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The World Harmony Run passed through Alberta in May, 2005 commencing in Lake Louise on May 11 and finishing in Calgary on May 13.

Lake Louise - May 11:

Harmony Meets Beauty – the torch was welcomed into Alberta today at world famous Chateau Lake Louise. David Bayne, Hotel General Manager and Tafline Lachmuth, Public Relations Coordinator, met two of the runners along the shore of the renowned turquoise coloured lake. “I am very happy to support your run” said David Bayne.

The team members were thrilled to be received so warmly in the heart of Canada’s Rocky Mountains. They are off to Banff and Canmore for more fun on the road on Thursday, May 12.

Chateau Lake Louise GM Mr. David Bayne and WHR team runner Sulabha Wisniewski, with PR Co-ordinator Tafline Lachmuth holding the torch.

Banff and Canmore - May 12:


Grade 10 girls from Banff Community High School at the Town Hall with their principal Brian O'Toole.

Banff Town Hall – 9:30 am 16 very enthusiastic students (girls grade 10 gym class) and their Principal Brian O’Toole from Banff Community High School relayed with the torch approximately 7km into Town Hall where Councillor Chris MacDonald welcomed them and shared a few words on how necessary it is to build harmony for our present world situation. Local RCMP Constables accompanied the runners, ensuring safety for all and in the end joined in holding the torch aloft. The team visited the beautiful Banff Springs Hotel and shared running stories with some of the visitors.


Canmore's Deputy Mayor, John Borrowman holds the torch with team members Sulabha and Wilf from Vancouver

Canmore Town Hall – 1 pm: RCMP Constable Tamara Lowe escorted the runners to meet Deputy Mayor John Borrowman and Councillor Bert Dyck where the proclamation was read out making May 12 World Harmony Day in Canmore. From here, the team ran to the Mountain Gate Community School receiving a warm Rocky Mountain welcome from the grade 3, 4 and 5 students.

Teacher Drew Van Allen offered encouragement and support as the students ran a mini torch relay together.

Colourful artwork was presented to the team on the theme of harmony.

The warm welcome was complete with the World Harmony Theme Song playing while the students checked out the team van.

Calgary - May 13:

Mayor Dave Bronconnier issued a World Harmony Day Proclamation in Calgary today, declaring May 13 World Harmony Day which “celebrates the goal of world harmony and recognizes the people in the community who work towards it”.

Dr. Harvey Weingarten, President of Calgary University, and university staff met the runners at his office. “You read all these things in the paper”, he said. “You are distracted, and it’s good that you are reminding people that there are important things to think about.”

Dr. Weingarten with WHR team member Wilf Rupp and local students

Students of Sir Winston Churchill School and King George Elementary schools showed their true colours to the visiting World Harmony Run team today, and with young people so full of energy, the future is bright!

Churchill Track Team and its Vice-Principal-coach ran an 8km relay to King George Elementary School, where 800 cheering students met them in the school yard. The students then converged in the assembly hall to celebrate the event.

Sir Winston Churchill Vice- Principal and track Coach, Gord Baldwin was a super enthuastic support for the Harmony team and ran with some of his students (track club) to King George Elementary School.

Youth Corps Volunteer students Winnie Wong and Rannie Tao spoke about how the individual can make a difference. Spirited young voices filled the room when the students broke into song, “Dare to Dream”, “Tout ce que Je veux-la paix" and the World Harmony Run theme song, Sonny Davis, a wheelchair athlete who is preparing for the Canada Summer Games in Winnipeg joined the runners today and spoke about personal growth and understanding. The kids were inspired.

Wheelchair athlete Sonny Davis

The spirit of harmony symbolized by the flaming torch that passed

through many hands today is alive and well in Calgary.

You can send a message to the runners or read the messages.

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