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New Zealand 15 September: Hamilton – Rotorua

Team A

It was after a hearty bowl of cereal and several pieces of toast with scrambled eggs that we strode into Radio More FM's Hamilton studio.

There, Prachar Stegemann and myself enjoyed an interview with Blair and Nick of the morning crew who really got into the spirit of the World Harmony Run. Our thanks to them for a fun time and to Michelle, the Promotions Manager, for organising the interview and the follow-up interview at Cambridge Primary School with Greg on the afternoon show.

We then joined Team B for functions at three schools in and around Hamilton (see Team B report below). At Cambridge School we were joined by Gerry and Shirley Brown, long-time supporters of the World Harmony Run and Rupashri's grandparents.

After a full morning of "talking the talk," it was now time to "walk the walk" – or rather, "run the run."

Whilst on our merry way we happened across Belinda who, after seeing the Torch from a distance, was curious to find out what exactly this dancing flame was doing.

And once she knew the story, she couldn't wait to hold the Torch and express her aspirations for a more harmonious world.

"Steam! Mud! Boiling mud! – these things I must see," said Prachar once we had finally arrived in Rotorua. And with such an abundance of natural geothermal activity in this geyser-land paradise, we didn't have to wait long for an opportunity.

The local park is sprinkled with such sights. Here in Rotorua, mineral springs and natural steam break through in seemingly every direction. Many people's backyards have warm springs, steam or mud (and the accompanying all-pervasive aroma of sulphur) flowing forth to the excited delight of visitors.

Tonight's accommodation for our team has been kindly provided by Jude and Tony of Astray Motel which is located in the central business district in this lovely city.

Tony and Jude were very quick to say how much they loved what we were doing and how they totally identified with the ideals of the World Harmony Run. Thanks very much, the rooms were fantastic!

– Budhsamudra Knox

Team B

The sun shone brightly upon us on our busy day in Hamilton today!

Our team started off running into Rototuna School with an awesome welcome from the class captains.

Principal Phil Cowie made us feel very welcome, and then a world of culture came on stage!

Rupashri Brown introduced the World Harmony Run...

and the World-Harmony-Run Song, with actions and volume included, went down a treat!

Groups of children were dressed in different costumes from all over the globe, including the Philippines, Pakistan, India, Australia, Scotland, Africa, Rarotonga, England, Russia, Korea, Samoa ... and more.

A beautiful picture of world harmony right here in Rototuna!

A speedy Run for Harmony around the field...

...lots of smiles!

We were introduced to a very special girl at Rototuna School who is loved by all, and she always helps other children. Leah Porima is her name and today Leah received the World Harmony Run's Torch-Bearer Award for her contribution to harmony and oneness at Rototuna.

Thank you, Rototuna School! Keep smiling and keep up the great work for harmony!

Not too far down the road was Bankwood Primary School, where we linked up with Team A after their radio interview.

...a great school vision!

Children shared with us some beautiful poems they had written about peace and harmony, and what it means to them in their life. Here is a poem written by Kenan:

Peace And Harmony

Watching my friends smile at me.
Watching a shimmering stream flow past me.
Running through a dandelion field feeling free.
Making a hut out of a tree.
Lying in bed and listening to the chorus of the birds.
Playing outside in the lovely fresh air.
Playing with my imagination.
Peace is the happiness of love.
Harmony is a happy world.
Peace is friendship, full of love.

– Kenan

We then created a huge circle outside on the field...

...and the Torch was passed around as the children made a wish for Harmony...

Thank you so much for your support, Bankwood Primary, see you next year!

Fairfield Intermediate School, Room 4 were our next smiling participants in the World Harmony Run 2008. They received a few goodies including a beautiful print of a painting for World Peace by Sri Chinmoy.

Being leaders at the school, they really seemed to understand our vision for co-operation and oneness in a team.

The wishes on the Torch for World Harmony were strong and as one.

Cambridge Primary School, our final school visit for the day was indeed an enthusiastic finale!

Tania-Marie was just amazing with the children and her actions and visions for creating a more harmonious and happy school are very inspiring!

Children were awarded C.A.R.E. principal awards, standing for Citizenship, Achievement, Responsibility and Effort...

...and we were sung a most beautiful song about believing in angels, and seeing the good in everything. Congratulations Cambridge Primary, you really gave us so much joy today!

Final image of the day – the famous dog of Tirau!

Plabita and Rupashri get a friendly hello!

– Nishima Knowsley

Team C

Hamilton, where we stayed last night, lies on the banks of the mighty Waikato River – we awakened to a mist-filled world.

Our team ran through the fog to the Hukanui School, where after meeting the children, we were interviewed by the school's own intrepid TV News reporters.

On to Woodstock School, where we were greeted outside on the school field by massed students waving handmade flags.

They staged a relay race with the Torch, sang the World-Harmony-Run Song to us, read out poems and liberated a mass of helium-filled balloons. Such energy and enthusiasm! These students blew us away, and fuelled our own enthusiasm.

Erika, our team member from Hungary, was thrilled to meet one of the teachers who is also Hungarian. Livia has been sent out by her Pethő Institute in Hungary. She has been living in New Zealand for 11 years and she is currently teaching eight disabled children at the school.

We then ran to Hamilton East School, where we 'high-fived' our way through the lines of children. This is a school that the World Harmony Run has visited before. Their welcome this time was so warm that we are sure to return!

Then a drive through the rolling green Waikato fields to Tirau, from where we relay-ran to Rotorua.

– Uddipan Brown

Team Members:
Erika Pongracz, Gabor Horvath (both Hungary), Nigel Webber, Prachar Stegemann (both Australia), Rupashri Brown, Kallola Brown, Nipura Brown, Lauren Armstrong, Ujjwala Mettrick, Nishima Knowsley, Niribili File, Brenda Marshall, Uddipan Brown, Budhsamudra Knox, (all New Zealand)

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