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Australia 10 November: Melbourne

Our first day in Melbourne was a continuation of the (mostly) beautiful and sunny weather we enjoyed whilst in Tasmania. Because of this early summer spell, Richmond Primary, our first school for the day, saw it fit to hold the ceremony outside. The Run started at Richmond Primary School one of the closest schools to the centre of Melbourne.

For the Melbourne to Canberra leg of the run, we welcomed several new members to the team. Our game of having the kids guess the origin of our international runners (after they spoke their native language) suddenly expanded by two – with Varna from Germany and Urdharchita from Singapore helping to give the kids more cultural and geographical knowledge. The students very enthusiatically embraced the message of the World Harmony Run.

The kids always love holding the torch and putting their good wishes and energy into creating a better world. There were smiles all around and World Harmony Run stickers galore pasted on all.

All joined hands with the runners to carry the torch around the school grounds. 

After a rapid 10km run along the banks of the Yarra River and Gardiners Creek, the team was greeted to a warm welcome at Ashburton Primary School. The enthusiasm the kids have when they run with the torch is absolutely infectious. I always feel reinvigorated and refreshed to get back out on the road for some more running after a school visit.

The group of grade 5 and 6 students certainly knew their geography well, easily identifing the country of orgin of all our team members.

Not only that, but the students all proved to be excellent singers and dancers too.

The students all passed the torch to each other, adding their own support for the universal message of the Run.

Our favorite team member Granantan, who was celebrating his 38th birthday that day was then treated to a rousing rendition of 'Happy Birthday' by the students, runners and teachers, much to everyone's joy and delight. As you can see...

It was then back on the road and on to Essex Heights Primary School in Mount Waverly.

The team was greeted by over 300 students in their new sport's hall that had just opened earlier in the week.

The students here were full of enthusiasm for the inner and outer message of the Run and participated fully in all the activities with the team.

Representatives from each class participate in a run with the torch around the football field. It is a real credit to the teacher and staff that are producing such well-rounded citizens of the world.

It was then time to say goodbye, so after one last lap of the school oval the runners were again on their way.

Our last stop for the day was Highvale Primary School where grade 6 students, Esther and Tyler, greeted the team in the street before leading the team into the school hall.

The children here are incredibly enthusiastic and receptive to the ideals of the World Harmony Run and I find myself being really uplifted by their energy and enthusiasm. There was a sea of gold and we were all swimming in smiles.

After all the formalities, everyone got the opportunity to hold the torch and take their own step for peace and harmony in the world.

We are most grateful to Anthony King and all the staff at Highvale Primary School for inviting us to their school and into their hearts. A very happy end to another wonderful day on the World Harmony Run.

– Veeraja

Distance: 27 km

Team Members:
Veeraja Uppal (Australia), Apaguha Vesely (Czech Republic), Kallola Brown (New Zealand), Becky Xerri (Wales), Uddyogini Hall (Australia), Noivedya Juddery (Australia), Granantan Boyle (Australia), Urdhacheta Yap (Singapore), Prabuddha Nicol (Australia), Jayna Uppal (Australia), Ankhi Elliot (Australia), Shasti Ashton (Australia), Varna (Germany)

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