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New Zealand 19 September: Taihape – Palmerston North

Team A

Aspen Court Motel – thank you for accommodating us in your lovely motel in Taihape, and for being such caring and wonderful hosts.

Early morning start. 33 km before noon to reach Palmerston North.

We were warmly welcomed at Ohakea Airforce Base by Base Commander and Wing Commander RNZAF Shaun Clarke and other RNZAF Personnel.  We were escorted around the base in true military style, the entourage including the base's photographer, who eagerly 'placed' us for numerous shots.

We were fortunate enough to pose in one of three Iroquois belonging to the RNZAF – the other two are in South Africa on peace keeping missions.

"It is so nice to see so many smiling faces..." commented the Base Commander. When we offered to pose for a serious shot, Shaun did not think that we had a camera with a shutter speed that could capture that moment.

After an inspiring visit to Ohakea, we took a quick picture out front with Trish Pedley, (team member Julie's mother-in-law and wife of Squadron Leader Nick Pedley).

Next was a reception in The Square of Palmerston North, with children from Palmerston North Intermediate.

The Mayor Jono Naylor awarded Mervyn Hancock the World Harmony Run Torch-Bearer Award. At 82, Mervyn is a picture of selfless service, an 'unsung' hero in the Palmerston North Community, offering in many spheres of society. His life of service was recognised by Rotary Club Member Stuart Schwartz who nominated him for the award for his efforts in social services.

"Serving other people is our greatest gift ... our philosophy is exactly the same as your philosophy."

The Mayor Jono Naylor bearing gifts, a 'World Harmony' Jharna-Kala painting by Sri Chinmoy and on the left, a tree to be planted in a Peace Garden at the International Pacific College.

Sophie with her father Peter Anderson and Julie, happy to be part of the team for the day.

Our team then proceeded to the Esplanade Gardens, where Kevin and Niribili planted a 'World Harmony' Kowhai Tree at the Sri Chinmoy Peace Mile, which was inaugurated 12 years ago.

Kevin, Jane and Rebecca – carers of the Esplanade Gardens, with our runners.

Kevin – an avid runner – enjoyed a quick run with the World Harmony Run Torch along the cherry blossom-lined drive of the Esplanade.

After a pleasant time at the Esplanade, we were very warmly welcomed by Sandy Shillington, Vice Chancellor of Massey University, accompanied by a large group of international students.

Massey University were pleased to receive a 'World Harmony' Puriri Tree to commemorate the visit of the 2008 World Harmony Run.

Prachar Stegemann from Australia presented Sandy with a 'World Harmony' Jharna-Kala (Fountain Art) print by Sri Chinmoy.

After the formal part of the proceedings, we were treated to a delicious afternoon tea and enjoyed conversing with international students representing over 20 nations.

We would like to thank Massey University for their kind support and encouragement.

Our team ended the day with a sunset visit to the Manawatu wind farms.

We were mere dwarfs next to these giants – purring away as they harness the power of wind!

– Ujjwala Merrick and Sophie Anderson

Team B

We are greeted by a grey drizzly day, lightened only by the cheering sight of Gabor bouncing up and down outside our front door on a trampoline.

Driving to our first running leg in Hunterville, we met members of the New Zealand Defence Force, one of whom was stationed across the road from our team member, Nigel Webber, when both were in the paratroop regiment of the British Army.

They were enjoying their conversation like anything, until came the cry from the venerable Prachar: "We're running late, boys – fast 3.5 km repeats to reach our destination!"

Out from the warm van into the driving rain, heart hammering, legs pounding, aching up the hills to the relentless beat of our World-Harmony-Run song: "Run, run, run, run, run, run..." my 3.5 km turn into 5.3 km as Nigel, our driver, claims to have been "unable to find a place to stop." On receipt of this news as I arrive breathless, and happily realise that the same Nigel is now out on the road completing his leg. I leap behind the wheel and drive a further 5.3 km, happy to return the favour: "Sorry, Nige, couldn't find a place to stop!"

We arrive just in the nick of time at Clifton School for our first ceremony of the day...

The children gather outside to pass the Torch around.

On to Sanson School...

a tiny school, where the children have been eagerly awaiting our arrival.

We pass the Torch around...

and run around the field with the senior pupils and enjoy a well-earned cuppa in the staff room.

Next we drive to Palmerston North and a ceremony in The Square (see Team A report, above) – then it's onward, ever onward to College St. Normal School, one of the largest of its type in the country.

We present the school with a 'World Harmony' Tree and run again, passing the Torch to all the kids in the playground.

Nigel Webber then caries the flame on to Massey University and our last ceremony of the day (see Team A above).

All in all, a hectic, flat-out, incredibly varied day which leaves us tired in body but sporting a rosy glow of contented fulfilment.

– Uddipan Brown

Team Members:
Erika Pongracz, Gabor Horvath (both Hungary), Nigel Webber, Prachar Stegemann (both Australia), Rupashri Brown, Kallola Brown, Nipura Brown, Lauren Armstrong, Ujjwala Mettrick, Alan Myers-Daly, Niribili File, Brenda Marshall, Uddipan Brown, Budhsamudra Knox, (all New Zealand)

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