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Greece 13 May: Athens - Chios

Today our journey in Cyprus comes to an end. We left the hotel at seven o'clock in the morning for the airport.

We took the plane from Larnaka back to Athens where we picked up our beloved white World Harmony Run van. After a nice lunch in an Italian restaurant and a short stroll along the beach we left for the harbor.

We took the ferryboat to Chios, a small Greek island. We will spend two days on this island and then continue to Turkey.

Nothing spectacular today and thus a good opportunity to recount some cute stories from the previous days. One of the recurring topics on the team is the language problem. Most team members can speak English reasonably well but our small mistakes create sometimes funny misunderstandings.

For example, two days ago, when we had dinner with the ladies from the city council of Nicosia, we got tiramisu for dessert. When we got the tiramisu, Frank from Germany was absolutely delighted. He looked at one of the ladies from the city council and said passionately: "The whole week we tried to become tiramisu!" He said it with such adoration that she probably thought that he would pour the dessert over his head and say hallelujah. He meant to say of course that we tried to get tiramisu for the last weeks but weren't successful. In German 'bekommen' means 'to get' so this pitfall was hard to avoid.

Another nice little thing happened yesterday at the international school in Nicosia. We were giving high fives (clapping somebody's hand in the air) to the kids. As Martin clapped the hand of a little boy, the boy looked completely happy at his hand and exclaimed: "I am never going to wash it!" Such enthusiasm these kids had, it was absolutely contagious. Personally speaking, the enthusiasm we are met with as we travel from country to country is greatest thing about the World Harmony Run. This enthusiasm stays in my heart and when I return home from running it will continue to energize me as I go about my daily life.

Chios is supposed to be really beautiful, so let's see what tomorrow brings!

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