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USA 28 June: Seattle, WA - Leavenworth, WA

The team had a very relaxing day yesterday in Seattle. We were well fed at the Silence-Heart-Nest Restaurant. Many, many thanks for such tremendous food and wonderful atmosphere in the restaurant. Our friends in Seattle truly looked after us and the team is ready for its journey heading east.

We started running close to the restaurant in the Fremont area of Seattle. Our first ceremony of the day was in Bothell, at the Bothell Landing Park.

As we entered the park an enthusiastic and very smiley woman Becky Kelly held the torch and ran with us.

Afterwards we met City Manager Bob Stowe, and Bob’s executive assistant Catherine Jansen. Whilst we were talking to them a group of Mum’s pushing their babies in their buggies came swiftly by.

They were part of an fitness program for mothers with their babies known as Stroller Strides. They all held the torch and we left them getting fit.

From Seattle to the small town of Maltby people stopped their cars to inquire about the run and many waved out of their windows. When we stopped at the café, two ladies named Cherie and Lesley who were visiting the café were overjoyed to meet us.

On the run we experience many acts of generosity and kindness and none more so that the homely and cheerful welcome we experienced at The Maltby Café. Tana Baumier the owner (along with Sandra and Barb) treated us to a sumptuous lunch. The café is known throughout the area and has a great reputation and we can see why. It is home cooking at its best and the portions are massive! Our waitress, Chelsea and along with everyone who worked there, looked after us impeccably. Tana made sure we left with full stomachs and big smiles on our faces.

The City of Sultan welcomed the runners to their Community Centre. There we met some employees of the City Hall and Library. We met Donna Murphy who works for the mayor. She remembered us from two years ago and we distinctly remembered her when she sang us a song. She did not disappoint us this time either as she sang us the ‘Happy Song’.

From Sultan the land rose steeply until Stevens Pass at an elevation of 4,061 feet. This area has the Cascade Range and Wenatchee Mountains that rise steeply from the valleys. After our running we soaked our feet and legs in the cold waters of the River Wenatchee. It was very refreshing. The area by the river is known as Skookum La Metsin and it is Chinook Indian jargon for strong medicine. The river waters were certainly strong medicine for our weary legs.

We made our way into Index, WA which was just a mile off the route. Councilman Bob was there to greet us at their giant stone saw in Doolittle Park.

Little by little our ceremony grew. Before long we had about 10 percent on the city population joining in our celebration of harmony.

Bill Cross had very nicely promoted our arrival by putting a poster on the community bulletin board. One citizen remarked, "I would have liked to have more notice about their arrival." "Well the poster had been up there all day" remarked Bill. Bill's wife Sue, who was unabe to attend, made us 3 loaves of excellent banana bread.

We thank Index for a very friendly and sincere reception. We hope we can meet the other 100 citizens next visit.

The alpine feel of this area continued more markedly when we arrived at our final destination of Leavenworth where the towering mountain range shelters the town and it has been Washington’s Bavarian themed village for 47 years. Jwalanta from Germany felt right at home. Hopefully it makes up a little bit for the airline mislaying his luggage.

Pipasa and her friend Alicia made the team a delicious evening meal which we ate al fresco in the park. We have had a lot of food today! We’ve eaten so much today we all feel that we should be running more miles tomorrow.

It has been a superb day. The weather has been kind to us with plenty of sunshine, and we have been very fortunate and touched to meet so many inspiring and self-giving people. Friendship and harmony seems to abound in the state of Washington.

We offer our deepest gratitude to Karl Ruether and the Best Western Icicle Inn in Leavenworth for once again offering a peaceful and relaxing stay. It is always our utmost pleasure to stay.

– Mark and Atulya

Distance: 112 miles

Team Members:
Atulya Berube (San Diego), Jagadhata Amrhien (Chicago), Jwalanta Voelckner (Germany), Mark Collinson (England), Kshetragna Ulanova (Russia), Surya Smolennikova (Russia), Vladimir Salnicov (Moldova), Kokila Chamberlain (England), Drsalu Gruenstaeudl (Austria), Sukhada Korshunova (Russia), Michaela Pokorna (Czech Republic), Dhima (Ukraine)

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