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5. Interfaith Acceptance and Harmony visits

Examples of interfaith events, visits to churches, mosques, synagogues, temples, and other places of worship.

Below are samples from: Australia, Austria, Canada,  Colombia, Germany, Great Britain and Norhern Ireland, Indonesia, Italy, Kazakhstan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Russia, Serbia, Singapore, Ukraine, USA,

Excerpt from Messages of Davidson Hepburn,President of the General Conference of UNESCO.

Refering  to Harmony Run Support for Interfaith Acceptance:

"The World Harmony Run has been welcomed by people of many different religions, beliefs and faith-based communities.

"Passing the Harmony Torch is a simple, tangible and powerful way to express love of one's neighbour.

"Conveying this message of interfaith harmony and understanding in churches, mosques, synagogues, temples and other places of worship will surely help foster a culture of peace and a growing feeling of universal oneness."

"- message for "World Harmony Run 25th Anniversary: Toward 2022 and a Oneness-World" (full text and YouTube video)


Melbourne, 24  May  2006

Hebrew congregation

At St Kilda Hebrew Congregation we were warmly received by Rabbi Philip Heilbrunn. Upon the steps of the Synagogue we shared our hopes for a unified world before being treated to an exquisitely beautiful musical rendition of a Hebrew psalm, the meaning of which was most poignant. Rabbi Heilbrunn then had the pleasure of making the very first hand print on our banner ‘World Harmony Run: Uniting People of all Faiths'. 

At the Tara Buddhist Institute we were greeted by the beaming faces of the resident Lama, Ven Geshe Doga, Ven Caroline Lawler as well as a number of members of their community who had gathered to be a part of the ceremony. Geshe Doga spoke most eloquently as we invited all those present to hold the torch, make a sincere wish for world harmony and to briefly reflect upon this lofty ideal. 

The Russian Orthodox Church in Brunswick, echoed the sweet sentiments of the day and we were honoured by guided tours of their place of worship.

Warmly embraced by Fr Peter Collins from the Blessed Sacrament Community of St Francis’ Church in the heart of downtown Melbourne. The church was the first to be built in Melbourne and stands to this day, a sanctuary amidst the chaos of the city, nestled in the shadows of towering sky scrapers. Fr Peter offered a truly beautiful and spontaneous prayer as he held the torch and reflected upon its significance. 


03 June 2010


June 06 2011

the abbey in Klosterneuburg

04 June 2011

Mosque in Bad Vöslau!

A representative of the local Imam, welcomed us and received the torch! Then provided a good guided tour through the beautiful building and the history of the community...

...and a final group picture.

 at the Church of Bad Vöslau.

04 June 2011 

Priest Stefan welcomed us and blessed the torch....


One member of the church community carried the torch all the way to the next meeting place... 



23 may 2010


Toronto 2010

Sikh youth

See also related programes on 21 may at :



24 Jul 2010 -Rawdon, Quebec



22 Jan 2010



11 Jun-2010

Benediktus - Hof is an old monastry which goes back to the 8th century and which is now well-known for the work of Willigis Jäger, a Benedictian monk who became a Zen Master.

The Benediktus - Hof is a project where all spiritual pathes are presented equally, based on the principles of Zen Buddhismus and Contemplation.

The newspaper Mainpost published an article about the reception. 


13 Jun 2010

Famous abbey of St. Hildegard in Rüdesheim on the Rhine


Abbess and mystic visionary of the 11th and 12th century, St. Hildegard was one the most important female figures of medieval times. However, interest in St. Hildegard's visionary writings, her cosmic theology, her music and her holistic medical and nutritional insights is growing today, and not only in esoteric and alternative circles.

Like the World Harmony Run she saw man as a co-creater of the world, endowed with the task to create a more harmonious and humane world.

Sister Christophora, ceramics artist of the convent, who goes for a 40 minute run every day, had been appointed to carry the torch with our team all the way to the massive Niederwald-Monument.


This allowed 86-year old Sister Candida, another athletic nun, to try to catch up with the team. Two of us were walking with the energetic, sweet and radiant nun, who had decided to join the team with her Nordic walking sticks as a support member in case Sister Christophora could not make it to the monoment for some reason... 

