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New Zealand 18 September: National Park – Taihape

Team A

After a great night's rest at Discovery Lodge's truly exceptional accommodation in National Park, we continue running south.

First stop, Te Kura Kaupapa School Marae...

... where we were greeted with a Powhiri, a traditional Maori welcome.

They loved the kaupapa (philosophy) behind the World Harmony Run, as we did theirs...

Whaia Korty said on behalf of the iwi, "We believe in uniting the physical and the spiritual."

There were 34 students, all learning a Maori curriculum and all of whom, including the teachers, welcomed us like family.

Thank you Te Kura Kaupapa School Marae, we hope to see you again and stay longer next time.

At our next stop, we were warmly welcomed by Ohakune School's top runners.

At this school, Uddipan Brown made a wonderful presentation, which was followed by the school performing 'Melting Pot' – a song with lyrics about the unity of religions, races and cultural beliefs.

Eli and Siana holding the Torch with their aunt, World Harmony Runner Alana Myers-Daly.

A favourite New Zealand icon – the all purpose gumboot which we could have used today after a day of heavy rain.

Students at the next school, St Joseph's in Taihape, were very quick to answer the question, 'Where does harmony come from?'

Niribili File demonstrated the actions to the singing of the World-Harmony-Run song, and the response was fantastic.

3,500 km around New Zealand is a long way!

Next on the agenda – the famous Gravity Canyon – whose staff kindly sponsored three of our runners for a thrill of their lifetimes. This is the home of New Zealand's most extreme flying fox, and longest bungy swing.

Harnessed up on the triple flying fox, at 800 feet high and travelling at 160 kph – Lauren Armstrong, Plabita Butler and Ujjwala Merrick, and of course the World Harmony Run torch – were in for quite an adventure!

The flying foxes: Lauren, Plabita and Ujjwala

You can see us in the middle of the picture, a dot in the canyon.

"It's like being on an aeroplane without the plane," remarked Plabita after her "flight."

– Lauren Armstrong

Team B

Thank you to Andrew and the friendly people at Skotel, New Zealand's highest hotel, for hosting our team last night. The spa was particularly welcome after a day's running! Having spent the night in our homely mountain chalet and having breathed in the fresh morning alpine air we made our way down from the Skotol and headed towards our first engagement.

National Park School is a lovely small school at the foot of Mt Ruapehu and here the team was charmed by the enthusiasm and inquisitiveness of the students, who did a sterling job when they joined us for an action packed round of the World-Harmony-Run song.

These kids have a wonderful program – in the winter months they get to spend a minimum of one day a week on the slopes skiing and boarding to their hearts' content. Now that’s cool!

Running through passing showers and underneath low hanging mist and cloud, step by step we made our way down from the central plateau. Twisted and warped, gnarled and knotted stood the old trees by the sides of the road. The rain was swelling the rivers, streams and waterfalls with ebullient joy.

On rainy days like these the landscape seems to have so much emotion and feeling, as if it is demanding more of us.

Along our route we paid a visit to Smash Palace, an old and huge car wrecker's yard that was made famous by the Kiwi movie of the same name.

Gabor, our intrepid Hungarian photographer, couldn’t resist the opportunity amongst these rusted wrecks.

After we visited Gravity Canyon we moseyed into the quiet town of Taihape as if we were about to catch the 3:10 to Yuma. Gumboots rule this staging post on State Highway One, where locals shamble by with a grin and a wave. We give our heartfelt thanks to the owners of the Safari Motel were we overnighted on the edge of this town.

– Budhsamudra Knox

Team C

Ruapehu College gave us a hugely heartfelt welcome beginning with a Powhiri, followed by the Haka.

Head boy Matt takes the microphone. He says: "In musical terms, a harmony is formed when two or more notes are played together to make a stronger and more beautiful sound than just a single note. That is the same with world harmony: when two or more people or countries work together we are stronger and more powerful."

The college was very inter-cultural. Melissa, house captain from Tonga, here holding the Torch.

The school focuses on students' strengths and builds on that.

A special thanks to Ruapehu College, the staff and Principal Josephine Mikaere.

Our team's next stop was Waiouro School, where we found the students very attentive.

Here, the World Harmony Run Team were honoured to give out awards as the children had just completed cross-country races.

Next on the program was the Mangaweka School...

Lots of questions – "Does the torch ever go out?''

The children created a lot of colourful art work associated with harmony.

Everyone got to hold the torch and make a wish for harmony.

– Sophie Anderson

Team Members:
Erika Pongracz, Gabor Horvath (both Hungary), Nigel Webber, Prachar Stegemann (both Australia), Rupashri Brown, Kallola Brown, Nipura Brown, Lauren Armstrong, Ujjwala Mettrick, Alan Myers-Daly, Niribili File, Brenda Marshall, Uddipan Brown, Budhsamudra Knox, (all New Zealand)

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