’s events in and around this beautiful city in Pennsylvania. The day started with an early morning live television interview of three of our team members on the KYW-CBS affiliate Morning Show.

Then we were off to school(s)

Villanova Academy of Honor Studies

Two other teams started their day at the Villanova Academy for Honor Studies in Villanova, Pennsylvania. Selima Boa helped to coordinate this event for us as Sister Teresa, the Dean of Academic Affairs, and the rest of the staff organized the children to greet us in their lovely school. 

A heartwarming ceremony included very deeply moving poems by some of the students.

We all enjoyed a run with the children

phil honor academy


and adults in their very large playground and athletic field. 


New Horizons Montessori School


At the same time in a different school, the New Horizons Montessori School in Dresher, PA. two other teams had a wonderful ceremony in their Peace Garden organized by Laurie Stulb.

About 40 children from Kindergarten through 6th grade ages met our runners at their Peace Pole.

All the teams as well as many friends and organizers came from the New York area to join us in an inspiring run.

We planned to go together from Christ Church to Love Park, across from City Hall in Philadelphia just after noon.

Historic Christ Church

0419 Christ Church Philadelphia

We had a wonderful tour of the historic Christ Church where many of the founding fathers and their families attended over 220 years ago. The founder of the Run, Sri Chinmoy had said many years ago that the name of Philadelphia  "is a ringing bell, which is very, very haunting and, at the same time, illumining and fulfilling. As soon as I hear the word 'Philadelphia', no matter who utters it, I hear a bell ringing-like the Indian heart-temple-gong or the American church bell. Philadelphia, for me, always carries Divinity's Reality." http://www.srichinmoylibrary.com/books/1157/3/12

ohil Christ Church assistants hold torch

Some very friendly and knowledgeable people who provide such wonderful background on this important church held the torch with us. They warmly welcome all the visitors who come from around the country and the world and expressed their appreciation for the run.

The UN and UNESCO International Year 2010 logo dedicated to "Cultural Diversity" was discussed as it appears on the banner carried by the runners this year. It felt especially appropriate to have it in Philadelphia which historically had many different cultures, religions and beliefs coming together.

*See also a  message from UNESCO received Monday 19 April concerning the year 2010 and the Harmony Run, excerpted at the end of this page.

Philadelphia Center City

Then with the Torch aflame and international flags and our banner with the 2010 IYRC logo flying in the wind, our large group of runners happily covered a mile or so to the center of the City.

phil skyline arch street

The runners from different countries enjoyed seeing the various skylines of Philadelphia within a few city blocks:

skyline arch st mural philadelpia

the big wall murals, the church steeples, historic monuments with modern and older architecture.

0419b run across from city hall

They crossed in front of City Hall with the statue of William Penn above.

phil run around Love Park Fountain

Love Park across from City Hall

There was then a run around the Love park and fountain across from City Hall

phil love park runners announce countires

and a short ceremony were the runners announced their different countries

phil love park runer announce country uk answer questions

and answered questions for the print, radio and television media present.

Phil runners share torch at Love park

They also shared the torch with others present...

phil runners sing world harmnoy run

The team sang the World Harmony Run theme song (First reminding the audience that they were mostly "runners not singers" and then exceeded exspetations with their enthusiasm and  joyful rendition)

Love park International Year Rapproachment of Cultures

It was also mentioned that as the founder of the World Harmony Run, had noted on a previous occasion the spirit that gave birth to the USA in Philadelphia had inspired the world. The League of Nations and then the United Nations were built on a continuation of those initial courageous actions in Philadelphia. 

So it was very fitting to have banner in support of the "International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures" highlighted today with the World Harmony Runners and special guests in front of the famous "LOVE" emblem 


We were all then on our way to two other schools in the area.

Philadelphia  Montessori Charter School

phil Montessori Charter school

Two teams went to the Philadelphia Montessori Charter School.

Here Caitlin Wood-Sklar and some of the older students greeted them and ran a short way to the school with our runners carrying the torch. 


A very inspiring ceremony ensued.  

Phil Montesori Children hold torch and give joy

Many received joy from holding the torch..

Phil Montessouri School 3 girls hold torch

and gave joy to others by their smiles 


St. Norbert School, Paoli

At the same time, in another part of the suburban area of Philadelphia called Paoli, Pennsylvania, the other half of our large team for the day were greeted by Principal Myra DiNicola and many excited students of the Saint Norbert School.

For local press coverage of the event, go to the Main line Media News web site - video, pictures 

Google news also picked up the item 

 phil st norberts run before ceremony

After a very enthusiastic welcome and an energetic run around the parking lot, we went indoors for another great ceremony.

As part of the introduction, the International Year 2010 was again spoken about.

This time a number of children in the school joined in reading out part of the UN and UNESCO logo for year 2010 in different languages. 

children share torch after language

They then held the torch together with Gabriel who is fluent in the first two of the six languages on the year's logo. 

The function we had there in the large gymnasium with everyone brought out the harmonious and thoughtful spirit of both staff and children.

phil principal St Norbet

We were also happy to learn about a special program for peace St. Norbert's was preparing for the following day.  The Principal, Mrs. Myra S. DiNicola, spoke with quiet conviction concerning the importance of harmony and love. She noted the guiding spirit for the educational values of St Norbet's that embraces diversity.

 phil st norbert teacher and principa; hold torch

The teachers and staff joined with the principal to hold the torch and receive a certificate of appreciation from the runners.


All the students had a chance to hold the torch shared with the USA Team Captain.


Message from UNESCO 

* This very morning the World Harmony Run had received a message from Katérina Stenou, Director, Division of Cultural Policies and Intercultural Dialogue, UNESCO in Paris. She said "The main objective of 2010: International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures is not only to foster respect for each other's culture and break down the barriers between different cultures, but also to promote ideals of peace, fraternity and wellbeing". The World Harmony Run "corresponds perfectly to the objectives of the Year and covers multiple aspects and opportunities to promote dialogue through cultural interactions and the promotion of dialogue amongst people." 

We are extremely grateful to Shatapatri, Pragati, Adhiratha and others who contributed greatly to our run here and all the great opportunities.

– Arpan DeAngelo

Distance: 40 miles

Team Members:
Arpan DeAngelo (USA), Atulya Berube (USA), Yuyudhan Hoppe (USA), Gabriel Pelletier (Canada), Mark (England), Drsalu (Austria), Vladmir (Moldova), Kshetragna Ulanova (Russia), Surya (Russia), Tom Cusack (USA), Ginny Cusack (USA), Pragati Pascale (USA), Shatapatri Mahar (Canada), Adhiratha Keefe (USA)

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