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New Zealand 27 October 2005: Taihape

The day greeted us with mist rising from Lake Taupo as we left the silence and peace of our accommodation to begin running on the seventh day of the World Harmony Run in New Zealand. We knew we were in for a day of hills but none of us were truly prepared for the Tongariro terror that awaited us as we climbed to 1450 metres above sea level. Nonetheless, armed with Nipura’s stunning sandwiches and cookies, a fully loaded torch and enthusiastic hearts, we set about the mighty climb.

The day was picture perfect and as we climbed the world famous trio of mountains – Ruapehu, Tongariro and Ngaruhoe - loomed before us, clear and sparkling as none of us had ever seen them before. It seemed that they, like us, had been anticipating this magic day when the World Harmony Run torch would salute them in passing.

We had always known that today was going to be our most challenging day in terms of distance and terrain to be covered - a day for real self-transcendence. And so the long climbs began. Uddipan gamefully struggled up a hill that in his words, “stretched from here to eternity”, and in turn as we changed runners each fresh set of legs was faced with a similar challenge.

On reaching the desert road, the honks of the gigantic trucks blasted the cobwebs out of our calves. The sight of Aaron waving at all of the vehicles gave us a huge response which ensured our rising to the challenge of the hills with an unchanging energy as never seen before. This was personified by a flying 4 minute kilometer from Tom to cheers from the truckies and astonishment from the crowding sheep and cattle in the fields as he sped by.

On reaching the volcanic plateau we celebrated the fact that we were there by waving at everyone and everything – sheep, cows, hills, trucks and passing army battalions from the nearby Waiouru Army Base! High noon gave our shadows little to complain about as we seemed to leave them behind, leaping down the steep hills we had just mounted.

On approaching Taihape we were greeted by ten kids who had run a considerable distance from their school to welcome us. They delighted in passing the harmony torch between themselves as we ran with them back to their school.

The kids had learnt the World Harmony Run song very well, and they sang it to welcome us. Rupashri (14 years old), ably introduced the World Harmony Run team and spoke about the Run. We showed the kids our “cool and groovy” actions to the World Harmony Run song. They learnt fast and with great enthusiasm, and our combined voices could have been heard as far away as the blue distant mountains.

There followed a raft of questions which covered every subject from the hi-tech (the nature of the fuel used in the torch), to the simply human (‘what do YOU eat?’), as well as enquiries as to how one could join the World Harmony Run on its journey.

Then came the sacred moment when each child was able to hold the torch and make a wish for a world of harmony. Some were jovial, others solemn, but everyone was present and in the moment. We were then invited inside the school hall to wish the children a fond farewell. We ran off with the strains of the World Harmony Run song echoing through the air. Boy, do those kids love that song!

Two different accommodations generously invited us to stay in Taihape – the Aspen Court Motel which was wonderfully comfortable and made us feel very much at home, and the Safari Motel, warm and cozy and very welcoming. Thank you!

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