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Australia 7 November: Bicheno - Scottsdale

We said goodbye to Bicheno, including the good folk at the Silver Sands Motel.

To start the day, we returned to the blowholes of last night, to see if the daylight would provide great photo opportunities.

All seemed to be in place for an exciting natural spectacle. We chose to go in close to the water.

Maybe too close, in some cases.

After posing as a team for several minutes, in several spots, we realised that a thrilling, powerful, award-winning shot just didn't want to happen. (The one above is about as good as it got.)

Packing our camera equipment, we went out to do some actual running instead.

Oh, and enjoyed the occasional stop at the beach.

Still in Bicheno, just behind the Silver Sands Motel, we caught some divers. The Torch has been in outer space, in the Arctic and the Antarctic, and even Gippsland... but we had to ask the question: could the flame burn underwater as well?

Answer: No, of course not. (Don't be silly.) But we couldn't turn down the chance for some photos.

Bicheno is one of the few places to go to see fairy penguins. Seagulls, however, are is coastal areas all over the world, always speaking the same language (or so it seems). Could they be the world's most multicultural bird?

Once again, we broke into three groups to cover the 166km distance.

The first, all-female group ran from Bicheno to the town of Beaumaris.

It is a mostly flat area, surrounded by cattle, green paddocks and beauteous native flora.

The second group started from Beaumaris. Of course, the World Harmony Run often bumps into other runners... but not so many along the vast dairy farms of Tasmania. One exception was Daniel, from the Paterson Barracks at Launceston, who was heading out for his daily run.

The second group ran a hillier path, alongside both farms and forests.

John continued to meet some interesting people as he took the Torch on the road.

Pete McMaster gave us a DVD of his life story. He had struggled for much of his life, before leaving behind his personal demons with the help of his faith and his loving wife.

While his teammates chatted with Pete McMaster, Noivedya found himself running into the village of Weldborough.

Here is the shopping area.

Weldborough has an estimated population of "20 or 30" people, so one in five came to welcome Noivedya as he came through. Very few towns have such a high turnout - especially on a lazy Sunday afternoon... when nobody was even expected! The publican (in an old-style country pub) kindly gave Noivedya a jug of the local rainwater, which was exactly what he needed while he waited for his delayed teammates.

Happily for business, many people come from out of town to visit the pub, using various forms of transportation.

A third group ran from Weldborough to Scottsdale, part of the Dorset Shire.

It was Celebrate Tasmania Day, so many in Scottsdale had come out for an afternoon barbecue, braving the cold and damp weather.

The Mayor of Dorset Shire, Barry Jarvis, welcomed the World Harmony Runners as special guests.

We handed the Harmony Torch around to the townsfolk, including the Lions Club volunteers who had provided the lunch.

As part of the festivities, the team enjoyed the local rock band, expertly playing classics from the sixties and seventies.

The female section of the team had been running late, but they finally arrived for a team photo.

Atul, our runner from India, saluted his adopted country with gusto.

After that, we went to our accommodation for the night, suitability (but happily) exhausted by the running and the celebrations of Tasmania's north-east.

– Noivedya Juddery

Distance: 167 km

Team Members:
Veeraja Uppal (Australia), Apaguha Vesely (Czech Republic), Atul Arora (India), Kallola Brown (New Zealand), Becky Xerri (Wales), Uddyogini Hall (Australia), Pushpendra Uppal (Australia), Noivedya Juddery (Australia), Granantan Boyle (Australia), Ashadeep Volkhardt (Australia), John Harris (Australia)

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