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New Zealand 13 October: Christchurch - Geraldine

Finally the day had arrived, and what a beautiful day it was, as the 2010 New Zealand leg of the World Harmony Run was about to begin. Our International Team was joined by a group of friends and well-wishers as we started on our journey.

Christchurch's Cathedral and the Chalice make for a wonderful backdrop to the team.

AND OFF THEY GO!!! Barb Millar, triathlon organiser extradoinaire, sets a cracking early pace.  Hopefully our brave heroes can keep up!

Shumbhani Anadilcia, one of our Guatamelan runners, somehow manages to catch the sun inside the torch. We often tell the children we meet along the way that they each have a sun inside their heart which can offer the world love, peace and friendship. We can now also tell the kids that we have that same self-giving sun inside our Harmony Torch!

Christchurch's Hagley Park. Christchurch, the most English of cities, is a beautiful city still shining strong despite the recent earthquake.

Husband and wife runners, Vajin and Prasasta Armstrong, demonstrate the meaning of harmony as they lead the runners through Hagley Park.

"What me, now?" Our Australian team member Prachar prepares to gallop across the Canterbury plains. Prachar is one of the co-ordinators of the Australian leg of the World Harmony Run. He ran with us for one day, maybe hoping to pick up a few tips for the Australian section of the Run.

A classic Canterbury scene - sheep, plains, and the Southern Alps in the distance.

Two of the organisers for the North Island leg of the World Harmony Run also joined us for the day. The World Harmony Run creates a wonderful sense of oneness not only between the people we meet on the run but also between all of the volunteer organisers.

What more can you say, spring is definitely in the air.

When you are not running it's always important to get out and stretch – we have got a long way to go!

Our first school of the day was Bright Beginnings Montessori in Rolleston where we were greeted by a lovely group of smiley, happy little ones.

Children intuitively know where peace, love and harmony can be found. If we as adults can try to feel the connection with our heart, it definitely helps us find more peace, joy and happiness in our own lives.

Jogyata Dallas, a bush man from way back, helps pass on a few pointers on how to plant a Peace Tree to the next generation.

Back out on the road Prachar and Jogyata show the younger members how it should be done.

The poor man's World Harmony Torch.

Hundreds of happy faces greeted us when we arrived at Allenton School in Ashburton.

Members of the student council all held the torch and offered their own wishes for peace.

These kids sure knew how to run – lucikly we had young Manju Jackson from Kaitaia who was up for the challenge.

An enthusiastic farewell ended our time at Allenton. Big thanks to all the children and the staff, we had a memorable time.

You never know where you will run into friends, both old and new, on the World Harmony Run.

Huge thanks go out to the team at the Andorra Motel in Fairlie. We hope to see you again soon.

Grumpy (first name Very) is a local legend and kindly offered our team some accommodation for the night. Thanks Grumpy!

– Vajin

Distance: 138 km

Team Members:
Jogyata Dallas (New Zealand), Prachar Stegeman (Australia), Budhsamudra Knox (New Zealand), Sukhajata Cranfield (New Zealand), Apaguha Vesely (Czech Republic), Harita Davies (New Zealand), Vettri L. Angel (Guatemala), Becky Xerri (Wales), Shumbhanni Juarez (Guatemala), Nishima Knowsley (New Zealand), Vajin Armstrong (New Zealand), Manju Jackson (New Zealand), Keith Jackson (New Zealand), Marama Markman (New Zealand), Susan Marshall (New Zealand)

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