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USA 05 Aug: NYC Summer Camp: St. James Park - Owen Dolen Recreation BRONX

Recreation Centers - Summer Camps - Advance Visits

Representatives of the World Harmony Run in New York have begun to visit 24 Recreation Centers and Summer Camps in the 5 boroughs of NYC. These visits are in advance of the big event in Flushing Meadow- Corona Park on 19th August. The run around the USA will be returning to NY for the day's events.

5 August the NY team visited 3 Summer Camps in the Bronx:

  1. St. James Recreation Center 192nd Street & Jerome Avenue (718) 822-4271
  2. Owen Dolen Recreation Center - East Tremont Ave at Westchester Ave (718) 822-4284
  3. Bronx REACH at Owen Dolen Recreation Center- East Tremont Ave  (Special Needs program)

Below are the beginning report and photos of 5 August 2010

More images in gallery: http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/gallery/usa/2010/offroute/0805

Links to: Other locations' reports and Photos; NY city Parks Summer Camps and Recreation Centers are at http://www.worldharmonyrun.org/unesco_year/lih_camp/nyc_rc

Program for Advance Visits

In each location one of the runners gives a short introduction. If the video equipment is available we show a short DVD video (around 6 minutes) that has been very well received.. We then have a very good discussion which includes:

* About the run: How it began; Who was the founder

* The countries the runners present on the day were originally from;  How we can all feel peace and harmony

* The International year 2010; What Languages and symbol are on the Banner for 2010.

* Singing the Harmony Run song;  Becoming a member of the World Harmony Run.

* Some of the other places the run is going and has been;  Famous people who have held the torch.

* What can be done by each recreation center or camp before 19th August; What individual campers can do.

* Upcoming event on Aug 19th in Flushing Meadow Corona Park;  and other items the Individual Camp Counselors want to cover

For the Counselors we also share:

* Tip sheet on how to Prepare Campers for World Harmony Run event at the end of summer.  * Information on Living in Harmony Curriculum adapted for Summer Camps

Below are some brief comments and photos from this days events

Aug 05 - CAMP ONE - St. James Recreation Center

192nd Street & Jerome Avenue (718) 822-4271

The World Harmony Run Team arrives at ST. James Recreation Center Summer Camp.

Many questions were asked by the curious campers and answered by the Harmnoy Run Team

When everyone had the opportunity to feel that Harmony dwells deep inside of each one of us

it was so silent in the classroom.

It was much louder when we learned the movements to the World Harmony Run song;!

"We are the Oneness and Fullness of tomorrows sun".

RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN, RUN, World Harmony Run.

Outside St. James is a beautiful Park and everyone ran with the Torch holder.

Later, all the children stood in line and were able to hold the Torch and make a wish for World Harmony.

One by One


and everyone together... 

Thank you St. James Recreation Center, see you again on the 19th of August.

 CAMP TWO- Owlen Dolen Recreation Center

The World Harmony Runners enter the Owen Dolen Recreation Center.

The campers didn`t hesitate to ask about the goals of these runners.

and how they can also spread more harmony. 

Harmony is to be found first within ourselves...

then we can offer it to the world.

We watched a documentary movie about the World Harmony relay runs throughout the world. If you missed it you can see similar one here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XHVce7Yp8DYM

More questions came up.

We learned the Harmony Run Theme song.

with the Choreography or movements. 


Then we went outside and RAN

holding the Torch of World Harmony: the Owlen Dolen Staff

and all of us...

CAMP THREE - Bronx REACH at Owen Dolen Recreation Center

East Tremont Ave (Special Needs program)


Joy as we run together and try to stay with him...

Everyone wants to hold the Torch

Everyone has a chance to participate and make a wish for peace and harmony.

SEE YOU in Flushing Meadow Corona park very SOON, THANK YOU

– Belinda and others

Team Members:
Arpan de Angelo (NYC), Belinda Eckert (Germany)

You can send a message to the runners or read the messages.

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