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USA 27 July: Chicago, IL - Galien, MI

We started running from the state line as we headed out of East Chicago towards our first ceremony in Gary, Indiana.

A few miles out of the city we were met by four police vehicles – three patrol cars and a motorcycle. We certainly were not inconspicuous!

With the sirens and lights we made a great entrance and everyone waved and cheered us as we approached the “Yes, We Can!” Youth Summer Camp at Gary YMCA.

We were greeted by Supervisor Yvonne Summers and the local newspaper.

Once we entered the gym the children were so excited as they had diligently put a special program together for us. They were so full of energy and enthusiasm.

They put together three wonderful dance routines that had us in raptures and their sweetness and sincerity touched all our hearts.

They had made a wonderful welcome banner, some beautiful artwork including miniature torches and custom made T-shirts.

All the children and parents held the torch and put their wishes for harmony into the flame for us to carry onto the next state of Michigan.

Mayor Rudy Clay very kindly came and joined the children in sharing their hopes and dreams for a more peaceful world.

After the ceremony event Coordinator, Yvonne, took us on a tour of the class rooms to show us other peace projects the children were working on. There were huge posters and banners welcoming the team - it was really quite remarkable.

As we left the ceremony the police once again escorted us out of Gary. They kindly stayed with us for the next 10 miles. Thank you so much for your patience and cheerfulness. It is amazing how fast we can run when we are led by a lead motorcyclist and police cars behind you and beside you!

We arrived into Washington Park to be greeted by huge smiles and shouts of "welcome!" from the staff on the gate.

The kids were lined up and waiting for us with beautiful big banners which they had made themselves.

They were all happy and relaxed and seemed to be enjoying their beach camp.

They had no trouble at all guessing all our countries and they defeated us very quickly so that we had to sing them our song.

Some of the younger ones were also inspired to sing a song for us but at the last moment they turned shy and performed their piece in a huddle. We appreciated it none-the-less.

Next we took a group photo of the happy gathering.

Then it was time to run with the torch.

Thank-you to summer camp supervisor Jeremy Kieniez for having us visit, and thanks for already inviting us to an even bigger and happier gathering next time round.

The police car then escorted us safely all the way to the state line where we crossed into Michegan - thank you for your time and courtesy.

As I ran towards New Buffalo I could see someone waiting at the roadside. She was dressed ready to run and I wondered if she was waiting for me, and how did she know I was coming? It was Mary Moriaty who runs the local newspaper. She had received a press release and came out to meet me. She ran a little with me to the town sign where we stopped so that she could take a photo for the paper. I then ran on, but she re-appeared a minute later with a very welcome bottle of cold water for me and then dashed off to get some matches to relight the torch. She finally departed with the words "Thank-you for running through our town." I can only say that it was really a pleasure and I got a lot of good support from the citizens of New Buffalo as I ran through.

In fact just as we were leaving New Buffalo we stopped to wait for our runner and this man came out of his house to see if we needed anything. He'd passed us in his car when we were running further back along the road and when he got home he looked up our website, so he already knew all about us when we stopped outside his house. He even invited us to come in for some cold drinks but as our other runner was already up ahead we had to move on. There was time for him to hold the torch and make a wish for harmony though.

We had a little extra help from our friends today - Mary, Haribala and Prakhara came out with us from Chicago to help with the driving, running and co-ordinating. Thanks for doing a great job!

Atulya got to spend a little time with some of his family. Firstly, cousin Morgan in Chicago. Then his other cousin in Chicago, Tura(unfortunately not pictured) paid a nice visit.

Then follow by his aunts and uncles, Pam, Joe, Dave and Mercia. Thank you for coming to see me!!! Can't wait til our next visit.

Thank-you to Kathy Joice for hosting a couple of the boys and to her mother, Anne for very kindly hosting our women's team in their homes tonight. We had a great night's sleep and I especially enjoyed your story about meeting Princess Di, and also your selection of English teas! It was great to spend time with you and your son Brian.

– Mark, Kokila and Salil

Distance: 64 miles

Team Members:
Atulya Berube (San Diego), Drsalu Gruenstaeudel (Austria), Vladimir Salnacov (Moldova), Mark Collinson (England), Kokila Chamberlain (England), Surya Smolennikova (Russia), Kshetragna Ulanova (Russia), Dima Grygorievski (Ukraine), Sukhada Korshunova (Russia), Prakhara Harter (Washington DC), Mary Landi (Chicago), Haribala (Czech Republic), Salil Wilson (Australia)

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