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British Columbia

The World Harmony Run passed through British Columbia in May, 2005 commencing in Victoria on May 5 and finishing in Vancouver on May 9.

Victoria - Thursday, May 5:

May 5 was declared a "World Harmony Day" in Victoria by Acting Mayor, Chris Coleman. Provincial MLA, Jeff Bray was also present to welcome runners.

On Thursday morning, students from South Park Elementary School relayed the torch to the official welcoming ceremony at “mile 0”. Present at the ceremony were Jeff Bray, MLA representing the provincial government, and Chris Coleman, Acting Mayor, who proclaimed Thursday, May 5, 2005 “World Harmony Day” in the City of Victoria.

The welcome ceremony was highlighted by the Gettin' Higher Choir”, singing under the direction of Denis Donnelly and Shivon Robinsong.

At 1:00 on Thursday afternoon, we visited the “Open Door” a community service facility for people in need of assistance. The residents were thrilled to take part in this global event. Spontaneously lining-up to receive the torch, many closed their eyes and silently moved their lips saying their wish for a world of harmony. As each one passed the torch on we gave out ribbons. The residents loved the ribbons and the team was moved by their sweetness and sincerity.

Victoria - Friday, May 6:

On Friday, May 6 at 11:00 a.m. approximately 450 students from Sir James Douglas Elementary School welcomed the World Harmony Run. Children of many different cultural origins came to the microphone to introduce their countries, and then said “world harmony” in the languages of their countries; the children looked so proud when they had finished.

Older children read out poetry they had composed on the theme of world harmony and their words were remarkable. (Some of the poems will become available to view on the worldharmonyrun.org website). In total, over 250 children and adults ran approximately 1 kilometre for World Harmony.

At 1:30 p.m., a group of 225 enthusiastic teachers and children from St. Patrick’s Elementary School greeted the Torch. The children had been preparing posters, doves on sticks, and writing and discussing World Harmony leading up to this day. The work read out by many of the children was very touching and profound (and some writings will be available on line at worldharmonyrun.org). We were moved by the teachers' expressions of gratitude for the opportunity to partake in this global event. In all, approximately 100 children ran 1 kilometre for World Harmony.

Students from St. Patrick's Elementary School with the torch.

Victoria, Duncan, Nanaimo - Saturday, May 7:

It was a perfect day for running as the six members of the Runners of Compassion club relayed the torch up from Victoria towards Nanaimo.

3 members of the Runners of Compassion club, relaying the torch between Victoria and Nanaimo.

While passing through Duncan, City Council Member Sharon Jackson, former Pro CFL player for the BC Lions Anthony Drawhorn, and the young singers of the Tzinquaw Dance Group welcomed the torch runners.

Local Duncan residents greet runners as Sharon Jackson of the Duncan Town Council holds the torch.

Former Pro-football player for the BC Lions, Anthony Drawhorn holds the torch.

Anthony Drawhorn, now a Duncan resident and working with youth, hopes to run the torch along the US route near L.A. Anthony expressed how much the world needs what the Harmony Run is promoting, and how young people need something positive in their lives to lead us to world peace.

Three beaming young singers from the Tzinquaw Dance Group meet the torch runners.

Vancouver - May 9:

The Harmony Runners were welcomed this morning by over 230 children, parents and teachers at the Vancouver Montessori School. Each of the over 230 persons present, mostly children, held the World Harmony torch. The children had prepared songs for the runners and younger children held their own mini relay races with symbolic torches.

Older students relayed 10km to Vancouver City Hall and were greeted by City Councillor, Ellen Woodsworth who, speaking on behalf of Mayor Larry W. Campbell, declared May 9, 2005 World Harmony Run Day in the City of Vancouver. She then offered kind words to the students, encouraging them on how what they had done was important for the world.

You can send a message to the runners or read the messages.

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