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New Zealand 21 September: Carterton – Lower Hutt

Team A

We were faced with a simple task this morning – to run up and over the Rimutaka Range, from Featherston to Stokes Valley. Uddipan Brown, on his last day with the running team, volunteered to run from bottom to the top of the imposing range. It was not the gradient of the climb which proved the greatest challenge however, but a slamming wind which seemed to hurl itself upon us from all directions. The runner's every effort was concentrated on simply staying upright.

Nigel Webber drew the lucky ticket for the run down the other side. Once there, the wind subsided and we were able to cruise through the Silverstream Valley to our destination at the Bodhinyanarama Monastery (see Team B report below).

– Prachar Stegemann

Team B

A crisp chilled morning, ripe with the scent of Spring, hung over the Highwayman Motel in Masterton. We saddled the car and van and headed out south along the early morning roads, capes on our shoulders and scarfs around our necks towards our first ceremony in Lower Hutt at the Pelorus Half Marathon.

This is a great race on the Petone Foreshore that also encompasses 10 km and 5 km distances as well. A strong breeze swept in from across Wellington Harbour as the eager and sprightly runners went through their warmups –some relaxed, but most, nervous.

It was before the 10 km race that we were given the opportunity to hold a small presentation right on the start/finish line with the Lower Hutt mayor, David Ogden.

The mayor spoke about the importance of the World Harmony Run and the great benefits physical fitness plays in a healthy and happy community. David also revealed that he had taken part in an earlier World Harmony Run in 1991 while an active member of his local running club. He then presented a World Harmony Run Torch-Bearer Award to Stephanie Cairns from Take 5 Te Whare Marama, a non-profit community organisation providing support for those who have been touched by the experience of mental illness.

We were also thrilled to have Melissa Moon and Alyn Ware come along to support the World Harmony Run today. Melissa Moon is a two-time World Mountain Running Champion and holder of numerous NZ titles both on the track and cross country – and one of the chirpiest people we've met on the Run. She has a big heart and a tremendous self-giving spirit.

Melissa participated in a similar run last year around the world called the Blue Planet Run. Our very special friend, Alyn is the director of the Peace Foundation in Wellington, and ran in the race today as one of our team.

After the race we met with Tom Swan who had completed the Half Marathon in the excellent time of 1:24:46.

Our entire team then gathered at the Bodhinyanarama Buddhist Monastery in Stokes Valley, which lies on a forested hillside covered in pine trees.

Here we were invited to take part in the public meditation, and listened to numerous chants from the monks that resonated under the gaze of the Lord Buddha, reminding us all of that sacred place deep inside. We took part in the giving of alms to the monks and later enjoyed a fantastic feast.

We ended our visit with a private meeting with the Abbot and monks. They blessed the Torch with a Buddhist chant about victory and courage, to which we responded with our own World-Harmony-Run song, concluding a most soulful meeting.

A few of us also enjoyed a delightful stroll along the serene walking track above the monastery, including a visit to the stupa overlooking the valley below.

– Budhsamudra Knox

Team C

Our girls' team today enjoyed their run from Carterton to Featherston, and from Stokes Valley to Lower Hutt, after which we joined with the other runners for the remainder of the day's activities.

Our thanks to Gordon and Karen from Wellesley Country Park, Akatarawa Rd, Akatarawa Valley, for their big-hearted generosity in accommodating our entire team in splendid comfort for the night. Many thanks!

– Sophie Anderson

Team Members:
Erika Pongracz, Gabor Horvath (both Hungary), Nigel Webber, Prachar Stegemann (both Australia), Rupashri Brown, Kallola Brown, Nipura Brown, Lauren Armstrong, Ujjwala Mettrick, Alan Myers-Daly, Niribili File, Sophie Anderson, Brenda Marshall, Uddipan Brown, Budhsamudra Knox, (all New Zealand)

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