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Australia 5 November: Hobart - Sorell

The Australian World Harmony Run started in the glorious Tasmanian capital city of Hobart.

It started at dawn, as the team began running from the top of Mount Wellington, which looks down on Hobart.

For the runners, it was a smooth and fast downhill run. For the van, it was tough on the brake pads!

Watch the video from our first day of the Australian run:

While most of the team ran down Mount Wellington, Apaguha, Noivedya and Pushpendra went to ABC Radio in Hobart to be interviewed by breakfast presenter Michael Veitch. Though Michael is an amiable host, he is well-known for his past life as one of Australia’s legendary comedians, fondly remembered for such classic TV shows as "The D-Generation" and "Fast Forward". Details of his interview are on the ABC home page and Facebook page.

Afterwards, the team had an early morning meeting at the Town Hall with the Lord Mayor of Hobart, Rob Valentine. As the longest-serving mayor in Hobart’s history – holding the position for over 11 years – he has become as much a landmark of the city as Town Hall itself, always ready to welcome visitors with his ready smile and ubiquitous collection of hats. He previously met the runners during our first visit to Tasmania in 2005 (though today’s team was a completely different group).

Often when we visit a town on the World Harmony Run, we make special visits to schools and councils which are not on the main running route. This time, however, each visit was part of a continuous route. From the Town Hall we ran to Albuera Street School.

Principal Kerry McMinn accepted a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the school.

The children were then given a chance to run – on the netball court. It was a dynamic show of enthusiasm, in which they seemed willing (and able) to run forever.

The sun was shining, as a chilly morning gave way to a splendid day. Lunch was kindly provided for the runners by Jackman and McRoss, one of Hobart’s most renowned café/bakery/patisseries. It was enjoyed in a short picnic at the charming greens of Arthurs Circus.

Ms Cassie O’Connor, Secretary to the Cabinet, met with us on the lawn just outside Parliament House, on behalf of Tasmanian Premier – and World Harmony Run Patron – David Bartlett. She graciously accepted a Certificate of Appreciation from the runners, offered to the State of Tasmania.

From this meeting, we ran with an athletic team of students from Lenah Valley Primary School. They were assembled by one of their teachers, Bethany Kearney, formerly an Olympic athlete.

We ran five kilometres to the school, which put on a wonderful show as the main part of their Friday afternoon assembly.

Though we performed Sri Chinmoy’s World Harmony Run theme song as always, there was no need for us to teach the actions for the song (devised in Australia and now performed globally). Instead, as a CD of the song was played, Bethany led the students in a new sequence of actions, devised by the school.

As the day wound down, we quickly visited a famous chocolate factory to stock up on chocolates (purely for carbo-loading, you understand) and visited Field National Park, a glimpse into the fabled beauty of Tasmania’s rainforests.

We walked as far as Russell Falls, a modestly sized (by world standards) but undeniably beautiful waterfall. A small piece of Tasmanian wilderness, only a short distance from the bustling centre of Hobart.

– Noivedya Juddery

Distance: 57 km

Team Members:
Veeraja Uppal (Australia), Apaguha Vesely (Czech Republic), Atul Arora (India), Kallola Brown (New Zealand), Uddyogini Hall (Australia), Pushpendra Uppal (Australia), Noivedya Juddery (Australia), Granantan Boyle (Australia), Ashadeep Volkhardt (Australia), John Harris (Australia)

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