At the Niederwald monument, which was erected between 1877 and 1883 to represent the unity of all Germans after the Franco-Prussian War 1871 and which today has become a big tourist attraction, another torch ceremony was improvised for all the tourists gathering around us and the athletic nun.

Duisburg: the Merez-Moschee Duisburg

22 Jun 2010

is the biggest mosque in Germany, capable of holding 2,000 people.

besides being the centre of the Islamic comunity of Germany, the mosque is also a meeting point for many faiths and cultures.

iThe building is about 2 years old and is extremely beautiful. A lot of effort has been put in to make it so elaborate: people from all over Europe contributed in many different ways and made the mosque a unique place of prayer and service...

Berlin’s famous monument, Brandenburg Gate.

24 Sept 2005

facing the Brandenburg Gate just to the right (north) there is a small room within the Gate structure dedicated to peace.

It is called the “Room of Silence” or “Raum der Stille” where anyone can go and sit in total silence. The room is dedicated to the spirit of peace and international understanding. 

11-12 jul-2006

At the Brandenburg Gate, Room of Silence there was an interfaith prayer - from Prof. Muzaffer Andac, who read the first surah of the Koran; Mr. Dhiraj Roy, who sang a recitation from the Bhagavad Gita in Sanskrit and English; followed by the Lord's Prayer given by Mrs. Kroffke from Potsdam. 


The religious representatives walked holding the torch together to the European House close by the Brandenburg Gate.


Mr Handel of the EU Commission at the European House received us with a speech and presents. It is an open house for people to use and Mr Handel stated that just like the Run, the European Union wishes to create harmony, peace and goodwill between nations. Despite the rules and regulations aimed to create harmonisation within Europe, he mentioned that sometimes what the process lacks is the sense of joy and love. He was very glad that the World Harmony Run has these core values at its heart and he was very pleased that today's running would be commencing from the European House. In our book he wrote:

"Europe is the attempt to establish harmony to our continent. Sometimes love is still missing, but we will continue to be peaceful with each other. With the best wishes for the Run and in future."

Great Britain and Northern Island

17 June 2011

  • St. Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art - an interfaith museum dedicated to exploring and displaying different faiths. 


  •  "Sense over Sectarianism"  -Non-denominational schools were joined by some students from Catholic schools as part of a special social inclusion program - "Sense over Sectarinaism." 

 St. Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art

- an interfaith museum dedicated to exploring and displaying different faiths.

Only two museums of this type in the world.

Ali MacAdam, Facilities Manager, met with the team to learn about our experiences on the road.

The team enjoyed some quiet moments to reflect on the underlying spirit which permeates the world's religions.


 Sense over Sectarinaism.

Garscadden Primary (non-denominational) were joined by some students from St. Paul's Primary (Catholic) as part of a special social inclusion program - Sense over Sectarinaism.


Our photographer Apaguha is joined by students from St. Pauls Primary and Scottstown Primary as part of Sense over Sectariansim.

The BBC was also there capturing the children's thoughts on social inclusion and buidling harmony in the community



 Iceland  2006 Sep 05

2011 Jul 18



Lagu Indonesia memuji keharmonisan dan kesatuan antar keyakinan

Indonesia Song praises interfaith harmony and oneness 

Beberapa musisi dan penyanyi yang hadir disini juga berpartisipasi selama minggu-minggu acara ini

Some of the musicians and singers present had also participated during the week at events

dimana pendiri Lari Keharmonisan, Sri Chinmoy mempersembahkan lagu untuk Indonesia

where the Harmony Run founder's song dedicated to Indonesia

yang telah dipentaskan di berbagai tempat

was performed at a number of locations.

Lagu itu menghargai keharmonisan dan kesatuan antar keyakinan setempat. Di baris terakhirnya adalah: “Islam, Kristen, Buddha, Hindu, semua keyakinan telah membangun suatu tower-kesatuan.”

The song appreciates the local interfaith harmony and oneness. The last line is: "Islam, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, all faiths have built a oneness-tower."

Digubah oleh Sri Chinmoy pada tanggal 29 September 1983. Klik disini untuk download versi kualitas printnya

(http://www.srichinmoysongs.com/song/view/indonesia-softness-sweetness-oneness/2714) Composed by Sri Chinmoy on September 29, 1983. Click here to download a print quality version of english music score 

Informal Bahasa Indonesia translation after each English Paragraph

1. Indonesia, Indonesia, Indonesia
Softness, sweetness, oneness-ambrosia.
You are the golden link between two continents:
Asia, Australia.

