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2010 Messages

Hello Everyone,
Hi Luis, Nice to see you right through the website of the run, from Guatemala have been following the run and we are happy to see you so dynamic and happiness, we wish you well.

David Hernandez, Guatemala

Hoi Roos en vrienden,
ik zie dat je heerlijk in de zon in Italië bent - gelukkig maar - ik dacht dat je nog in New York op een vliegtuig moest wachten..... - groet vanuit Edam,

Tiny Janssens, Nederland

hola chato, nos da gusto que estes bien y que estes disfrutando de esa experiencia, te mandamos un fuerte abrazo, cuidate mucho y que Dios te bendiga.

Mery Gonzalez, Guatemala

Great to see the Run back on the road! Glad to see all of you made it across the Atlantic (I almost feel like I should apologize for this >eruption of ours). Keep smiling, Zach!

Suren, Iceland

That running is touching and I am doing a project of William Butler Yeats!

Alex Lima

Hi Sarah, wonderful pictures, looks like you are having a great time. Good luck to you and all your team for a successful trip with lots of great memories.
Love Mom, xxoo 

Sarah Newton, Canada 

I was very happy to meet you during your passage to ARREAU, your adventure is formidable, continue as you are.

Colette RECURT
General secretary of the City hall of ARREAU

hi Apaguha, i just love looking at your photos and all the smiling faces, the South of France looks beautiful, it is as if i am there for just a glimpse looking at your pictures. keep on posting them. bless you all and have a safe journey..

Christiaan Erasmus, South Africa

i love your journey, it is as if i have moments of being there now and then. it is so inspiring and i believe more people should join your run. should start with myself...take care

Christiaan Erasmus, South Africa 

Hi Elke, even though I didn't see your photo at least I found your name - so I know you are having a wonderful time with all your inspiring and young runners. Did you enjoy some of these delicous looking (and tasting) French pastries???
Happy Easter to all you wonderful people - wish I could be there with you.

Bigalita, U.S.A.

Looks great out there with everyone shining and smiling. I have been following your daily reports since Ireland and am getting a lot of inspiration each day from the beauty of each place and the joy in everyones face and the laughter of the children. Hope you feel all of our support with you on the road and also our admiration for your success and achievements. Tremendous reports every day and really wonderful photography, loving it!
All the best to everyone and happy running!

Prabhakar, Canada

je suis la mamie de Pierre Lantuas chez qui les filles doivent êtres héberger le 28 et 29 .je vous attends avec grand plaisir ! a très bientôt a saint jean de luz! je suis désolé je ne pratique pas l'anglais .....

Monique Monfouga, France

it was wonderful to meet up with you Apaguha and being able to shoot with Aaron. hope your cold is better. take care and enjoy Spain, all the best...God bless you and your journey.

Christiaan Erasmus, South Africa

Hi Chahida, was looking at the beautiful pictures. Hope you have a great time. We miss you but have a good substitute in Ed! Hope you have a nice weather over there. It has been really nice here, all the snow gone. Say hi to everyone I know.

Pujarini Jónsdóttir, Iceland

Saw you heading towards Symonds Yat, Ross on Wye. First really warm day we had - didn't know about the run until we looked it up on the internet.  Well done!

Susan Walters, England

hi Apaguha,i can see that you enjoy every moment.Nil asked if that were you diving?spring is here finally.beautiful landscape.see you soon. greetings from İstanbul.

Christiaan Erasmus, South Africa

Hey, saw you last week in Repton. Knew nothing about this until then, but think what you are doing is fantastic! Keep it up!!!

Kev Jackson, UK

hi Apaguha,sure you have a lot of stories to tell from all the places you have seen and experienced so much good will.i can see and feel only good vibes.see you soon. all the best.

Christiaan Erasmus, South Africa

I enjoyed video from Ireland (European Launch in Dublin 2010), especially the kids singing WHR song at the end. It should be nominated for the best performance of WHR song in 2010 :-))).

Standa, Czech Republic

Just seen you running through the Peak District, and past my house... very inspiring!  Good luck to you all.

Sophie Hunter, England

eating pecan pie seemed to make you smile, beautiful scenery English countryside, wish i was there! bless you all and enjoy. greetings from İstanbul.

