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USA 20 April: Media, PA - 15 miles past Newark, DE

After a most pleasant overnight complimentary stay at the Quality Hotel in Essington, Pennsylvania, two of our three teams of runners went out early today to cover their miles from Pennsylvania through Delaware all the way to the Maryland State Line.

At one point they ran to a ceremony with about 40 children and some teachers from the Elementary Workshop Montessori School in Wilmington.

Laura, one of the teachers there, did a great job organizing the kids to join us for a simple and heart-felt ceremony.

The girls’ team was a bit late as they got lost on the way, so some of the guys did a partial ceremony and then told the kids some geography jokes which also tested their knowledge about some of the 50 states. One of Yuyudhan’s favorites was: “What did Dela-ware? … A New Jersey.” Another one is: “What did Tenne-see? …The same thing Arkansas.”

The girls finally showed up and finished the ceremony with our World Harmony Run song and a run around the playground with the children. With some time to spare, they decided to play in the sandbox with the torch and other toys to the amusement of some of the children who were witness to these ‘grown-up children’ having fun and laughing with innocent joy.

After all, that is part of what harmony is about, having innocent joy and being happy like a child at play. Even with all the responsibilities and stress of the adult life one can try at times to be in the heart with the innocent joy and happiness of a pure and sweet child. This kind of happiness is contagious and can lift the spirits of all those around us.

I myself needed to feel that today as I spent most of the morning looking for a garage that would fix our R.V. brake system. After visiting six mechanics who either did not have the time, the parts or the equipment to do the repair, we had to surrender and finish the day’s scheduled running before returning to our hotel and driving the RV to one more mechanic that would at least look at it.

During the evening time without our RV which is the vehicle in which we make our dinner we were all able to enjoy a delicious feast of healthy Italian food, complete with dessert, at the local Olive Garden Italian Retaurant near our Days Inn Hotel north of Wilmington, Delaware. Manager Jackie Fluri enthusiastically offered our whole team of 12 runners a delicious and generous array of salads, pasta, soups, breads, pizza and desserts - on the house!

This most generous contribution not only filled our stomachs but touched our hearts as Jackie and her staff genuinely felt a oneness with our cause and contributed greatly to it. We are grateful to the Olive Garden and all those involved in making the evening a very pleasant one. Even some of the customers were thrilled to hold the torch as they came out after eating dinner here.

These two children came outside with their mother even before ordering their food just to hold the torch. Guess which one was having a birthday? Luckily they did not try to blow out the 'candle' here. When children get to hold the torch that has been shared by thousands of hearts around the country and across the world it feels as if it is an experience they will never forget and will certainly cherish well into their adult lives. This alone makes all of our efforts and the efforts of all those who support us worthwhile.

– Arpan DeAngelo

Distance: 47 miles

Team Members:
Arpan DeAngelo (USA), Atulya (USA), Yuyudhan (USA), Gabriel (Canada), Mark (England), Drsalu (Austria), Vladmir (Moldova), Kshetragna (Russia), Surya (Russia), Dhavala (Scotland), Shyamala (Scotland), Abhejali (Czech Republic)

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