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Nova Scotia

Parrsboro, Nova Scotia – Tuesday, June 14

Parrsboro Regional Elementary had just put on a spring concert with the theme “Our world, one world”. With Mrs. Lund, the music teacher, playing the piano, which had been brought outside for the ceremony!, the choirs sang songs from the concert including the goosebump raising song “Harmony”. It was beautiful.

All the students from Oxford Elementary School walked over to the large track behind the High School. Exams were on for the high schools so most had more pressing matters at hand. Mayor Lloyd Jenkins came to greet the World Harmony Run to Oxford and to present a proclamation from the town, which he read out during the ceremony. The kids loved running around the track behind the torch, then everyone passed it to each other, putting in it their wishes for harmony.

Principal Merrill welcomed us to West Highlands Elementary School . The students and teachers passed the torch while the World Harmony Run theme song was playing on their sound system, which Principal Merrill had set up. As other students were coming back from a day trip, they also held the torch. There were smiles all around.

The team spent a beautiful evening in a cabin overlooking the Northumberland Strait. What a sunset and sunrise over the wide-open water. Thanks to the graciousness of John and Bonnie of Basic Spirit who offered us their cabin and fed the team also!

Riverton, Nova Scotia – Wednesday, June 15

A beautiful summer morning with songbirds and gentle nature. The students of Dr. W. A. MacLeod Elementary School had prepared a program. Students individually read their expressions of harmony. They put on a skit based on harmony.

Their effort and spirit was felt and appreciated.

Stellarton, Nova Scotia – Wednesday, June 15

Mayor Art Fitt of Stellarton, Amby, the Police Chief and Principal Turnbull greeted the WHR at G. R. Saunders Elementary School. Mayor Fitt received the torch first on behalf of the Town of Stellarton and offered the Town’s greetings. As the theme song played, the children and teachers carried the torch. Thankyou all for your enthusiasm. The torch was escorted out by Amby and assistant. Thankyou for helping us keep on track.

And off to Bible Hill Elementary School where students and teachers greeted the torch and team members. Principal Wanda Vatour remembers the Run coming previously to her school. Thankyou for your continued participation and spirit.

Halifax, Nova Scotia – Wednesday, June 15

Burton Ettinger Elementary School was the first stop in Halifax.

The World Harmony Run team was thrilled to meet the enthusiastic crowd of children from grades one through four. The entire school embraced the spirit and vision of the run and drew on that inspiration to create a large welcome banner for the WHR.

The students also created a spectacular torch display where they made torches from construction paper and arranged them on the gymnasium wall. The highlight of the event was a performance by the school choir of a special “harmony song” selected by instructor James Jackson especially for the WHR runners.

Students listened intently while the WHR runners gave a talk on harmony and the meaning of the run. Shortly after, several students were invited to say a one-word description of what harmony means to them. Some answers were: friendship, love, peace and understanding. The funniest moment of the event occurred when the student and runners were asked to turn to the person sitting next to them and say “you are my friend”. This little game had everyone giggling with a huge smile on heir face. To end the talk the entire assembly shouted HARMONY as loud as they could to try reaching as many people as possible with the message of the run.

On the way of the gym, each student had the chance to hold the torch for a brief moment and make a wish. In the words of one small student "that was amazing!”

Halifax, Nova Scotia – Thursday, June 16

The Cheema Aquatic Club (training grounds for some of Canada’s World Class Aquatic Athletes) welcomed the WHR into the heart of their training grounds.

(Left) Young paddlers with Olympic dreams / (Right) Junior World participant and several-time national champion Jon Pike with teammate Dalton.

Csom Latorovszki (Nova Scotia Coach of the Year – 3 time), Karen Furneaux (World Champion K-1 200m ~ 2001 and two-time Olympian) along with other Olympians Carrie Lightbound, Melanie Barre and Richard Dalton) took time – on this cool and wet day that was only two days before a major competition – to receive the torch.

(Left) Multiple-time coach of the year for Nova Scotia Laszlo Latorovszki and Olympian Jhulan Richard Dalton / (Right) Olympian and world medallist Melanie Barre

The abundance of spirit that these athletes bring to your life’s work shares the signal message of this endeavour for oneness and the World Harmony Run is most grateful for the goodwill offered today.

(Left) Two-time Olympian Carrie Lightbound holds the torch /

(Right) World Champion and two-time Olympian Karen Furneaux.

You can send a message to the runners or read the messages.

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