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Montreal, Quebec - Sunday, 5 June:

The team ran from Ste-Anne de Bellevue on the St. Lawrence River to the top of Mount Royal, around the periphery of Montreal Island passing through Baie d’Urfe, Beaconsfield and Dorval. Many held the torch en route including the principal of Terry Fox School. President Kiranpal Singh of the magnificent Sikh Lasalle Temple warmly welcomed the Harmony Runners and held the torch which was then passed around the congregation. A ceremony was also held at the Gaden Chang Chub Cholong Tibetan Buddhist Temple where the honourable Zawa Tulku Rimpoche greeted the runners. The members of the Temple sang a special song composed for the World Harmony run about the seven messages for world peace and harmony: limitless love, compassion, joy, equinamity, health, ecological regeneration and peace. A special gift of a white cloth was presented to the team to give to the World Harmony Run founder, Sri Chinmoy.

The run concluded at the top of Mount Royal with messages of harmony offered in Spanish, Vietnamese, French, Mandarin and other languages.

Thurso, Quebec – Monday, 6 June

270 children gathered in the school gymnasium of École Marie Goretti to sing and play the World Harmony Run song in welcome of this event.

Vidura, representing the World Harmony Run, ran in with the torch.

A discussion of the run and harmony followed.

All children then proceeded outside where the torch was passed to all, and each child made their own individual wish for harmony.

Plaisance, Quebec – Monday, June 6

A small group of students were gathered outside École Sacré

Cour to greet the run. A discussion of harmony followed with the larger student body of about 60 persons. The torch was passed in order for everyone to make their own wish for harmony. Five students were selected to run 100 metres individually with the torch; two other students ran with the flags. It happened to be the birthday of one of the flag bearers, who was very moved by this event. The team gave him a Harmony Run T-shirt for his birthday.


Waterloo, Quebec – Tuesday June 7


The World Harmony Run Team met Mayor Leo Paul Masse at City Hall where he welcomed the Harmony Run to Waterloo. He then escorted us to a nearby school École St. Bernard, 1 km away where he had arranged to have all the students greet us as we came in. Students passed the torch and Mayor Masse said a blessing over the torch for a prosperous run. Teachers directed a question and answer session between their classes and the runners. Approximately 300 persons held the torch to make their individual wish for harmony.

St-Basile-Le-Grand, Quebec – Tuesday, June 7

The theme for the 2004-05 school year for École Chanterelle just happened to be “peace making”. Consequently, this event was highly promoted by the teachers as part of this theme. Every class made banners and/or flags about peace and friendship to welcome us. The teachers said they would discuss with their classes what we had spoken about after the event. The students themselves were tremendously enthusiastic. No media was present, but several of the teachers were snapping lots of pictures for their school.

Magog, Quebec – Tuesday, June 7

A very nice reception was held for the runners at the local Community Centre, following a run down the main street of Magog, Quebec.

Granby, Quebec – Tuesday, June 7

The runners were greeted and shared the torch at City Hall in Granby, Quebec and June 7, 2005 was declared World Harmony Run Day.

Quebec City – Thursday, June 9

The local police escorted the runners for four kilometers leading to the heart of the old city where hundreds of people along the route stopped and clapped and many were taking pictures and dancing to the World Harmony Run song. They were welcomed at City Hall by Deputy Mayor Jacques Jolicoeur, where June 9 was declared World Harmony Run Day in Quebec City . The runners shared the torch and were given refreshments and pins of the city.

Saint Anne de la Perade, Quebec – Thursday, June 9

Students assembled at l’Ecole Madelaine de Vercheres where the runners were greeted and everyone had a chance to talk about world harmony and ask questions. Then 230 children passed the torch on the way out the door and ran about a half kilometer with the harmony run team. The children also made many flags and posters about peace. At the end of the street, the children had the runners autograph the flags.

Trois-Rivieres – Thursday, June 9

Rejean Dubordand of the Club Milpats (Running club) ran with with the core team to City Hall where they were met by Mayor Yves Leveques and City Councillor Fernand Lajois. The Mayor read the proclamation declaring Trois – Rivieres Quebec “Jour de Celebration de l’Harmonie Mondiale” (June 9), and the runners signed the “Livre D’or” and were given city pins. They were interviewed by the local media and given a police escort through town, running 7.5 kilometers with M. Dubordand. The Harmony Run song was playing all along the streets for all to enjoy.

Levis, Quebec – Friday, June 10

We were greeted at City Hall by Deputy Mayor Alain Lemaire and Master of Ceremonies Marie Poulin.

Ceremonies were held behind the building where there is a great view of the St. Lawrence river. The Deputy Mayor read the Harmony Day Proclamation, we signed the City Book, and passed the torch to all. After enjoying the refreshments they had prepared, the runners were given a police escort to a beautiful bicycle path along the river. The policemen gave us joy by sharing in a torch passing moment.

Montmagny, Quebec – Friday, June 10

We were greeted by a huge white goose on the grounds of the City Hall in Montmagny! That is the symbol for their city, and we enjoyed the unique welcome.

Clemente LaLiberte, Director of Recreational Activities, read the letter of salutation from Mayor Jean Claude Croteau.

The City was most generous, giving the team special t-shirts, pins and a gorgeous book about the region. In the Mayor’s words: Bravo, and hold high your torch. We enjoyed our stay in Montmagny.

St.Jean-Port-Joli, Quebec – Friday, June 10

Mayor Jean-Pierre Dube is always eager to support our athletic events that bring inspiration to his city, and today was no exception. While welcoming us, he personally invited nearby tourists to come and hold the torch.

Stephen Lord, who was very helpful to us, was also present. The Proclamation of Journee de L’Harmonie Mondiale was read, and then the Mayor took us on a fascinating tour of a large waterfront sculpture exhibit. The city has been declared Sculpting Capital of Canada for 2005, and many beautiful sculptures were created in wood from the local area.

La Pocatiere, Quebec – Friday, June 10

Mayor Andre Theberge and several city councilors greeted the harmony runners at L”Hotel de Ville in the charming town of La Pocatiere. The Mayor read the proclamation of La Journee de L”Harmonie Mondiale a La Pocatiere, and the team enjoyed the genuine Quebec hospitality of their hosts. Thus ended an endearing tour of la belle province, and the team headed for the New Brunswick border, where a runner from Nova Scotia was to join the core team.

You can send a message to the runners or read the messages.

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