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Ukraine 1 June(Team 1): Chernivcy - Vorohta

After the departure from Chernivcy we had to split our team in 2 groups to catch up with our busy schedule.

While the first team started to run from the starting point, the second team drove fast for about 20 km to the next district border. There we met officials of the second region. Later on, a small ceremony occurred in a square, where children were painting nice pictures on the sidewalk.

From here we did some easy running to a stadium where we met children, who eagerly ran with us for a few hundred metres.

In the small city of Popel’nyky about two dozen people ran with us. It was nice to see happy faces of young and old alike.

In the early afternoon a new group of enthusiastic teenagers ran with us. An hour later, just before our lunch break, the runners were escorted by a “gang” of motor bikers, aged from as young as 6, all the way to the ceremony at the main square.

A few kilometres after a very good meal, including some delicious borsch soup, we entered the mountainous region of Polonina. It could remind you of others places in Europe if it were not for the many churches or tiny chapels along the road. The landscape is very green, with lots of pine trees, the sun was strong and the light blue sky was always covered by a few fluffy clouds around the mountainpeaks.

The people who live here are strong, nice and brave. We became good friends with some local children even though we couldn't speak their language.

Some ordinary things are like a treasure in some regions.

In the village of Verhovyna we met 2 members of the Ukrainian Olympic ski jumping team who went to the Turin winter games earlier this year.

They ran with us for about 1 km and then we continued by ourselves on the hilly roads. However, we did not stay alone for long: a few minutes later the Team's French-Ukrainian duo met fresh kid Nadia who made the group of runners a trio. Two kilometres later the trio grew larger with the arrival of two young boys Ivan and Roma. The group reached its full size with a very young Vasya.

The World Harmony Run flag was little heavy for the small kid but he was brave all along the way. After 5 km of nice running together and getting to know each other, we stopped at a spring that the children recommended to us.

We all drank the sulphur rich water and then we bid farewell to this nice team of kids.

It seems that in the late afternoon, everyone still wanted to run. Injured Ondrej ran few km uphill with Mikael, while Mark was enjoying another 5 km in the mountains followed by cows.

We still cannot guess how the Englishman manages to always get a safety car that will play music while he runs! He also had music playing for him whilst he was running in Romania and Bulgaria.

We also had time to visit one of these small chapels so numerous in Ukraine, at the Bukoveckiy pass. The wooden building was humbly decorated: icons of the Christ, the Virgin Mary or Saints, a Bible and a Gospel. When you enter the place, surrounded on all sides by the beautiful and quiet nature, you can really feel the peacefulness that is the result of a faithful prayer.

We finished our running day at 19.30, an hour late of schedule, and 27 km short of the planned distance. But we were happy with our day. After a shower and meal we met the kids of the summer camp where we were staying for the night, and after introducing ourselves, alternatively sang songs to each other. What a nice way to finish the day.

Distance: 139km

Team Members:
Ivana Bauernoplova (Czech Republic), Mark Collinson (England), Mikael Vilpoux (France), Ondrej Vesely (Czech Republic), Stepanka Sarvaicova (Czech Republic), Valentine Bebik (Ukraine).

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