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Netherlands 18 September: Amsterdam - Den Haag

Our day began outside Amsterdam city hall, where we had time to look at some stunning photographs of the exhibition ‘Earth from the Air’ . It was a simple reminder of how fragile and how beautiful our planet is, and how we need to work in harmony to preserve for the next generation.

We took a picture of a typical Amsterdam canal.

Once inside the city hall we met Ms Hester Maij, a member of the city council. She was very impressed by our achievements and the three crosses of Amsterdam that represented embracement, determination and heroism shared the World Harmony Run ideals. By running through countries, she commented that we embrace all peoples and all nations, and our determination in running was of heroic proportions.

Regional television were present to record the ceremony and of Ms Maij taking the symbolic steps with the torch. She is very kind person.

The regional television cameraman and reporter followed us to the first of our three school visits in the city. We were to visit schools in the South East Amsterdam region where there are over 100 nationalities. Our first school was the Elementary School De Santenkraam where there are many children from Suriname, a former Dutch colony. The children joyfully welcomed us and gave us a rousing applause. Their enthusiasm was overwhelming and they all had such great smiles, especially when they ran with the torch. And when Abhinabha asked them to repeat in Dutch, “Harmony begins with me!” the noise was deafening; they had abundant enthusiasm.

If any of us were feeling sleepy, the children certainly woke us up. The dynamism and energy the torch gives to children is always exciting to watch and hopefully the cameraman captured these lovely moments.

The international feel of our day continued with a visit to the Hindu Elementary School Shri Laksmi. As we approached the school grounds the children orderly filed out onto the playground with every child waving many different homemade torches made out of paper with red, orange and yellow tissue paper for the flames. At this moment the clouds parted and the sun shone.

In the playground the children diligently listened to Abhinabha’s brilliant presentation, and similar to our previous school they were very exuberant.

Whilst the children were patiently waiting in line to each hold the torch we went along the line chatting to the children.

They were all so sweet and kind natured children with a wonderful innocence. They all wanted to be our friends and we certainly wanted to be their friends. Once everyone had made a wish for harmony holding the torch, the whole school ran a loop around the school.

Even all the teachers and principal ran with the children with was wonderful to see and reflected the oneness of the school.

Our next school was the Islamic Elementary School As-Soeffah where a group of children ran a short distance with us to their school. All the boys especially wanted to grab the torch and hold it. Throughout the ceremony they kept on asking us, “Can I hold the torch, can I hold the torch!”

Without doubt the hero of the day was Abhinabha who did the third consecutive school presentation of the day. The children were very exuberant and they had organised a very special and touching programme for us. They had made large banners of flowers, butterflies and a multi coloured bird, and the older children finally sang us a song.

Once outside the children held the torch and eagerly ran around the playing field. Sadly this was our final school visit in Holland, as we headed out of Amsterdam on to the coast. There we ran a 30 km stretch on the beach.

After the city it was great to feel the different energy of the sea and the wind. Like our footprints left in the sand we hope that the World Harmony Run has left lasting impressions on the hearts of all the children we meet.

Our final visit of the day was to the highest judicial institution in the world, the

Peace Palace, seat of the International Court of Justice in Den Haag. It is an imposing and magnificent building. Outside the palace we met Ms Lawrence Blairon, Head of Information who read out the following message from Judge Rosalyn Higgins, D.B.E., Q.C., President of the International Court of Justice:

“On behalf of the International Court of Justice, I warmly welcome the participants in the World Harmony Run to The Hague.

We are delighted to receive you here at the International Court of Justice. Your journey started more than six months ago in Lisbon and by the time you complete the run, you will have carried the torch through 48 countries. This is an impressive achievement, in both athletic and symbolic terms.

The World Harmony Run is dedicated to promoting friendship and understanding, which are the foundations of peace. The International Court of Justice shares these ideals. We aim to contribute to the maintenance of peace and to deepen understanding of international law through our judicial decisions. States come to the International Court to resolve their disputes with each other without recourse to force.

The International Court of Justice is pleased to be a milestone on your journey and my colleagues and I wish you all the best for the continuation of your route through Europe!”

We all felt very honoured to be received by the International Court of Justice and were shown into the Great Hall of Justice where all the international cases are heard.

In our World Harmony Run message book Ms Blairon wrote:

“May the sun of justice enlighten your journey”.

As the sun began to dip below the Palace we said our goodbyes, and ran to Madal Bal Den Haag where our Dutch hosts had prepared us a delicious meal.

Our time in Holland has been full of many surprises, and challenges have arisen, but thanks to our Dutch friends we have together overcome them. Many, many thanks to all the Dutch regional co-ordinators of Frank, Abhinabha, Janneke, Mark, Annemijn and Annemarie for great organisation and teamwork. We truly felt a sense of oneness and togetherness. You all really did a marvellous job, and we look forward to running in Holland again next year. A special mention has to go to some wholesalers from the health food industry that kindly and generously supplied us with food and water; they are Natudis, Springwater Company, Udea and Oce bio.

Tomorrow, another day and another country as we take the early morning ferry to Harwich, England.

Distance: 75km

Team Members:
Abhinabha Tangerman (Holland), Annemijn Schuringa (Holland), Frank de Lange (Holland), Klaus Schulz (Germany), Mark Collinson (England), Marton Fekete (Hungary), Nataliya Lehonkova (Ukraine), Ondrej Vesely (Czech Republic), Unmukta Gerretsen (Holland), Vladimir Ilaysov (Russia).

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