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Ukraine 2 June (Team 1): Vorohta - Galych

Up in our Polonina mountain accommodation the night was cold, and by first light it was raining heavily. Mountain areas have their own microclimate, and here in Ukraine this was no exception. By the time we had breakfast, the temperature had crept up to only 8C.

As we began our running the rain persisted with the stiff wind making it colder, and drenching us to the bone. Throughout the day it was a challenge to keep warm, and we were all continually changing out of soaked clothes into fresh, dry ones, but only to be drenched later on. The only way to keep warm throughout the day was to run as often as possible, as once you stopped running and got into the van you cooled down very quickly, and even the van heater couldn’t sufficiently warm us up.

But, we persisted – we’re more used to, recently, temperatures of 20C more than today. Summer seems to have disappeared for a while.

At the border of Tysmenyckiy the district official met us. He had waited for us in the cold and wet conditions. It is people like him, who we keep meeting along the road, that really inspire us.

Through the wind and rain we ran into the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, where understandably only a small crowd greeted us, but the district and city official made up for the lack of people with their cheerful support and enthusiasm. The city generously provided us with some much-needed warm food of borsch, and pancakes filled with cheeses, and coffee and tea.

Throughout the day in the rain, people waved and cheered us on where ever we ran. Drivers honked their horns in support and appreciation of the runners' efforts. It made us run faster, and we arrived at the border of Galyckiy district on time, where the district official greeted the sodden runner.

With only a few kilometres to our final destination to the old city of Galych, all the International Team and the Ukrainian runners ran into the centre together. In the town hall we met the city official and were entertained by the fantastic children's performances of dancing, singing and saxophone playing.

We also gave an interview for the TV.

A treat was in store for us at our accommodation of a children’s summer camp – a sauna!! After a cold and wet day it was a perfect end to the day to unwind and relax, and more importantly to get warm for the first time in the day.

Although it was approaching 10.30, and the children staying with us in our block were getting ready for bed, we decided to light the World Harmony Run torch. It was the children's first night here at the summer camp, and they were understandably excited and full of energy. They were unlikely to fall sleep straight away. After a few minutes negotiations with their teachers, we entered one of the boys' rooms with the lighted torch.

Their faces lit up as we handed them the torch and talked about the run. To complete their experience and ours we took a photograph. The day was complete.

Distance: 100km

Team Members:
Ivana Bauernoplova (Czech Republic), Mark Collinson (England), Mikael Vilpoux (France), Ondrej Vesely (Czech Republic), Stepanka Sarvaicova (Czech Republic), Valentine Bebik (Ukraine).

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Ukraine 2 June (Team 2)