Indonesia, Indonesia, Indonesia
Kelembutan, kemanisan, madu manis-kesatuan.
Engkau adalah penghubung emas antara dua benua:
Asia, Australia.

2. Your matchless prides:
Java, Bali Sumatra, Jakarta.
You are your mountain-heights,
You are your volcano-power.
Islam, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, all faiths
Have built a oneness-tower.

Kebanggaanmu yang tak tertandingi:
Jawa, Bali, Sumatra, Jakarta.
Engkau adalah ketinggian-gunungmu,
Engkau adalah kekuatan-vulkanikmu.
Islam, Kristen, Buddha, Hindu, semua keyakinan
Telah membangun sebuah tower-kesatuan.


07 Feb 2011


02 Feb 2011  



2007 Sep 18

2007 Sep 17

2009 Mar 27


The late Pope John Paul II:

“I salute the runners... who are carrying a torch to the destination of peace through the streets of the world.”

May 31st, 1995 (After having blessed the Torch and held it with World Harmony Run founder Sri Chinmoy at the Vatican).


 Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa holds the torch with founder Sri Chinmoy October 1, 1994, in the courtyard of her Missionaries of Charity Home in Rome. Mother Teresa enthusiastically held aloft the Peace Torch, saying to Sri Chinmoy, "May we continue to work together and to share together, all the glory of God and for the good of man." 





 29 Jun 2010




Father Vladimir is conducting a service in support of the World Harmony Run at the Svyato-Vvedensky church of Karaganda city.


 01 Jul 2010


2008 Oct 30


get day /month year was in whr book page 148?

01 May 2010

The friendly monk in charge of our temple stay and the staff of Tongdosa temple pose for a group photo with the team.

A walking meditation round the Buddha's relic.

Then he leads us under a canopy of colouful lanterns, similar to the ones we made in the early morning.



31 Dec 2011

New Zealand

 01 Nov 2010


 30 Oct 2010


 29 Nov 2010


06 Jun 2006




2010 Oct 29











2011 May 05

2011 May 06

Russia -20 Sept 2010

Note famous interfaith statue in background


Russia - October 2011: Return to Chuvashiya Interfaith Monument



Afterwards further interest was expressed to know more about the different religious symbols on the monument.



and the meaning of the Russian words on the base.

A year later, during  October of 2011, a Russian Team of World Harmony participants from the region again visited

and were able to take more detailed pictures to share.


2010 jul 9



03 Jan 2011

Darussalam Mosque


15 Jul 2006



 18 Jun 2005



04 Aug 2010



04 May 2008

The Greater Little Zion Church of the lower 9th ward of New Orleans invited us to take part in their Sunday worship and share a mutual message of harmony and peace.



Rev. Scie welcomed us with open arms and moved us with his stirring sermon on hope, fortitude, and faith. He prayed for our success and strengthened our resolve and inspiration.

Charles Allen III, President of the Holy Cross Neighborhood Association (left), has worked tirelessly in the effort to rebuild the lower 9th ward. In addition, he helped us tremendously on our visit to New Orleans. He and Rev. Scie awarded Warrenetta Banks with the Torch Bearer Award for her sleepless work for the church and community.

The torch was passed from family to family. 

Rev. Scie led the runners and members of his congregation on a walk to the Hurricane Katrina Memorial.

A beautiful and moving ceremony was held at the Katrina Memorial.

Fox News came to the memorial service to cover the story. We were interviewed by several other media sources as well.

 08 May 2005

church called Friendship AME. 

19 April 2010


Historic Christ Church where many of the founding fathers and their families attended over 220 years ago. The founder of the Run, Sri Chinmoy had said many years ago that the name of Philadelphia  "is a ringing bell, which is very, very haunting and, at the same time, illumining and fulfilling. As soon as I hear the word 'Philadelphia', no matter who utters it, I hear a bell ringing-like the Indian heart-temple-gong or the American church bell. Philadelphia, for me, always carries Divinity's Reality." http://www.srichinmoylibrary.com/books/1157/3/1