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Turkey 17 May: Manisa - Balikesir

After probably the best breakfast we have had so far this year, we left for the centre of Manisa. We had a short run through the city,where we were received by Mr Refik Arslan Ozturk, the wali of this region.

A wali is a governor of a district and Turkey is divided in 66 districts. In spite of his many duties and responsibilities he was extremely, extremely kind to us. He received us with tremendous warmth and humility. He asked us about the experiences we had had so far in Turkey. After hearing our stories, he was really touched and said: "I thank you in name of all the children". We offered him a World Harmony Run shirt and made a nice picture with him holding the shirt. He said that he goes walking every morning for an hour and from now on he will wear our shirt during his walks!

Afterwards we went on to meet the mayor of Manisa at celebration that was held at the occasion of the opening of a new road. He received us cordially and after hearing that we also had a song insisted on hearing it before we left, in spite of the party going on behind him. So we sang the song and continued on our way to a private school in Muradiye, just outside Manisa.

As we approached the school the kids were already hanging out of the windows and waving at us. Arriving at the main entrance we met a group of children nicely lined up and having presents in their hands for us. The director of the school received the torch and we followed him inside. One of the teachers was even more enthusiastic than the children; he took the torch and was smiling and waving like anything.

We made a short presentation inside and afterwards went outside for a run around the schoolyard. The teachers took us to the dining hall where a big plate of food was waiting for us.

The hall was already filled with hundreds of eating children. We got a big round of applause and many curious looks.

Now we really had to start running. It was already one o'clock and we still had 140 kilometer to go! Everybody take a torch and run! We managed to cover the 50 kilometer to Akhisar pretty fast. Alongside the road the running team of the local primary school was already eagerly waiting for us. We ran with them a few hundred meters and as we rounded the last corner we saw all the children of the school waiting for us, clapping and cheering.

This school was really ready for us! They had announced on the homepage of the school website that we were coming and the whole school was outside waiting for us

This school is really inspired to make the World Harmony Run a big event in the years to come. We started with our little program and passed the torch around. Also the teachers held the torch all together and finally we ran around the field with all the children.

Now the real program started: A big group of children sang 'We are the world' for us followed by a folk dance and a modern dancing performance by the 'Pink Panthers'. They all looked so cute! It was one big party out there on the field in front of the school.

The kids were asking questions, giving us sweets, asked for autographs and what not. Even the very small kids had learned some questions in English. I think I answered the question: Do you like ice cream? at least 35 times.

Now the director of the school invited us to plant a peace tree in a small field next to the school. Everybody scrambled up a small hill and Dipavajan dug in the tree together with the director.

We went back inside and admired all the paintings and drawings that the kids had made about harmony. We could choose the one we liked best and a little later the girl who made the drawing presented it to us in a nice frame! And as if all this weren't enough we were then taken to a little room where a big buffet was laid out on the table for us! Turkish hospitality is really overwhelming! We enjoyed a nice meal together with the teachers.

Two of the teachers had learned the World Harmony Run song by heart, just from hearing us sing it and they sang it for us. We of course enthusiastically joined them for the few final notes.

It was 4 o'clock now and 100 kilometer to run, oops...but somehow we managed and by 8 o'clock we reached Balikesir. Tatjana was again the hero, she ran 25 kilometers today.

Distance: 140km

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Macedonia 17 May