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4. Value Diversity - exchange and share our multifarious cultures:

Examples of World Harmony Run participation and observing various multicultural events as well as helping to share and exchange various  national or local cultural expressions.

This page includes examples and links from (confirm countries)  Austria,  Canada, Croatia,   Czech Republic, Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Hungary, Japan, Montenegro, Nepal, New Zealand,  Russia, USA, Zimbabwe.

 Excerpt from Message of Davidson Hepburn,President of the General Conference of UNESCO.

Refering  to Harmony Run valuing diversity, exchanges and sharing:

  • "Appreciating diversity strengthens us.

  • As we exchange and share the wealth of our multifarious cultures in the spirit of peace, we realise that there is far more that unites than divides us."

- message for "World Harmony Run 25th Anniversary: Toward 2022 and a Oneness-World"


 15 Aug 2008


Michael Choi, Parliamentary Secretary of Multicultural Affairs in the Queensland Parliament, who gives a rousing and happy welcome to the team. 

Evening programme...


14 Aug 2008



20 Jul 2008



17 Jul 2008




16 Jul 2008


22 May 2008



20 Feb 2010


19 Feb 2010


18 Feb 2010


17 Feb 2010

Belarus, Ukraine, Russia

25 June 2011 - reported 21 Aug 2011

WHR Teams from 3 country regions join together at common boarders to celebrate unity. 


Representatives of Harmony Run teams from

 Russia (more),

Ukraine (more)

and Belarus (more).

joined together during an international festival

"Slavic Unity-2011"

Friendship Monument 

It took place on 25 June 2011 at the Friendship Monument of the meeting of the common borders of

  • Russia's Bryansk region,

  • the Chernigov region of Ukraine, and

  • the Gomel region of Belarus.

This year the festival was held by Russia

and organized in the Bryansk region.

The Harmony run has many inspiring moments and activities.

However, some of the most touching are when the torch is passed between countries at boarders or at regional events.

Similarly when the representative of a town or city passes the torch

to representative of a neighbouring location it is quite moving.

 Sports Teams, Schools and Clubs

We have seen on the Harmony Run that when sports teams,

Schools or clubs and other local associations

who may sometimes be competitors

participate or observe the passing of the Harmony torch or similar shared experiences it can often have an immediate effect on those present.

The heart responds.

Something deep within many people longs to feel and recognize this shared sense of oneness.

beyond the various roles we are born into or take on from time to time.

We are able to celebrate our diversity

and the various different artefacts,

languages and

Cultural offerings we have. At the same time we are also able to exchange and share what has inspired us with the wider world family.

We expand in knowledge, awareness and experience.

Our efforts to reach out, participate and accept others offerings, creates opportunities to make new friends.

It can often also deepen our understanding,  acceptance

and connectionswith old ones.

The founder of the run often spoke about "Oneness."

These experiences of coming together at the the local, and regional levels

is surley helping various communities strengthen a culture of Peace for the world.

Thank you to the organizers and participants for the inspiration and example you are providing to many others way beyond your shared boarders.




15 Jul 2015


10 Jun 2010




09 May 2010

Great Britain





10 Oct 2006



02 Aoril 2009


26 Mar 2009


25 Mar 2009


27 Jun 2010


26 Jun 2010


24 Jun 2010


13 Nov 2010


12 Jul 2010


07 Jun 2010


31 May 2010



 27 Sep 2010


24 Sep 2010



 23 Sep 2010


21 Sep 2010


19 Sep 2010 


18 Sep 2010



 09 Jul 2010


 07 Jul 2010





25 Sep 2009

South Africa

26 Oct 2010


04 Aug 2010


19 Aug 2010

Flushing Meadow Park and Unisphere  NY


26 Jul 2010

 25 Jun 2010

Seatle, Washington State

01 Jun 2010


 30 Apr 2010

- Alaska



 21 Apr 2010


Flags of many nations...


Some america coins display the latin phrase that translates to: "Out of many - One"





 12 May 2008