Christiaan Erasmus, South Africa

Just want to say congratulations to you all.  I stopped to help the van that broke down just outside Blackridge and went away to bring the runner back!  Although communication was a slight problem, she got into the car and we made it back to the van with the torch still lit but outside the window.  Glad that the van got sorted and it didn't upset the run too much. Once again, Congratulations to you all! Well done. Best wishes,

Fiona Hughen, Scotland

i am looking forward every night to see your pictures, it is beautiful and you are blessed to be on this journey. are the girls outrunning you boys?

Christiaan Erasmus, South Africa

Thank you for visiting us.  We really enjoyed meeting you.  It was great fun guessing your countries in the quiz.  The most difficult one was Russia.  The easiest ones were England and Scotland!  We think what you're doing is brilliant because its very important to have peace in the world.  We hope you enjoy the rest of your journey and carry on meeting new people.

PS - we thought we ought to tell you that the bird on our wall is a chaffinch!

Lochdonhead Primary School, Scotland

i smile every time i see the chidren smile,the purity and inner beauty which they radiate.you do an amazing thing to spread harmony.you are planting future seeds for harmoney to spread around the universe.

Christiaan Erasmus, South Africa 

Flowers of Scotland, right enough! Sending you all my heart's love and gratitude and congratulations. The soul of Scotland will be glowing with a pure, high Light.

Bhakati, Scotland and Canada

Looks like I left the run too early. Scotland looks wonderful. Enjoy!

Salil Wilson, USA / Australia

time is running so fast,is it the same for you? every day a different stretch, landscape, school children. all that beauty surround you. what are we doing in cities? i love watching your journey. enjoy. you inspire so many souls...

Christiaan Erasmus, South Africa

looking forward to  the pictures today at Balbardie park of peace underneath the mesolithic sites on Cairnpapple hill... if they are as inspirational as the Mull photos, it will be historic. Great day today in the snow and my thanks to the two schools: St marys and Balbardie. Also thanks to all  the older relay runners .. hope your journey goes well. Thanks. I am away for a run.

Alex MacEwen, Scotland

Scotland looks s.o.o.o.o beautiful! I wish I were there. I am so proud of all of you, carrying the torch to new places all the time!

Bhadra, USA

beautiful scenery,i am with you all the way.crispy,clear skies and must be so fresh....that last picture from the boat of the İsl of İona is stunning.always looking forward to see your new photos. take care.

Christiaan Erasmus, South Africa

Hi to all the Team,

It was a privledge to meet you all today on Loch Lomondside at Gartocharn.  Yes I'm the photographer that enjoyed your company as Enyi completed her part of the run!
Warmest regards from Scotland

Jim, Scotland

Amazing pictures.
There's this sort of giddy feeling in my stomach..can't wait to join the Run. Hooray!

Chahida, Iceland

good luck with the run in Scotland,clean ,fresh air,i can breathe it from looking at your beautiful photos,breathtaking beauty,nature in all its glory.you are all blessed to be able to run in nature and all the smiling children.enjoy the run and let your love vibrate all over the universe.love

Christiaan Erasmus, South Africa

Hi guys,
well done running in the cold and snow, we passed you today near Glencoe ski resort and beeped/waved at you! Respect as we were cold in the car :-)

Martin Wilsdon, England

Hey guys, you came to my school today, Lochnell Primary? Anyway i just wanted to give you my best and hope you get on well with your running.

Liam, Scotland

Hello all,
I hope you enjoyed Ireland especially Carrickmacross and I will be following your progress with interest,
Best wishes,

Paschal, Ireland 

An Old Irish Blessing:

"May the road rise to meet you, may the wind be always at your back.
May the sun shine warm upon your face,
the rains fall soft upon your fields and,
until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His Hand.

May the sun make your days bright,
may the stars iluminate your nights.
May the flowers bloom along your path,
your house stand firm against the storm and,
until we meet again,
may God hold you in the palm of His Hand."

This prayer we recieved when we visited a monastery in Switzerland a couple of years ago with the Run. If I see well on these beautiful photos, it works!
Roos, keeep smiling:) with you in Spirit.

Anita, Hungary

I wonder who took the photos of that boots? that guy has a very fashionable eye. keep it up. spread the good energy around the world. take care.

Christiaan Ernst Erasmus, South Africa

It sounds like the Harmony Run in Europe is off to a great start! The number of different countries represented is really impressive. May your run be filled with light and delight! (You are lucky not to be in New York, which today - Friday, 26 Feb. - is covered in a very thick blanket of snow.)

Bhadra, USA

I really like u gys u r the best wen i grow up i would want 2 do the same thing am on a diet looooooooooool thx

Ali, Holland