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Belgium & The Netherlands 16 May: Heist-op-den-Berg - Waalre

Children from Kasterlee waltzing for world-harmony.

Our last day in Belgium was a real treat: over one thousand children joined us today! Their joy and enthusiasm washed over us like a refreshing ocean-wave.

We started the day in Heist-op-den-Berg where children of De Zonne elementary school ran with us towards their school. They quickly changed from their running gear into daily clothes and came out to listen to our presentation.

The torch really captured their imaginations. One of the many delights of the World Harmony Run is being wrapped in the children's joy and cheerfulness. You can't help but smile and feel like a seven-year-old yourself when you talk, play and run with the kids all day.

You know what I mean?

The teachers of De Zonne showed great spirit. We usually make them run a lap around the children, to the latter's enormous delight; the deafening roar that breaks out from them when they see their own teachers run makes you feel you're in a lion's den.

What is a day on the World Harmony Run without a bit of confusion. After the first school I went out to run the first 5K, but unbeknownst to me I took a wrong turn and ended up making a huge detour. So I arrived back in the same spot after running11K. I missed the beginning of the ceremony at the second school, but at least I got a good view of the motorway.

That school was primary school Evenaar in Herentals. At the end of the presentation the girls of the 6th grade ran along with us.

The next stop was in the town of Kasterlee, where two schools had gathered to welcome us. What a treat! Children from De Waaier and De Vlieger high-fived us on our way in.

We ran to a large grassy field, where a giant stage had been set up. Kids were seated there by the hundreds. The afternoon sun bathed everything in a warm, golden glow and gave a magical touch to the whole ceremony.

It was kind of like a great, big picnic. Everybody was happy and glad.

Some were just downright ecstatic.

Near the end, everybody ran a great big loop around the field. These kids were fast! That's the mayor in the back left corner.

At the end it was the teachers' turn. They set a cracking pace and got all the children on their feet, cheering and applauding.

At the end the mayor gave a very warm-hearted speech. "You are runners with a dream," he said, "A dream of harmony and of achieving things together." Afterwards the mayor and the teachers from two schools received their certificates and posed proudly for a group shot. It had been a wonderful and truly heart-felt meeting that we will not easily forget. Hope to see you next time!

We ended the day on a silent and prayerful note. Father Benny from the Norbertine Abbey in Postel received the runners and blessed the World Harmony Torch. We sat together in the beautiful little church of the abbey and let our wishes and prayers for harmony soar towards the heavens...

See you tomorrow!

– Abhinabha

Distance: 85 km

Team Members:
Dipavajan Renner (Austria), David Mouton (France), Namitabha Arsic (Serbia), Darya Soboleva (Russia), Ksenia Soboleva (Russia), Abhinabha Tangerman (Netherlands), Anita Borics (Hungary), Sabine Meyer (Belgium), Rabinath De Lange (Netherlands), James Doran (New Zealand)

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