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Serbia and Montenegro 13 May: Jagodina - Nis

After a hearty breakfast we left our accommodation, Hotel Jagodina, to catch up with our local Serbian runners who had commenced earlier. The International Team caught up with them a few kilometres outside Cuprija, the place of our first ceremony. There we met with children, and with all four World Harmony Run flags and two Serbian flags fluttering in the light breeze we ran into the town. There children singing the World Harmony Run song greeted us.

In the glorious morning sunshine the children gleefully ran out of the town with us.

The International Team was ahead of schedule as we waited, with children and runners from the local athletics club, for the runners on the road to reach us a few kilometres outside Paracin. With some time on our hands is was great to spend this invaluable time chatting to them all and making new friends. This is what makes the World Harmony Run so special in that although you make brief encounters with children and people, the impressions and connections established are everlasting and eternal.

We met so many good hearted people and friendly children. When we started running into the city one girl named Emmr commented, “I never knew this run was going to be so exciting!” as the police escorted us into the town with sirens whaling and people waved and cheered us on.

In the square three pairs of young children entertained us with some Latin American dancing, and some girls danced to some rap music. The representative of the city invited the Team to an exhibition of religious icons, but unfortunately we had to decline the invitation as time was pressing and we needed to arrive at our next destination of Varvarin. As we ran out of Paracin, the children and runners waved goodbye and wished to meet again next year.

The 8 km to Varvarin was superb running, under azure skies, with a few wisps of cloud and the smell of freshly ploughed fields in the air and so green and refreshing with the mountains on the horizon.

The runners set a brisk pace and everyone was in excellent spirits when we met the children on this perfect summer’s day. The children were so happy to see us and wanted so much to talk to all the International Team and practice their English. In Varvarin centre a young girl aged 13 eloquently spoke about the World Harmony Run.

We were so grateful and moved by her speech:

“Each step the runners make brings people and countries closer. Cultural and any other differences diminish in the power of their wish for a better world for all of us. The runners carry the torch of peace, understanding and love from country to country. Its flame warms up the hearts of all people who see it. The whole world could be one happy family. So, we should seek harmony and international peace. We should not be separated, we should erase borders. Imagine a world where love rules, where people smile and laugh! It isn’t impossible! But you must do your part in it! Let’s strengthen international friendship!”

For one so young she had perfectly captured and seized the spirit of the World Harmony Run. Children seem to know right away what the torch symbolises. Not only did she make this moving speech, she also fantastically translated when Mark gave his speech to the children. All the children were so receptive to the meaning and ideals of world harmony. The children ran with us out of the city and across a bridge that spans the River Morava.

The torch always tends to inspire the children holding it to run faster, and on this occasion it was no exception. All the children persevered in the heat of the day and to the applause of the runners, the children sprinted the last 100 metres to us, collecting their World Harmony Run stickers at the end. They were so delightful and so full of boundless joy.

The International Team had similar experiences in all our meetings with children in Cicevac, Razanj and Aleksinac. We have found that the children in Serbia and Montenegro are so receptive to us and have this hunger to make friends with people from different countries. Like young children in every country they have so much energy and joy and such innocence that it is extremely moving. To our great joy there are also many warmhearted mayors and adults running with us.

On the road to Aleksinac the runners caught up with some local sheep and a 74 year old farmer, along with his friendly dog. The torch touches old and young alike.

On this warm evening all the International Team and Serbian runners ran together the last 4 km into Nis centre. The ceremony was in a beautiful location, by the river and in an amphitheatre with an exhibition of World Harmony Run photographs from last year.

The district mayor warmly welcomed us.

The sun began to set behind the old city fortifications; the sights and sounds of the performances of singing and dancing enveloped us all. We met many friends and nice people there.

It was a perfect end to a perfect day, which set us up for a press conference with the local media in The Regent Club Hotel. Many, many thanks for the four star The Regent Club Hotel who provided for us our fantastic accommodation for the night. We are all so grateful for their generosity to sleep in such luxury. It was a welcome rare treat for the International Team.

This perfect day was complete with a fabulous meal prepared by the Serbian girls. Much food was eaten for a long and arduous day ahead of us tomorrow, and truly stuffed we retired to our beds.

Distance: 119km

Team Members:
Andrea (Hungary), Frank (Holland), Mark (England), Ondrej (Czech Republic), Petr (Czech Republic), Roberto (Germany), Tihomir (Croatia)

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