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Australia 9 November: Launceston

On our final day in Tasmania, we started with a farewell to Sascha, the manager of the Batman Fawkner Inn, our host for the second night in Launceston.

After the busy weekend of running, there was a relatively short distance today. Granantan led the way, followed by a few of his teammates.

We started in Launceston, of course, running past the wonderful old-style architecture.

Many cities have statues of significant people or symbols, guarding the centre with reverence. Some of the statues in central Launceston, however, offer something quite different. We had no time to stop and ask about this one...

As a group, half of our team ran the short distance (2.5 km) to the Cataract Gorge.

Apaguha described the Gorge as "gorgeous" - which is truly accurate, but also brings up the question: are the two words linked? Was the word "gorgeous" coined to described gorges? In this case, that would make perfect sense.

The team couldn't find the answer on the information panels.

So instead, they simply meditated on the beauty of the flora...

... and the fauna. The women of the team have already said that the animals of Tasmania have been one of the World Harmony Run highlights for them (even the non-native species) - and there was no shortage of birds and animals in this area.

After admiring the nature surrounding Launceston, we ran to the Glen Dhu Primary School in South Launceston, where we did our now-famous routine in which team members start running and, when worn out, pass the Torch to one of their teammates. It's an abridged depiction of our day-to-day activity. Schoolchildren always enjoy this - but in reality, Granantan never gets tired!

Learning the actions to the song, schoolchildren raise their arms to mime holding the Torch overhead.

A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to the students and staff at Glen Dhu Primary School.

Then we all went outside so that the students - and everyone else - could take the Torch and make a wish for peace and harmony.

With so little distance today, we eagerly took as many running opportunies as we could on the 26km road from South Launceston to Hagley.

A few kilometres outside Hagley Farm Primary School, a few of the more athletic students met with us - and happily took the Torch. Apart from ensuring that the road was safe, the only challenge for the World Harmony Run team was to keep up with them!

This merry group ran to their school, where their classmates awaited us.

For all the excitement, these students could see the other, more meditative side of the World Harmony Run, as they silently closed their eyes and felt the harmony from within.

A Certificate of Appreciation was presented to the Principal, Peter Kearney, and the teacher who arranged the visit, Kylie English.

Hagley Farm Primary School is also an environment centre, teaching the students a Greener lifestyle. After the ceremony, each member of the team was given their own private escort among the students, who guided them around the historic school area.

In a feat of inspiration, Mr Kearney ran out of the school with the Torch - something he certainly hadn't been planning!

We next ran to our final Tasmanian school: Invermay Primary School.

The school captains accepted a Certificate of Appreciation on behalf of the school.

After we taught them the World Harmony Run theme song, the choir sang for us - and sang very nicely indeed! Watch the video...

Amanda Whitmore was the staff member who arranged the visit.

The happy staff member also held the Torch.

They showed us some of the more colourful examples of student creativity.

Sascha kindly invited us back to the Batman Fawkner Inn for a late lunch.

This was followed by our exit from Tasmania. John returned home to Brisbane, Noivedya drove one of our vehicles to Devonport (taking the ferry across Bass Strait), and the rest of the team flew back to Melbourne for the next stage of the World Harmony Run.

We said goodbye to this beautiful island-state, which had given us so much joy over an all-too-brief period of five days.

Another chapter is over in our New Zealand-Australia journey. Next we enter the friendly state of Victoria...

– Noivedya Juddery

Distance: 31 km

Team Members:
Apaguha Vesely (Czech Republic), Ashadeep Volkhardt (Australia), Becky Xerri (Wales), Granantan Boyle (Australia), John Harris (Australia), Kallola Brown (New Zealand), Noivedya Juddery (Australia), Pushpendra Uppal (Australia), Uddyogini Hall (Australia), Veeraja Uppal (Australia)

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