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Suomi-Finland 8 September: Helsinki - Espoo

On our last day in Finland the team once again spilt into two, one covering

Helsinki the other going to Espoo. The weather was being very kind to us.

I was lucky enough to be visiting the schools in Espoo.




Our first meeting was in Länsi-Pasilan koulu, which had many international students.

We gave the school special paintings by Sri Chinmoy-the founder of the run.

In second school-Pikku-Huopalahden koulu, we started the meeting with a video presentation.

Everyone ran together afterwards...

The third school was a Steiner koulu. We really liked the beautiful gym hall, good atmosphere and had fun to run on playground.

Final group picture...

Fourth school in Helsinki today was the Munkkiniemen koulu.

Thanks a lot for all the beautiful wishes and running...




Postipuun koulu

At our first school the young children had such smart questions and answers 

Perkkaanpuiston koulu

The children enjoyed our Harmony Run song, and decided to return the

favour with a beautiful song of thier own.

Kilon koulu

A loud screaming of our motto: Harmony begins with me...

Faces full of joy that did not want to let us leave.

Karamalmens skola

The children really enjoy thier Harmony Run stamps, something they

can share with family and friends.

Mankkaanpuron koulu

This school gave us the most enthusiastic welcome of the day!

Even the littlest of Harmony run supporters get the chance to hold the


After this school we had a wonderful lunch at Jan's house. Later

to be enjoyed by the Helsinki team too.

Mattbergs skola

A real feeling of wonderment and joy from the junior high school kids

at a Swedish school, where local coordinator Jan went to school.

Mattlidens gymnasium

Our final visit of the day was the Swedish High school, with students

ranging from 17 to 19, where Jan also went to school. We were joined by

the other team. All students were eager to hear what we had to say.

Harriet Lindroth . Teacher for 48 years. Leader of the schools Drama group

MaDraK for 40 years. A very special presentation to a very special lady,

who was completely surprised and overwhelmed by receiving the

Torch Bearer award.

It seems that we even get vistors from far away worlds who are interested in

the Harmony run. Maybe to visit old friends...

Well, we sometimes make fun of our Finnish coordinator Jan that he comes from another planet, but he really did an excellent job in organising all the schools today. Thanks a lot.

Finally some of the team get a chance to relax and enjoy a little of the

luxuries of Helsinki. See you next time...

– Chanakhya

Distance: 7 km

Team Members:
Apaguha Vesely (Czech Republic), Roos de Waart (Netherlands), Zoltan Theobald (Hungary), Vladimir Salnicov (Moldova), Pedja Knezevic (Serbia), Predrag Trkulja (Croatia), Chanakhya Jakovic (England), Sumahat Strohn (Germany), Felix Lindner (Switzerland), Chintamani Nordmeyer (Austria), Tarani Nordmeyer (Austria), Sangkeertan Nordmeyer (Austria), Gaura Nordmeyer (Austria), Finish runners

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